Robi SIM Replacement Offer 2024| Enjoy 7GB Bonus Internet.

Every mobile operator service provider in Bangladesh gives many offers to seek attention to their customers such as Robi SIM Replacement Offer. Because they always want to hold the customers and also increase the number of customers. That’s why all of the SIM companies give the opportunity to replace the sim and get the offers.

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Robi SIM placement is one of them. The SIM replacement is a technique that obtains to permits you to reactivate your old number. SIM replacement has some benefits such as bringing old numbers, gets some excellent bonus offers, and many more.

Robi SIM Replacement Details 2024.

You can get the opportunity to have a Robi SIM replacement offer. To get the offer you have to follow all the terms and conditions. It is a great chance to enjoy the offer.

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You can go to the customer care to bring the sim replacement. You can also get the service via an online Robi SIM replacement. Just Visit You can check your Robi SIM is enable or not. If you want more info About Robi SIM Replacement, please click here.

The basic requirement for SIM replacement: 

For Robi 4G SIM replacement you just need to submit the following statement or information to the agent:

Robi 7GB Bonus Internet, SIM Replacement Offer:

Replace your SIM card 3G to 4.5G, then you will get the 7GB bonus internet offer for 7 days.

Service Name Conditions Data Offer Validity
Robi 7GB Bonus On SIM Replacement 3G SIM to New Robi 4.5G SIM 7GB bonus 7 days.

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Robi 4.5G SIM Replacement Free:

Recharge your SIM 129tk, 101tk, 92tk, 89tk to buy the data pack and replace 4G SIM for free.

You can collect the robi SIM to go to the nearest customer care service “Robi Sheba”. Use the 4G service when the 4G network is available in your area. The SIM is also usable at 2G and 3G.

Link: Teletalk SIM Replacement

Additional Information About SIM Replacement:

If you replace your SIM, you can get the data in 4G speed which is higher than 3G. Here, you will get,

●     Faster upload and download speed.

●     Boost internet experience.

●     Lower latency.

●     Video streaming and gaming will be faster.

●     For the IOT service, it is a suitable network.

●     You can experience the powerful data speed 4G network.

●     For real 4G speed experience, you need 4G handset and USIM under the 4G range area.

●     USIM do not consume more battery.

●     It is just a SIM replacement. You number will remain same. 

●     You need to provide NID information.

●     Give your fingerprint.

●     Robi SIM replacement charge.

Terms and Conditions:

●     If you want to enjoy the 7GB bonus offer for 7 days, you need to replace the containing SIM to USIM. Here, 5GB for 4G and 2GB for any network. The bonus will be accessible only for the capable subscribers during the replacement of SIM.

●     If you have not yet replaced your SIM with USIM, you will be eligible for this offer. But if you already replaced your SIM then this offer is not for you. 

●     The ordinary data plan will be applicable beyond the bonus offer.

●     To check out data balance, dial *123*3*5#.

As a creative digital brand, Robi always takes a recent update in the customer’s life. Get prepared to experience wonderful offers with your 4G SIM replacement Robi enabled SIM & Handset.


However, if you want more details about Robi SIM Replacement, Please visit the official website. Anyway if you have any questions, let me know by below the comments box.

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