GP Internet Offer 2022 | Grameenphone Data Packages List [All ]

New GP internet offers for all customers. GP giving the best internet offer for their valuable customers. Grameenphone provides several types of internet package for a very reasonable rate. 

Some internet offers are short term basis, some are midterm, and some are long term basis offers. We are trying to publish updated GP internet offers regularly. 

Here is the following list where you can find out the details of GP internet, and MB offers 2022 .

GP Internet Offer 2022 [All]

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GP provides super internet bundles and minute offers. They still offer incredible low-cost internet packages to keep customers happy. GP always brings the best and fastest internet services. 

We include a big updated internet offer for GP, all customers. Sometimes all internet offers may not provide for all customers. Just check the following list about GP Internet Offers and choose the best one for you.

Link: GP Internet Package 2022

Customers need to dial *121*1*4# to check the GP remaining internet balance. 

          Internet         Price         Validity            Code
5 MB 3.62 3 Days *121*3002#
350 MB 31 BDT 3 Days *121*3083#
85 MB 38 BDT 7 Days *121*3004#
2 GB 54 BDT 3 Days *121*3242#
115 MB 58 BDT 30 Days *121*3005#
3GB 67 BDT 3 Days *121*3282#
1GB 89 BDT 7 Days *121*3056#
1GB 189 BDT 30 Days *121*3390#
3GB 108 BDT 7 Days *121*3344#
2GB 129 BDT 7 Days *121*3058#
6GB 148 BDT 7 Days *121*3262#
555MB 149 BDT 7 Days *121*3007#
4GB 179 BDT 7 Days *121*3084#
10GB 198 BDT 7 Days *121*3133#
3.5GB 337 BDT 28 Days *121*3009#
5GB 399 BDT 30 Days *121*3392#
5.5 GB 427 BDT 28 Days *121*3010#
        Price           Internet         Validity            Code
3.62 5 MB 3 Days *121*3002#
31 BDT 350 MB 3 Days *121*3083#
38 BDT 85 MB 7 Days *121*3004#
54 BDT 2 GB 3 Days  *121*3242#
58 BDT 115 MB 30 Days *121*3005#
67 BDT 3GB  3 Days  *121*3282#
89 BDT 1GB 7 Days *121*3056#
189 BDT 1GB 30 Days *121*3390#
108 BDT 3GB 7 Days *121*3344#
129 BDT 2GB 7 Days *121*3058#
148 BDT 6GB 7 Days *121*3262#
149 BDT 555MB 7 Days *121*3007#
179 BDT 4GB 7 Days *121*3084#
198 BDT 10GB 7 Days *121*3133#
239 BDT 1538 MB 28 Days *121*3027#
289 BDT 3GB 30 Days *121*3391#
337 BDT 3.5GB 28 Days *121*3009#
399 BDT 5GB 30 Days *121*3392#
427 BDT 5.5 GB 28 Days *121*3010#

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GP Internet Packages

Grameenphone is sitting on top as a telecom brand in Bangladesh. And, with more than 74 million users. Now, GP is leading the race in telecom brands. And, they are one of the best internet-speed providing telecom services in the country.

Similarly, when it comes to internet packages. Grameenphone provides some of the best offers for its users. You can divide these packs into a few sections. For example,

  • Daily packages
  • Weekly packages
  • Monthly packages.
  • Special offers.

Nowadays, we have to be connected to the internet all the time. For instance, you have to be connected to the internet to receive emails. So, to connect with the internet we need internet packages. Otherwise, it can be very costly. Grameenphone provides you with great internet packages. But, you might not know all of them. Hence, we have provided a list of GP internet offers.

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GP Internet Offer (Daily Packages)

Among other GP internet packs, this is the most famous one. As you get data packs at a low price in daily packages. For example, 350 MB for 3 days. And, only at a price of 33 TK. And, many more packs are available for you here.

These daily packs usually come with a validity of fewer than 7 days. Hence, they are called daily packages. And, these packages are quite affordable too. Also, you get the best internet service along with the packs. However, these packages are easy to activate. As you can just dial a ussd code to activate them. In case, you don’t know about the packages available in GP internet offer 2022 daily packages. We have provided a list of packs below. So, check them out to find about the packs.

