Banglalink Amar Offer 2022| Up To 80% Discount | 1GB 17Tk.

If you are a Banglalink SIM user, you may know that Banglalink provides its subscriber so many offers. Banglalink Amar Offer is one of them. You can get from this package minute and internet service at a low cost. There is a couple of offer you will get from this bundle. But you may know that you need to complete some process for getting this service without any issues.

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Whatever after reviewing this content, you will know all of the packages that included Amar offer services. The process is very simple, and you never need to pay any advance cost. So, without delay, swipe the page below and get your desire pack from Amar’s offer.

Banglalink Amar Offer 2022

If you are coming here, that means you wanted to know the most updated package (2022) from Amar offers service. It is very important to know the right USSD code or other methods to get the package without any issues. Here I only discuss the updated information, which helps you to get the right package without any error. So, keep reading the below section for getting the best package from Amar’s offer.

Offer NameTotal InternetOffer Check CodeCheck Remaining Internet BalancePrice
Banglalink Amar Offer – 1GB 9Tk1GB*888#*5000*527#9 Tk

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Banglalink 1GB 17 TK -Amar Offer.

Banglalink is offering 1GB Internet only 17Tk for Banglalink Amar Offer Users. You can check the offer by visiting the official website.

Offer NameTotal InternetOffer Check CodePrice
Banglalink Amar Offer1GB*888#9 Tk

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How to Check Amar Offer In Banglalink?

Now you already buy the Amar offer package. But you may need to check out your balance for taking the next action. So, if you want to check out your balance, which you purchase from Amar’s offer, surely you just need to dial a single code.

Banglalink Amar Offer Check Code

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You need to dial *5000*500#, and instantly you will get pop-up SMS for knowing the balance. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Banglalink Amar Offer Code.

If you want to get the manual Amar offer service, you need to dial *888#. After dialing the number, you will get Amar to offer all of the packages. You can choose any of them without any issues. Just follow their instruction. It is also a very popular method, and you can easily apply it.

Banglalink Amar Offer Check Code is *888#

<———————-Banglalink Amar Offer [Old]—————–>

3 Days Internet Offer

If you want to buy only a 3-days internet offer, surely you will get this chance. You will get 200 MB, and you need to pay 18 Taka. However, for getting this package, you dial this code *5000*18#. After dialing this number, you will get the confirmation SMS. I hope that the process is very simple for you.

PackageDataPricevalidateUSSD code
3 Days Package200 MB18 Tk3 Days*5000*18#.

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4 Days Internet Offer.

Whatever 4-day package is so popular and you can easily get this service without any issues. However, if you want to get a 4-days internet package from Amar’s offer, surely you can check out the below sections.

PackageDataPriceValidateUSSD Code
4 Days Package 75 MB13 Tk4-days*5000*543#
4 Days Package1.2 GB41 Tk4-days*5000*41#
4 Days Package2.5 GB58 Tk4-days*5000*58#
4 Days Package4 GB64 Tk4-days*5000*64#

I hope that the 4-days package is suitable for you. So many people used the 4-days package, which comes from Amar’s offer. So, you can buy any of them without any issues.

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Weekly Internet Offer

If you are still unhappy with the upper package, surely you can try this weekly package. Here Bangalink provides 7 different packages included Amar offer. So, let’s break down the Amar offer weekly package.

PackageDataPricevalidateUSSD code
Weekly Package75 MB26 Tk7 Days*5000*522#
Weekly Package500 MB42 Tk7 Days*5000*588#
Weekly Package4 GB108 Tk7 Days *5000*108#
Weekly Package8 GB129 Tk7 Days*5000*129#
Weekly Package12 GB149 Tk7 Days*5000*149#
Weekly Package16 GB169 Tk7 Days*5000*169#
Weekly Package18 GB199 Tk7 Days*5000*199#

Think the weekly package is enough for you to get the right package. You just need to dial the code, and you can instantly get the service. So, without delay, purchase the package right now.

Monthly Internet Offer

This is my final section for you. If you think that you will need an internet package for a month, this section will surely help you a lot. Banglalink Amar offers a monthly internet service that provides you six different offers. Let me explain below.

PackageDataPricevalidateUSSD code
Monthly Package2 GB209 Tk30 Days*5000*581#
Monthly Package3 GB249  Tk30 Days*5000*249#
Monthly Package6 GB299 Tk30 Days*5000*299#
Monthly Package12 GB399 Tk30 Days*5000*599#
Monthly Package40 GB499 Tk30 Days*5000*508#
Monthly Package45 GB999 Tk30 Days*5000*999#

So, you can easily find out your desire monthly package from the upper table. You never need to pay any hidden payment for getting the service.

2 Days Voice Offer

However, if you think that you need not any internet package and only want to purchase a minute offer, you can surely check out the 2-days minute offer from Amar’s offer. So, let’s check out the 2-days minute offer.

Package NameMinutePriceValidateUSSD Code
2 Days Package19 Minute12 Tk2 Days*166*211#
2 Days Package22 Minute14 Tk2 Days*166*14#

Two days offer a mini offer. So many people get this offer for short time use. If you also need a short time offer, surely you can get a 2-days offer from the upper list.

3 Days Voice Offer

Let’s jump a 3-days offer. Banglalink Amar offer provides its user 3-days service for getting a short time facility with saving money. So, if you think that you need a 3-days minute offer, check out the list below.

Package NameMinutePriceValidateUSSD Code
3 Days Package45 Minute27 Tk3 Days*166*27#

This is only one package which you can get for 3-days. Just dial the USSD code and get this service without any issues.

Amar Offer Banglalink– 3 Days Weekly Voice Offer

Package NameMinutePriceValidateUSSD Code
7 Days Package70 Minute47 Tk7 Days*166*47#
7 Days Package90 Minute57 Tk7 Days*166*57#
7 Days Package175 Minute107 Tk7 Days*166*175#

You can choose any of them for your weekly plan. It is very easy to get and affordable. So, get the Amar offer service and save your money.

Monthly Voice Offer

You are coming here that means you are looking for more package and monthly package. However, I only discuss here monthly package, which comes from Amar’s offer. So, let’s break down the list below.

Package NameMinutePriceValidateUSSD Code
Monthly Package230 Minute147 Tk30 Days*166*147#
Monthly Package250 Minute157 Tk30 Days*166*157#
Monthly Package300 Minute197 Tk30 Days*166*197#
Monthly Package340 Minute207 Tk30 Days*166*207#
Monthly Package460 Minute297 Tk30 Days*166*297#
Monthly Package510 Minute307 Tk30 Days*166*307#

The monthly voice minute information already provided you. So, you can choose any of them without any issues. I hope that you will get your desire package.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Amar offers only for prepaid users.
  • To check out the package, you need to dial *888#.
  • You can purchase Banglalink Amar offer with any internet banking, mobile banking, bank, and top up.
  • After buying the package, you can not get a return of money.
  • For checking the balance, you need to dial *5000*500#.
  • If you want to more about Banglalink Amar Offer, please follow the above content.


Banglalink Amar Offer is a popular service that wants to get specific services such as minute and internet. I hope that you already get your answer from the upper section. All of the information comes with the most updated in 2022 so that you can get the service without any issues. But if you think that you need more information about this topic, let me know in the below comment box.

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