Banglalink Service Off Code | Banglalink All Service Stop Code [Latest]

Nowadays, Banglalink SIM is offering the best services in Bangladesh and people want to know the Banglalink Service Off Code System for their needs. So, the users should know the Banglalink SIM All Service Codes. Accordingly, Banglalink SIM is the third-largest telecom service provider of Bangladesh. There are more than 15 crores of Banglalink users in this country.

So, the USSD codes of all Banglalink services are very important to know. Consequently, the users need to dial these codes to recharge, to avail offers, to get emergency balance or, internet and so on. Besides, you should know all the codes to start or to stop any BL offers. So, let’s see the lists and numbers of Banglalink SIM All Service Stop Codes.

Banglalink Service Off Code Details.

The users have to use some USSD codes to check the balance of their Banglalink account. Likewise, you should check the remaining of your SIM account. So, you have to dial the Banglalink balance check code. Besides, you can also check your internet balance. Then, you can recharge and buy internet offers at a timely basis. Also, there are Banglalink USSD codes to know available talk time bonus and internet offers. Let’s see the balance checking USSD of Banglalink Service Off Code.

  • To check your Banglalink SIM main account balance dial *124#.
  • To know available bonus minute talk time offers dial *124*2#.
  • Besides, If you want to check the remaining SMS offers dial *124*3#.
  • To know Banglalink available bonus Internet Offers dial *124*5#.
  • To check Banglalink SIM internet balance dial *5000*500#.

Banglalink Miss Call Alert On / Off Code

Recently, Banglalink has launched the miss call alerts service. So, all the Banglalink users can enjoy the Miss Call Alert Service without any charges. For instance, sometimes your phone is switched off or, out of network. Meanwhile, if you missed any calls, you will be notified by Banglalink Miss Call Alert Service. So, you can call them back.

  • To avail Miss Call Alert Service go to Message option and type START. Then, send it to 622.
  • Besides, if you want to stop Miss Call Alert Service, type STOP and, send it to 622.

Banglalink Emergency Balance Code

Now, you can get Banglalink Emergency Balance very easily. Besides, Banglalink is giving up to 70 Taka for emergency balance. Likewise, if your mobile balance is over you can easily avail emergency balance. Then, the used amount of emergency balance will be deducted from next recharge. Also, you can check your remaining emergency balance. Therefore, you have to see the emergency balance from Banglalink SIM Service Off Codes.

  • Dial *874# to get Banglalink Emergency Balance.
  • Usually, you will get up to 70 Taka as Banglalink Emergency Balance.
  • To check your Banglalink Emergency Balance dial *874*0#. Then, you will see the remaining emergency balance of your account.

Banglalink Internet Offer Codes

Basically, Banglalink has the exciting internet offers. So, you can avail Banglalink internet bundles, offers, packages, bonus and so on by knowing Banglalink Service Off Code. But, first of all, you need to know the offer’s buying codes. Also, you have to know the Banglalink SIM All Service Off Codes. Because some internet offers get auto-renewed. So, you should know how to off the renewal. On the other hand, you can also stop the offer services by dialing Banglalink SIM All Service Stop Code.

  • Dial *5000# to buy internet packs. Then, you will get a list of all available BL internet offers. So, you have to choose your desired one form the List.
  • After buying internet, if you want to stop renewal of offer, dial *5000*566#. Then, you will get a list. On the list, the option 2 is Turn off auto-renewal.
  • You can also stop BL Internet Packs by sending SMS. So, type Renew Off Vol and, send it to 5000.
  • Dial *5000*536# to deactivate any Banglalink Package.
  • To check your Banglalink remaining internet, dial *500*500#.

Banglalink Internet Settings Code

Consequently, Banglalink allows the users to plan their internet service. So, you can make settings to cancel or, deactivate any offer services. Besides, you can also stop getting promotional SMS texts of Banglalink. Probably, you can enjoy this service free of cost. Now, let’s see the codes as a Banglalink Service Off Code.

  • Go to Message option on your phone. Then, type OFF to cancel / prevent / stop any Banglalink Offers and promotional option.
  • Then, send it to 6121 without any charge.

