Robi All Service Off Code | All Important USSD Code 2024

In Bangladesh, Robi Axiata is the second-largest mobile operator. And, it’s subscribers is 46.88 million. Today, we want to share with Robi customers Robi all service off code and all service important USSD codes 2024 .  Knowing this Robi all USSD codes are very important for every Robi Sim user.

So, here we provide Robi activation codes and deactivation codes. We hope this article is helpful for all Robi sim users. All codes are valid and updated, so you can take your desired code from here. And, we already checked Robi all Robi service USSD codes one by one. However, just follow this article and check out your important Robi USSD codes.

Details Of Robi All Service Off Code: 

Initially, here we are going to discuss Robi All Service Off Code. So, get your desirable code and enjoy your time. Just Follow the below code list

  • Robi Call Block Service Press *140*2*3*6#.
  • Robi Goongoon Service off Code is: Type “off” to Send 8466.
  • Robi Women Zone Service Unsubscribe type “STOP WZ” & sent to 8378
  • Robi Internet service Off Code is Press *8999*00#.
  • Robi Missed all alert Code is: Press *140*2*1*2#.
  • Robi Facebook service Off Code: type “Stop” and send to 32665.
  • Robi Phone Backup Service Code: Press *140*2*2*6#.
  • Robi Blaast Deactivate Code: Type STOP and send to 21291
  • Robi Voice Tube Deactivate Code “Unsub” or ‘UNSUB’ to 808088
  • Robi Circle Deactivate Code- Type CSTOP & send it to 8880.
  • Robi Fun Portal Off– “joke off” to 4636.
  • Robi Kid- Zone Off Type SMS “off” to 8543
  • Muslim Life Deactivate on Robi SMS “OFF” to ‘21279’
  • Robi Ibadat Portal Unsubscribe– type off and send 80807.
  • Robi Cricket World Unsubscribe -Call 8274 number and follow the instruction [press 7 then press 2] to unsubscribe from Robi Shorgol (community service) To unsubscribe, SMS community Stop to 9090.
  • Robi Locator service Deactivate Code: Type “off” & send to 1818
  • Robi Daily WAP content Deactivate Code @ TK 1- type off and send 21290.
  • Robi Breaking News Alerts Off Code: dial *140*8*1*2*3#

Robi All Service Stop Code is: *9#

Hopefully to understand Robi All Service Off Code, if you want to more Robi All Service stop Code, please let me know, we will try to add it to our website.

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Robi All Service Stop Code.

For Many purposes people need to Know Robi All Service Stop Code or Robi All Service Off Code, In the section, we have shared Robi Vas Service Off Code which to active and Deactive Robi Services. Just follow the below Robi Vas Service Off Code.

  • Goongoon Service Off Type “off” to 8466
  • Internet Service Off Press*8999*00#
  • Missed all alert Service Press*140*2*1*2#
  • Phone Back up *140*2*2*6#
  • Kid- Zone SMS “off” to 8543
  • Call Block Just Press*140*2*3*6#
  • Facebook Service Stop Code, Type “Stop” and send to 32665
  • Blaast Type STOP and send to 21291
  • Ibadat Portal – type off and send 80807.
  • Daily WAP content @ TK 1- type Off and send 21290.
  • Breaking News Alerts: dial *140*8*1*2*3#
  • Fun Portal – “joke off” to 4636.
  • Muslim Life on Robi SMS “OFF” to ‘21279’
  • Women Zone Service type “STOP WZ” & sent to 8378
  • Voice Tube “Unsub” or ‘UNSUB’ to 808088
  • Circle- Type CSTOP & send to 8880.
  • Locator service Type “off” & send to 1818

We will cover Robi All Service Off Code, Hope it will help those people who are want to Robi Vas service Off code.

Robi All Vas Service Stop/Deactivate/Cancel Code:

  • You need to just dial 123 and press 7 and then your all gas stop within 24 hours (free).

To Get Robi Emergency Balance:

  • Just simply dial code: *8811*1# (Up to 100 Tk) and to get Robi emergency balance.
  • Robi emergency balance check code is *222*16#.
  • You can Stop Robi Emergency Balance service with this dialing code: *8811*2#

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How To Get an Emergency Data in Robi?

  • If you want to get Robi emergency internet data you need to dial *8811*1*1*1#. Customer can activate Robi JHOTPOT service again with this dialing code *8811*11 to get 25MB internet pack @ Tk 10. And it’s validity is 3 days.
  • Robi emergency internet balance check code is: *123*3*5#

How To Check Robi 4G SIM?

  • To know Robi customer Robi 4G supported or not just dial, *123*44#

How To Robi Internet Balance Check?

  • Robi internet USSD code balance check dial: *8444*88#
  • 2024 bonus MB or New MB Balance Check Code *3#
  • To need any help for Robi internet check, Dial *8444# (If you activate or deactivate Robi internet pack manage existing plan)

Robi Barring Incoming Call/ Incoming Call Off:

  • Dial: *35*0000# and you can get off all incoming calls.
  • To again on your incoming call, the dialing code is #35*0000#.

What Is Robi Call Waiting Code?

  • Robi calls waiting for service to activate code is *43#.
  • To Stop call waiting service, Dial: #43#.

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What Is Robi Own SIM Number Check Code?: 

  • Robi own sim number checking code is : *140*2*4#.

What Is Robi Call Divert On/Off Code:

  • You can easily activate Robi call divert service simply dial, Code: *21* Focus Number #
  • To Stop Robi call divert Service just dial, Code: #21#
  • If you want to all call divert, your dialing code is *21*8121#
  • And, all call divert off code is #21#

Robi Outgoing Call Off/ Barring Outgoing Call Code:

  • Outgoing call off Code is: *33*0000#
  • You need to dial, Code: #33*0000#to activate outgoing calls.
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Robi Easy Menu Code Is:

  • Dial: *140# and get most ordinary Robi service.

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Robi Balance Check Codes:

What Is Robi Customer Care Number?

  • Robi complain number is: 158 (Toll-Free)
  • Robi help center number dialling code is:123
  • Dial: +88 01819-400 400, and you can call Robi help center from other networks.

Final Thought:

On the other hand, Thanks for reading Robi All Service Off Code. If you have needed Robi Sim another service code, just call Robi customer care. And, if you get any help from this post, you can share this content on your timeline. 

However, you can also share our website article as a Robi all service off code with your friends if you want. Thanks for long-time reading this Robi All Service Stop Code article.

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