Banglalink Amar Tune Service 2024|Welcome Tune Code List

The Banglalink provides the exciting Banglalink Amar tune service for the users. Accordingly, Banglalink SIM is the third-largest telecom service provider of Bangladesh. Besides, there are millions of Banglalink users all over the country. So, Banglalink has provided the awesome BL Amar Tune service for the song lovers. Now, your callers can enjoy Bangla, English, Hindi and Islamic songs while calling you. Surprisingly, you can use your favorite song as an incoming tune.

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Also, you can choose specific numbers for whom you want to offer songs as ringing tune. Besides, this amazing service comes with 30 days validity. Also, you can stop or, can cancel the Amar Tune service anytime you want. Therefore, we are here to show you how to activate the service and the Banglalink amar tune code list 2024. Moreover, you can know the Banglalink amar tune song code and how to stop amar tune in Banglalink.

Banglalink Amar Tune Service Details :

Basically, the BL Amar Tune is an exciting service for user’s entertainment. Likewise, by availing the Amar Tune, your callers will hear song instead of the calling tune. So, you have to follow some simple processes for starting Banglalink Amar Tune. Banglalink provides three easy ways for starting the Amar Caller Tune. Accordingly, you can set the Amar Tune, by sending SMS or, IVR or, dialling BL Amar tune code.

  • To Activation Service: Dial *22222#
  • Message Process: Type: Start Send SMS to: 22222
  • Subscription Charge 30 Tk Per Month
Amar Tune  Dial Code OR SMS
Short code 22222
IVR activation/deactivation Call 22222
USSD menu code activation/deactivation *2222#
SMS System  Process
To find a song Find<space><song name>
send to short code 22222
To subscribe START send to short code 22222
To download song after subscription or if you know song code DOWN<space><song name>
send to short code 22222
Registration & Download DOWN<space><song name>
send to short code 22222  
Delete from library Del<space><song name>
send to short code 22222  
Set song for specific number/person RBT<song name><B Party number>
send to short code 22222
To set Azan   START<space>AZAN
send to short code 22222
To remove Azan STOP<space>AZAN
send to short code 22222
Unsubscribe STOP
send to short code 22222

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Besides, you can select your favorite songs by using Banglalink amar tune song code. For instance, at first, you have to know your favorite song’s code. Meanwhile, the Muslim users can set Islamic Hamd, Nat and Azan. Also, you can set the Amar Tune for some specific persons whom you desire. Likewise, the users have to pay 30 BDT for using the monthly Amar Tune service. Now, let’s see the list of the latest amar tune code all numbers of Banglalink.

How to set Banglalink Amar Tune 2024:

For instance, the BL users need to follow some simple steps for setting the Amar Tune service Banglalink. Firstly, they can start the service by sending SMS from their BL number. Otherwise, they can avail the service by calling via IVR number. Lastly, they can enjoy the service by starting with Banglalink amar tune code number of USSD. Now, let’s see all the latest process of starting Amar Tune by using Amar Tune Code Number

BL Amar Tune SMS Process :

  • Step-1: Firstly, go to the Message option in your phone.
  • Step-2: Then, type Start.
  • Step-3:Then, send it to 22222.
  • Step-4: Thus, your Amar Tune service of Banglalink will activate.
  • IVR Calling Process :
  • Firstly, go to the Dial option in your phone.
  • Then, dial 22222.
  • Then, the operator will tell you to press button and confirm activation.
  • Thus, your Amar Tune will start via IVR.

BL Amar Tume USSD Dialing Process :

  • Firstly, go to the Dial option in your phone.
  • Then, dial *22222#.
  • Then, confirmation SMS for activating Amar Tune.
  • Thus, your Amar Tune setting is done by dialing USSD code.

Moreover, after activating the service you will be charged 30 Taka for 30 days. So, you can enjoy Banglalink Amar Tune for a whole month at only 30 Taka.

