Robi Recharge Offer 2022| 1 paisa/second any Operator.

Every day we talk on mobile and that is why we need to recharge on the mobile. And so you need to know what Telecompany comes with different exclusive recharge offer for their SIM users. Then you can also know which SIM provides the best call rate, Internet, and SMS offer.

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Today I will briefly discuss the Robi Recharge Offer 2022. I have tried to summarize in recharge what amount in your SIM how much you can talk and how many minutes you can talk. If you read the whole article well, you will also find the matter of Robi Recharge offer easy. 

Robi Recharge Offer 2022:

Robi recharge offer is a very exclusive offer for their honorable clients. In one recharge you can get so many things like the amount of internet, free talk-time minutes, and free SMS. So don’t be late to recharge any amount of the following list and grab the offer.

Recharge Amount Recharge Offer Validity
Tk. 58700 MB + 25 Min + 25 SMS07 Days
Tk. 78100 MB + 130 Min07 Days
Tk. 1491GB + 75 Min + 30 SMS28 Days
Tk. 2511.5GB + 150 Min + 150 SMS30 Days
Tk. 2781GB + 475 Min30 Days
Tk. 4997GB + 250 Min + 100 SMS30 Days
Tk. 5741GB + 1000 Min30 Days
Tk. 5995GB + 500 Min + 100 SMS30 Days
Tk. 99920 GB + 500 Min + 200 SMS30 Days
Link: Banglalink Recharge Offer

Robi Recharge Minute Offer:

Minute offer is better for those who need to talk much on mobile phone. From here you can get Robi Recharge Minute Offer,

Recharges Minutes OfferValidity
Tk. 1423 Minutes16 Hours
Tk. 2440 Minutes24 Hours
Tk. 3352 Minutes2 Days
Tk. 4370 Min4 Days
Tk. 5995 Min7 Days
Tk. 64105 Min7 Days
Tk. 99170 minutes7 Days
Tk. 118205 Min10 Days
Tk. 194335 Minutes30 Days

Robi 47 Tk Recharge Offer.

Robi Offer 47 Paisa/Minute Call Rate on 47 Tk recharge on any local operator. Itis the latest exclusive Robi Recharge Offer. So, Just the company procedure to recharge4 7 Tk then you will enjoy a special call rate offer with 10-second pulse if you want to active the Robi 47 Taka recharge offer many times.

RechargeCall RateOperator
47 Tk47 Paisa/MinuteAny Local Operator.
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Robi 99 Tk Recharge Offer.

Robi has been Offer 99 Tk Recharge Offer for their customers, in the Robi 99 Tk Recharge offer you will get 160 Minutes for 7 Days including VAT, SD & SC. Just Recharge 99 Tk and enjoy the Robi lowest special call rate offer.

RechargeMinute  Validity
99 Tk1607 Days

To check the remaining minutes balance, dial *222*2# and In the Offer to get 10 sec pulse.

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Robi 29 Tk Recharge Offer.

Robi has been Offer another exciting Recharge Offer such as 29 Tk Recharge Offer. In this offer to Recharge 29 Taka then you will get 50 MB, 29 Minutes and 29 SMS for 7 Days. So, let check the below table and active Robi 29 Tk Recharge Offer.  

RechargeMinute & MBValidity
29 Tk29 & 50 MB7 Days

To check internet balance dial *3#, to check minute dial *222*3#, to check SMS dial *222*12#

Robi Recharge Internet Offer:

Internet is very important for our communication life. In the business sector, the education sector, online meetings, video calls all we can do through net connection. So, it is mandatory to get very good internet service. All people cannot afford the broadband line they use mobile internet packages, that’s why they looking for an affordable internet package. In Robi Recharge Offer has a good internet offer, let’s check,

Recharge AmountInternet OfferValidity
501 Tk10 GB28 Days
129Tk5.2 GB7Days
74Tk500 MB14Days
Link: GP Internet Offer

Robi Recharge MB Offer.

Robi has been Offer Internet MB on Recharge. By Following Company Recharge System to enjoy Robi Recharge MB Offer, we have already added the Robi Recharge Offer and Robi Mb Offer List below which helps to easily understand the Recharge amount.

Total MBRecharge TkValidity
10 GB (7 GB + 3 GB 4G)501 Tk28 Days  
1 GB + 75 Minutes + 30 SMS149 Tk28 Days  
1 GB for 4 Days48 Tk4 Days  
600 MB & 150 Minutes104 Tk7 Days  
90 Minutes for 7 Days59 Tk7 Days  
80 Minutes (Postpaid)53 Tk7 Days  
100 Minutes for 7 Days64 Tk7 Days  
600 MB + 20 Minutes + 25 SMS58 Tk7 Days  
90 Minutes @BDT 61 for 10 Days (Postpaid)61 Tk10 Days
7 GB + 350 Minutes  499 Tk30 Days  
5 GB for 28 Days  349 Tk  28 Days  
2.5 GB (2 GB+ 0.5 GB 4G)57 Tk3 Days  
2 GB (1 GB +1 GB 4G) 130 Minutes +130 SMS251 Tk28 Days  
1.5 GB (1 GB + 0.5 GB 4G)209 Tk30 Days  
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Robi Bundle Recharge Offer:

Robi Offer Various Bundle Recharge Offer for its customer, we have added the Robi Bundle Recharge Offer details below table, just check and choose your Bundle.

