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Banglalink always offers the facility to talk about the best call rates in the country. Those who are subscribers of Banglalink must know this. Banglalink provides attractive offers including low call rates, free minutes, and internet facilities to its customers. Banglalink Recharge Offer is one such offer. Banglalink is one of the good networks SIM Company among the other companies in the country.

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In their different packages, you will find a different offer. Since Banglalink is the largest SIM Company in the country, their commitment is more towards their honorable customers. The Banglalink Authority has tried to arrange the Banglalink Recharge offer in such a way that you can get the services you need in one package.

Banglalink Recharge Offer 2023 

At present we all use mobile. As a mobile user, all we want from the SIM Company is a good network, low call rate, and affordable internet access. We usually spend money on mobile balances to buy the internet or buy free minutes. But SIM companies have launched recharge offers to give us more benefits.




Active Code

30 sms

3 Days

Tk. 3

Dial *121*1013#

70 sms

7 Days

Tk. 7

Dial *166*770#

200 sms

15 Days

Tk. 15

Dial *121*15#

500 sms

30 Days

Tk. 30

Best value Dial *121*30#

300 MB and 30 Min


Tk. 28

Dial *121*28#

512 MB and 40 Min

3 Days

Tk. 38

Most Popular Dial *121*38#

512 MB and 30 Min

3 Days

Tk. 44

Dial *121*44#

1 GB and 250 min

30 Days

Tk. 168

Dial *121*168#

1 GB and 350 Min

30 Days

Tk. 218

Dial *121*218#

1 GB and 545 min

30 Days

Tk. 328

Dial *121*328#

1 GB and 675 min

30 Days

Tk. 407

Dial *121*407#

1 GB and 1010 min

30 Days

Tk. 607

Dial *121*607#

1 GB and 30 min

7 Days

Tk. 124

Dial *121*124#

1 GB and 30 Min

15 Days

Tk. 142

Dial *121*142#

2 GB and 30 min

30 Days

Tk. 198

Dial *121*198#

2 GB and 30 min

7 Days

Tk. 98

Dial *121*98#

2 GB and 30 min

3 Days

Tk. 67

Dial *121*67#

3 GB and 150 min

15 Days

Tk. 192

Dial *121*192#

5 GB and 150 min

30 Days

Tk. 298

Dial *121*298#

5.0 GB and 150 min

7 Days

Tk. 148

Dial *121*148#

8 GB and 200 min

30 Days

Tk. 348

Dial *121*348#

8 GB and 200 Min

15 Days

Tk. 315

Dial *121*315#

15 GB and 350 min

30 Days

Tk. 498

Dial *121*498#

15 GB and 350 min

15 Days

Tk. 473

Dial *121*473#

20 GB and 400 min

30 Days

Tk. 598

Dial *121*598#

20 GB and 400 min

15 Days

Tk. 573

Dial *121*573#

30 GB and 700 min

30 Days

Tk. 698

Dial *121*698#

30 GB and 700 min

15 Days

Tk. 673

Dial *121*673#

40 GB and

800 min

30 Days

Tk. 798

Dial *121*798#

40 GB and 800 min

15 Days

Tk. 755

Dial *121*755#

50 GB and 1000 min

30 Days

Tk. 898

Dial *121*898#

50 GB and 1000 min

15 Days

Tk. 816

Dial *121*816#





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<—————————————–Old Offer————————————–>

Today I will talk about that in the Banglalink recharge offer. If you are also a Banglalink subscriber and want to get this type of facility through the recharge amount without spending extra money, then read my Banglalink Recharge Offer 2023 article. I will try to present everything beautifully and accurately here.

To grab this Banglalink Recharge Offer you need to recharge just Taka>> 52,59,159,11,21,39,79 and 139 and enjoy a 0.54 per minute call rate offer.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • 1-second pulse.
  • Special call rates are applicable only for local numbers.
  • Only 52 Tk recharge offer is applicable for any local number
  • This Offer will be eligible for all Banglalink prepaid and C and C customers 
  • This is a limited offer if authority want they can any change it any time
  • During the campaign, this offer can be availed multiple times. The increased expansion will be applicable for multiple recharges.
  • VAT+SD+SC are applicable on rates.

BL 36 TK Recharge 1 GB Internet Offer.