          Internet         Price         Validity            Code
5 MB 3.62 3 Days *121*3002#
350 MB 31 BDT 3 Days *121*3083#
2 GB 54 BDT 3 Days *121*3242#
3GB 67 BDT 3 Days *121*3282#

GP Internet Offer (Weekly Packages)

Next, the weekly packages of Grameenphone. Similarly, Grameenphone offers some great weekly packages for users. And, they are also not so costly compared to the volume they offer. For instance, you get 8 GB for 148 TK. Also, the validity of 7 days.

Usually, these weekly packs have a validity of less than a month. And, more or equal to 7 days. So, by purchasing these packs, you get access to the internet for a week or more. And, also you get the best internet connection too.

Now, there are a few weekly packages available. You might not know about all of them. Hence, you can find the latest GP weekly packages below here. Also, we have provided the ussd code too. So, you can just dial the code from your phone to activate the pack.

          Internet         Price         Validity            Code
1GB 89 BDT 7 Days *121*3056#
3GB 108 BDT 7 Days *121*3344#
4GB 179 BDT 7 Days *121*3084#
10GB 198 BDT 7 Days *121*3133#

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GP Internet Offer (Monthly Packages)

Lastly, in the regular GP internet packages. There is another section available. And, as you know it. It is called the monthly packages. Now, these monthly packages are slightly more costly than the other packs. But, you get the highest amount of volume possible within the price.

These GP internet offers are perfect for you. If you are looking for data packs with long validity. And, huge data volumes.  Also, with these data packs, you can browse the internet with ease. As you get more validity and data. So, now, you don’t have to worry about your internet pack anymore. Well, there are plenty of GP monthly packs available. Here, we have listed them for you. So, you can activate them easily with the USSD code.

          Internet         Price         Validity            Code
1GB 189 BDT 30 Days *121*3390#
1538 MB 239 BDT 28 Days *121*3027#
3.5GB 337 BDT 28 Days *121*3009#
5GB 399 BDT 30 Days *121*3392#
5.5 GB 427 BDT 28 Days *121*3010#
15 GB 649 BDT 30 Days *121*3393##

GP Internet Offer (Other Packages)

Besides, the regular packs, GP has some special offers too. And, they can be of any validity. But, they offer more data volume for you. Now, these offers are not available as the regular ones. And, these offers are only for selected users. And, users will get SMS about the offers.

So, if you want these offers. Then, you have to check the promotional SMS sent from GP. And, you will offer that is only for you.

Click: GP Monthly Internet Package

To clarify, these offers have to be activated on the day you received the SMS. Or, it might not be available later. So, if you find any attractive offer. Then, activate it as soon as you can.

GP Social Pack Offer 2022 [All]:

Grameenphone is the fastest telecom company in BD. They are trying to keep customers always happy with their excellent service. They bring us helpful social media packs like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Youtube, and others. 

Read our full article attentively and find great social offers for you. We are trying to prepare a complete list of social media packs. For that, you can quickly find out the best package for you. Fully GP Facebook updated 2022 internet pack in here.

Total Data Pack Activation Code           Price Validity
Facebook 26 MB *121*3022# 1.57 Taka Three days
Facebook 86 MB  *121*3023# 6.28 Taka Seven days
Facebook 340 MB *121*3024# 19 Taka 28 days
WhatsApp 26 MB *121*3063# 2.61 Taka Three days
Fibre Pack 26MB *121*3070# 2.61 Taka Three days
Video Pack 46 MB *121*3020# 6.28 Taka Three days

GP Internet Recharge Offer.

Well, you might not remember the USSD code always. Sometimes, it is normal to forget it. But, if that happens. Then, you will not be able to activate the pack. But, there is another option for you.

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Now, Grameenphone offers internet on recharge. So, you can simply recharge a fixed amount to activate a data pack. But, this feature is not applicable for all the packs. Only selected packs are eligible for activation on recharge. Don’t worry about that. As we are going to provide you with a list of data packs, that are available for activation by recharge. So, you can now activate data packs without the USSD codes.

          Internet         Recharge         Validity 
250 MB 31 BDT 3 Days
1 GB 94 BDT 7 Days
1.5 GB 104 BDT 7 Days
2 GB 129 BDT 7 Days
2 GB 337 BDT 28 Days
5 GB 609 BDT 28 Days

GP MB Offer.