Banglalink Emergency Internet Balance Code

Nowadays, Banglalink is providing emergency internet. That is to say, if your internet balance is over you do not need to worry. Because, you can simply buy 12 MB emergency internet. Besides, you can avail this only at 5 Taka. So, let’s see how to avail this great offer of Banglalink Emergency Internet Balance.

  • To buy Banglalink Emergency Internet Balance, dial *875#. Then, you will get 12 MB internet at only 5 Taka. Besides, the BL Emergency Internet is valid for two days.
  • Dial *124*500# to check your remaining Banglalink Emergency Internet Balance.
  • Also, if you want to see Banglalink Emergency Internet Status, dial *875*0#.

Banglalink 4G SIM Checking Code

Currently, Banglalink is providing 4G service all over the country. If you want to of the BL some service, you need to know Banglalink Service Off Code Process, So, by opting into Banglalink 4G service you can enjoy the highest data transfer. Also, you can get reduced latency by Banglalink 4G. Simply, you can check your Banglalink 4G SIM. Otherwise, if your SIM is not 4G then, you can enable it to 4G any time. Now, let’s see the checking and enabling 4G Banglalink SIM All Service Codes.

  • Dial 5000 to check Banglalink 4G SIM. Then, you will get to know if your BL SIM is 4G or, not.
  • Besides, to opt in to Banglalink 4G service dial *5000*44#. But, you need to have a 4G enabled handset.

How To Know Banglalink SIM Number

Sometimes, the users do not know the number of their Banglalink SIM. Besides, they also forget their Banglalink Number. So, Banglalink allows to let you know your own mobile number.

  • Dial *511# to know your own Banglalink SIM number.

Banglalink Call Waiting Service Activation Code

The Banglalink has call waiting service for the users. For instance, if you are in a call and getting the another call, you can make them wait. Besides, Banglalink will send them a voice note or, text for call waiting. So, they can try to call later. On the other hand, you can also cancel this service by using codes. So, t’s see the call waiting service codes from the Banglalink SIM All Service Codes.

  • Dial *43# to activate Banglalink Call Waiting Service.
  • Besides, if you want to cancel or, deactivate Banglalink Call Waiting Service, dial #43#.

Banglalink Call Me Back Activation Code

Now, you can send your caller a call back request. Likewise, if you missed your calls from another Banglalink number, you can send request to call you back. Accordingly, this service is available only for the prepaid users of Banglalink. Besides, you can send maximum 5 requests. Then, you have to pay 0.15 taka for every request.

  • Dial *126*(The target number)#. Besides, all Banglalink Prepaid users are eligible for target number.

How To Activate Call Divert On Banglalink

Nowadays, you can avail the Banglalink call divert service. For instance, if you want to forward your call you have to dial the call divert codes. Besides, you can divert the calls from both single and all numbers.

  • Dial *21(The target number)# to start call divert service for Amy BL number.
  • Besides, to start call divert service for all numbers, dial *21*770#.
  • Also, if you want to stop the call divert service, dial #21#.

Banglalink Customer Care Contact Number

Constantly, Banglalink is giving the best services to the users. On the other hand, you can also get help from Banglalink customer care number. So, if you have any issue related to Banglalink, you can dial the customer care number. Also, both Banglalink and other SIM users can contact with Banglalink customer care office. Now, let’s see the customer care number from Banglalink Service Off Codes.

  • The Customer Care Number of Banglalink SIM is 121. So, all the Banglalink users can call in 121 to get Banglalink Customer Care Service.
  • Besides, another Banglalink Customer Care Number is 01911304121. Also, all other mobile operator’s users can call in this number.
  • To know all the Promotional information dial 1215. Besides, all the prepaid and postpaid Banglalink users can call in this number.

Final Words:

Well, it is all about Banglalink Service Off Codes. We have included all the latest numbers and codes of Banglalink Service. So, you can easily avail offers, get emergency balance and check your account balance. Besides, you can also get the Banglalink SIM All Service Off Codes. Also, if you have any questions or, complaints you can call Banglalink customer care number. Thanks for being with us.

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