Recharge AmountInternet OfferValidity
251Tk2 GB +130 Minutes+130 SMS28 Days
104Tk600 MB + 150 Minutes7Days
58Tk600 MB+20 Minutes+25 SMS7Days
Link: Airtel Bundle Offer BD

Robi Voice Recharge Offer:

Robi Offer Several Voice Recharge Offer for the users, you can see the below table, here we have added Robi Latest Voice Recharge Offer details.

Recharge AmountVoice Recharge OfferValidity
61Tk90 Minutes10Days
59Tk90 Minutes7Days
53Tk80 Minutes7Days
64Tk100 Minutes7Days

Robi Recharge Call Rate Offer:

Robi comes with the country’s lowest call rate offer. 1 paisa per second call rate in specific amount recharge. And Robi to any local number calls rate 0.60 paisa. Robi’s other lowest call rate offer is 47 paisa per minute. So, let’s check the Robi Recharge Offer article.

Robi Low Call Rate Offer:

Robi’s lowest call rate offer is working time 24 hours. Any local number call rate offer is only 0.06 paisa per minute in 24 hours. Some specific amount of recharge you can enjoy the lowest call rate, 21TK, 49TK, 166TK. More information of recharge amount and validity are given below:

  • Recharge 47 Taka, per minute 47 paisa any local number, Validity 10 Days.
  • Recharge 21 Taka, 1paisa per minute any local number, Validity 2 Days.
  • 28 Taka Recharge, any local number 1paisa per min, Validity 3 Days.
  • 39 Taka Recharge, any local number 1paisa per min, Validity 5 Days.
  • Recharge 49 Taka, per minute 1 paisa any local number, Validity 7 Days.
  • Recharge 79 Taka, per minute 1 paisa any local number, Validity 15 Days.
  • Recharge 109 Taka, 1paisa per minute any local number, Validity 30 Days.
  • Recharge 166 Taka, 1paisa per minute any local number, Validity 45 Days.

Robi Slient Call Rate Offer:

  • Recharge 21 Taka 60 paisa per min 5 SMS (Robi-Robi/Airtel), Validity 2 Days.
  • Recharge 49 Taka 60 paisa per min 5 SMS (Robi-Robi/Airtel), Validity 7 Days.
  • Recharge 21 Taka 60 paisa per min, Validity 60 Days.

Robi bKash Recharge Offer:

Robi and bKash have come up with some more great offers to give customers more call rates, internet and SMS. Those are,

bKash Recharge AmountMFS OfferValidity
32 Tk1 GB3 Days
41Tk1 GB + 0.5 GB 4G3Days
54 Tk1.5GB + 0.5GB4G3Days
61 Tk2GB + 1GB4G3Days
69Tk3GB + 1GB4G3Days
98Tk2 GB + 50 Minutes7Days
108Tk4 GB7Days
129Tk4 GB + 2GB 4G7Days
148Tk6 GB + 2GB 4G7Days
128Tk1 GB28 Days
149Tk2 GB + 100 Minutes28Days
198Tk1 GB+ 1 GB 4G+ 100 Minutes28Days
239Tk4 GB28Days
289Tk7 GB30Days
299Tk4 GB + 225 Minutes28Days
349Tk7 GB + 3 GB 4G30Days
399Tk9 GB + 6 GB 4G30Days
449Tk20 GB + 10 GB 4G30Days
499Tk20 GB + 600 Minutes30Days
599Tk30 GB + 750 Minutes30Days
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Terms & Conditions.

  • This offer is only applicable for Robi prepaid customers.
  • Recharge must be through bKash.
  • Within 2 hours of purchase of the bonus pack will be available. 
  • This offer can be availed multiple times during the campaign duration.
  • At any time for any purpose bonus data can be used.
  • SD, VAT and SC are included.

Other Info For Robi Recharge Offer: 

  • All Robi prepaid customers are eligible for all of the above offers.
  • A 10-second pulse is applied.
  • This offer can get for promotion periods many times.
  • Lower call rates can be able for FnF and Priyo numbers.
  • This special call rate is not applicable on Bonus and Bundle Minutes. These Minutes will be consumed first.
  • Offer will be valid until further notice.
  • This offer can be availed multiple times during the campaign duration.
  • During the campaign period, other service rates will remain unchangeable.
  • Recharge amount are inclusive of 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD, and 1% surcharge

Final Words:

Now we all talk on the mobile phone daily, if the call rate is low, then it is good for the public. And Robi Lowest Call Rate is a great offer for the general people. In Robi Recharge offer you will get an internet facility in addition to the call rate. And those who are bKash subscribers can recharge from bKash even if they want and if they recharge the specific amount offered by Robi then they will get any call rate facility. Then it can be said that Robi has skilfully arranged the recharge offer list for the convenience of its customers. If you have any more questions, you can let us know in the comment box.

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