Grameenphone is one of the best. Or, the best when it comes to the internet. And, they have all types of internet packages for their customers. Also, those packages are available at both high and low prices.

Know More: GP Service Off Code

And, you can find all sorts of packages too. For example, social packs, regular packs, and special packs. Also, they come with validity starting from 1 day to 90 or more days. Moreover, you can use almost all the packs in any network format. But, some are available for use only in 4G network. So, to use those packs you have to use a 4G phone. Also, you have to be in a 4G coverage area.

Now, in this article, we are going to talk about all the GP MB offer 2022 . So, you can find out about all the latest GP internet offers.

Terms & Conditions Of GP Internet Offer

  • Customers need to recharge their amounts accurately.
  • GP recharge based activation offer only for prepaid and postpaid users.
  • Any GP recharged amount added to the customer’s primary account balance.
  • Just Internet Packs will start if the mentioned amount will recharge.
  • For your general Flexi load, you have to recharge different amounts.
  • Only through Flexi load, this recharge based activation is possible if you recharge in another way, the internet pack will not be active.
  • Your unused data will add to the next data pack, but you have to buy the same package.
  • GP postpaid consumers can purchase a minute or data pack through the dealer; the retailer will add to their scheduled account, but they will not show on their bill paper. 
  • The internet pack price is extensive of VAT, SD, and SC.

GP 1GB Internet Offer

  Data Volume            Price         Validity Activation Code
GP 1 GB 5 Taka Seven days *500*45#
GP 1GB  9 Taka 28 days *5020*2217#
GP 1GB  18 Taka 8 hours *121*3234#
GP 1GB  21 Taka Seven days *121*5097#
GP 1GB  31 Taka 5 days *121*5087#
GP 1GB  50 Taka 30 days *121*3390#

GP 1GB 5Tk Offer

To Get GP 1GB 5Tk Offer details form the wiki Of info, the offer you can active only 5 Taka, but all are customers is not get the GP 1GB 5Tk Offer, only some eligible customer can get this 1GB internet package. This is very special GP internet package Offer, if you wish to at first check the offer eligibility, just dial USSD Code.

GP 1GB 5Tk Offer activation code is: press *500*45#

GP 1GB 9 Taka Offer

Every day 56 million people are connected to this GP network. Get 1GB internet is only for 9 BDT! First, you purchase this pack and then use this internet offer. You can buy 9 Taka 1 GB internet. 

Dial *121*5085# or *5020*2217# and activate this offer. This internet offer validity is seven days. With this data pack, you can Browse Facebook, YouTube, and many other things.

GP 1 GB 7 TK Offer

Hello, The other 1 GB internet offer for Grameenphone users. It is an excellent GP internet offer 2022 BD. 1GB @ 7 Tk offer is not for all users, but you can try to buy this pack. This data pack is the lowest offer on the GP.

The Grameenphone authority has released this excellent internet pack on its official website. Please, dial *121*5242# for activated this offer, which is valid for seven days—finding this pack also with MYGP apps.

GP 1GB 12 Taka Offer

GP published 1GB internet only 12 tk offer, and it’s for only super customers. This internet for those who use the limited internet. You can try this offer.

Purchase this offer dial *121*5174#, and validity is three days. You can enjoy this offer maximum of five times.

GP 1 GB 21 TK

This offer is one of GP’s special internet offers. And, this offer has a validity of 7 days after activation. So, with the activation of this pack, you will get 1 GB for days. Moreover, this pack will only cost you 21 TK. But, this is a special offer. Hence, this is not available to everyone. But, you can check it by dialing the activation code. So, you can see if it activates for you. And, the activation code is *121*5097#.

GP Internet 1 GB 31 Taka

Here, this is another one of the special pack. But, with this package, you get validity of 5 days. And, the price is also 10 TK more than the other one. And, again, this is a special pack. So, these packages are designed differently for users. And, only eligible users will be able to activate these packs. You can activate this pack by dialing *121*5087#

GP 2.5 GB 57 TK

Now, this is one of the best regular data packs from GP. as you get 2.5 GB of data volume. And, at a price of 57 TK. However, the validity of this pack is 72 hours from the time of activation.

Also, from the 2.5 GB data of this pack. You can use 2 GB in any network format. But, the rest 512 MB can only be used in 4G. In case, you want to activate this pack. Then, dial *121*3242# or recharge 57 TK.