  • Total Internet: 1 GB
  • Validity: 4 Days
  • Price: 36 TK
  • Active Code: *5000*36#
  • Data Check: *5000*500#

49 TK Recharge Offer.

  • Validity: 4 Days
  • USSD Code: *5000*49#
  • Data Check: *5000*500#
  • Total Cost: 49 TK

Banglalink 76 TK Recharge Offer.

  • Total Internet: 1 GB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: 76 TK
  • Active Code: *5000*76#
  • Data Check: *5000*500#

Banglalink 119 TK Recharge Offer

  • Total Internet: 1 GB
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Active Code: *5000*503#
  • Price: 119 TK
  • Data Check Code: *5000*500#

Recharge 209 TK for 2 GB Internet

  • Total Internet: 2 GB
  • Active Code: *5000*581#
  • Price: 209 TK
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • MB Check Code: *5000*500#

Banglalink Internet Recharge Offer:  

Not only free minutes or free SMS, but you will also get an internet facility in Banglalink with a balance recharge. It is a great thing that you are getting many benefits in one package together.

Let’s See: Banglalink Internet Package

In Banglalink Internet Recharge Offer 2023 you can avail of different validity’s internet offer. It is very helpful for them who need to Talktime and internet service. So in one balance recharge getting these, all Banglalink Recharge Offer are really amazing. Below I give the internet information, 

  • Recharge 294Tk gets 200 minutes free and 10GB internet, Validity is 30 Days. 
  • Recharge 498Tk gets 400 minutes free and 30GB internet, Validity is 30 Days. 
  • Recharge 598Tk gets 750 minutes free and 10GB internet, Validity is 30 Days. 
  • Different amount with different facilities. The best part of these offers its’ validity is a long time. Some more offers are below,
  • Recharge 42 Tk or dial *5000*42# gets 2GB Internet, its validity 3 days.
  • Recharge 58 Tk or dial *5000*58# gets 3GB Internet, its validity 4 days.

Banglalink Instant Cashback Recharge Offer :

Instant Cashback is a great Banglalink Recharge Offer for any customer. You will be instantly backed up a portion of the amount you recharge. Therefore, it means that the balance recharge on your mobile also did not cost you too much money. So let’s see how much cash Banglalink instant backs up.

  • Recharge 75Tk (Main Balance) gets 5 Tk Cashback bonus and its validity is 7 Days.
  • Recharge 145Tk (Main Balance) gets 15 Tk Cashback bonus and its validity is 7 Days.
  • Recharge 245Tk (Main Balance) gets 25 Tk Cashback bonus and its validity is 7 Days.
  • Recharge 345Tk (Main Balance) gets 45 Tk Cashback bonus and its validity is 7 Days.
  • To check bonus balance, dial *124*20#
  • To check internet balance dial *5000*500#

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How to Get Banglalink Cashback Bonus:

Just follow some step and you can also get instant Cashback Banglalink Recharge Offer,

Step #1:  Install “My Banglalink App” on your mobile phone.

Step #2: Open this app and find your desire pack.

Step #3: Select and Okay with that pack,

Or you find “Recharge” option button. Click here and open a pop-up window. Put your mobile number and your recharge amount Tk. you will get cashback bonus.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Banglalink users can enjoy instant cashback by recharging from BL eSelfcare, eShop, My Banglalink App and Banglalink Website.
  • Recharge is including with VAT, SD and SC
  • A cashback bonus can be used for SMS, Data and Voice calls
  • Customers can avail the offer as many times as they want within the campaign period

Banglalink Mobile Banking Recharge Offer:

This is really very amazing in Banglalink Recharge Offer. As a Banglalink subscriber, you can recharge through mobile banking, such as bKash, DBBL (Rocket), myCash, mCash, TeleCash you get an offer. If you don’t have a balance on your mobile, you can easily recharge yourself or someone else can recharge your balance through these mobile banking apps.

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 This is my Banglalink Recharge Offer. If you read this article, you will get a detailed idea about Banglalink’s Recharge Offer. I tried to present it in a very simple way. In addition to the recharge offer, I have covered the article with a lot of information related to its recharge offer.

How many free minutes and the internet, you get on how many balance recharges. In this article, you will find everything about how to get the Banglalink cashback bonus offer. If you still have any questions you can let me know in the comment box.

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