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BL Amar Tune Code List :

  • To find a song type, Find <Space> Song Name. Then, send it to 22222.
  • To download your Favourite song for Amar Tune type, DOWN <Space> Song Name. Then, send it to 22222.
  • Besides, if you want to set Azan as Amar Tune type, START <Space> AZAN. Then, send it to 22222.
  • Otherwise, to remove Azan type, STOP <space> AZAN. Then, send it to 22222.
  • Moreover, if you want to set the Amar Tune for some specific persons type like below.

RBT <Space> Song name <Space> Person’s Number. Then, send it to 22222.

Banglalink Amar Tune Code Islamic :

Surprisingly, the Muslim customers can set Islamic Songs as Amar Tune Banglalink. So, let’s see the latest amar tune code islamic and how to set them.

  • To set the Islamic songs for Banglalink Amar tune, go to message option.
  • Then, type Down <Space> Song Code.
  • Then, send it to 2222.
Song Name Amar Tune Code
Amader Khali Haat 547209
Bagan Bhora Ful 547211
Allah Tomar Rahamat E 547206

Banglalink Amar Tune Code News :

Now, you can enjoy the latest news of Bangladesh by the Amar tune service. So, you can be aware of the news of the country anytime and from any corner of the country. Besides, the news will telecast from the BD news 24. Now, let’s see how to avail the Amar tune news service.

  • Firstly, go to dial option in your phone.
  • Then, type *2324#. And, the BD news 24 will be activated.
  • Likewise, the offer’s price is only 2 Taka.
  • Besides, the offer is valid for 1 day.
BL Tune Pack Package Price Validity Activation Code
BD News 24 2 Taka 1 Day *2324#

Banglalink Amar Tune Gift :

Surprisingly, the users can gift the Amar Tune service to their friends and family. That is to say, you can avail the Amar tune for your favourite persons. Then, you will enjoy the songs while calling them. Besides, Banglalink provides six different packages for Amar Tune Gift. So, you can choose your desired one. Now, let’s see the code list of Amar Tune Gift in Banglalink and the activation process.

Amar Tune Gift Package Validity
FunP 1 15 Days
FunP 2 30 Days
FunP 3 45 Days
FunP 4 60 Days
FunP 5 75 Days
FunP 6 90 Days
  • Firstly, go to message option in your phone.
  • Then type the text like given below.

Gift <song code> <Space> Receiver’s BL Mobile Number. Then, send it to 22222.

 For example, if your song code is 578123, then you have to type, GIFT 578123 019********.

  • Besides, to gift your desired package type, Package Name <Space> Receiver’s Mobile Number. For example, if you want to gift the FunP 3 type, FUNP 3 019********.
  • Likewise, the service of Amar Tune gift in Banglalink will cost you 15 Taka every month.

Banglalink Amar Tune Off Code :

For instance, you can make BL Amar tune off, anytime. But, you have to use the Banglalink Amar tune off code. Now, let’s see how to stop Amar Tune in Banglalink.

  • Firstly, go to message option in your phone.
  • Then, type STOP and send it to 22222.
  • Thus, the service will be deactivated. And, you will no longer have to pay.

Final Words :

Well, it is all about the Amar Tune Service 2024. Basically, this service is for fun and entertainment for the song lovers. Besides, Banglalink provides the Islamic Songs and Azan as Amar Tune for the Muslim BL users. Moreover, you can also select the Bangla, English, Hindi and Chinese songs as Amar Tune. Moreover, you can also select poems by using the code from Banglalink my tune kobita code list.

So, your callers will enjoy listening your favourite songs and poems, when they call you. Also, you can gift this service to your near and dear ones. Otherwise, if want to cancel the service you can stop it by using the Banglalink Amar Tune Stop Code. Meanwhile, we have included all the needed information about the Amar Tune Service of Banglalink. So, you can easily enjoy the service without any hassle. Thanks for being with us.

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