GP 3 GB 108 TK

Recently, GP announced a new pack for their customer. And, this pack is a low-cost pack with high data volume. So, you will get 3 GB of internet data with this pack. And, the pack has a validity of 7 days.

Moreover, this pack will cost you just 108 TK. Also, this offer is available for all users. So, anyone can activate the pack by dialing *121*3344#.

GP 5 GB 120 TK

The latest addition to GP internet offers 2022 is this 5GB pack. Now, GP offers you a 5 GB data pack at a low price of 120 TK. moreover, you get a validity of 30 days with this pack.

So, you can enjoy a month of the internet with just 120 TK. now, to activate this pack, you have to dial *121*5358#

GP 6 GB 148 TK

Now, this is one of GP regular packs. And, in this pack, you will get 6 GB of internet data. Also, the validity of 7 days. Moreover, this pack only costs you 148 TK.

Now, to activate this pack you just have to dial *121*3262#. But, you will need to have at least the required amount for the pack.

GP 10 GB 198 TK

Another great pack from Grameenphone. And, this pack comes with a heavy data volume of 10 GB. also, this pack will just cost you 198 TK only. However, the validity of this pack is 7 days.

Now, to activate this pack dial *121*3133#.

GP 500 MB 5 TK Offer

Now, this is an offer for MyGP users only. If you have never used the MyGP app. Then, upon the first login to the MyGP app. The user will be able to buy 500 MB of data only for 5 TK.

So, if you have never used the MyGP app. Then, install it now to enjoy this offer.

GP 5 GB Internet Package

Grameenphone has a regular 5 GB data pack. And, this data pack is a monthly one. So, with the purchase of this pack, you get access to the internet for a month. And, this pack will cost you 399TK.

If you want to activate the pack. Then, dial *121*3392#.

GP 15 GB Internet Package

This is a heavy monthly data pack. With this pack, you get 15 GB of data. And, you can use these data for any purpose. Also, on any network format.

And, this pack will cost you 649 TK only. Now, to activate this pack dial *121*3383#.

GP 30GB 1 Taka Offer

GrammenPhone offer 30 gb internet only 1 Taka and 10 cores free minute for the users, if you enjoy the package, you can dial *111#89* or *111*329* or Recharge 89 Taka for 15 Days and Recharge 329 Taka for 30 Days.

GP 8GB 89 Taka Offer

Gp offer 8gb internet offer for corona virous, you can dial dial 111#89* or *111*329* and active in your phone.

Click : GP New SIM Offer 

GP 1GB 17 Taka Offer

GP gives 1GB internet only for 17 Taka with validity 15 days. This offer can only receive GP’s particular User; everyone cannot use this offer.

17 Taka 1GB internet offer activation code is *121*5003#. It is a satisfying offer for GP users.

  • Just GP individual customers can use this offer.
  • Get a 1GB Internet offer at Tk 17.
  • 1GB 17Tk active code is *121*5003#
  • Data pack validity is 15 days.
  • Check the internet balance dial *121*1*4#.
  • Customers can enjoy this offer only for two times.
  • We have a limited time offer.
  • Grameenphone authority can stop this offer at any time.
  • SD, VAT, Included the two prices.

GP 1GB 89 Taka Net Offer

Welcome to our GP regular data pack. With 89 taka, You can get 1 GB internet. All GP subscribers can use this internet pack. The 1GB internet is the fastest internet pack. Every single user can enjoy this offer for browsing, download, Facebook, and many more. 

The 1 Gb data pack runs faster than another internet. To buy this offer, dial *121*3056#, and the expiration date is seven days.

GP 350 MB 33 Tk Data Offer

It amounts to 33Tk to purchase the 350 MB internet pack of GP. It will cost 33 tk to buy this offer, and this is the GP regular MB offer. 

All GP subscribers can eligible for this internet offer if you would like to start this offer then dial *121*3083# validity for three days.

GP 4GB 8 Taka Offer- New Offer 1

108 taka @ 4GB internet pack is the excellent lower-cost internet offer of GP.  All of the GP clients can enjoy this 4GB offer. Regularly you can use this offer. For activating this offer, dial *121*3344#, which is valid for seven days.

Terms & Conditions:
  • The activation code of this offer is *121*3344#
  • you can use this offer until further notice.
  • Offer available for all GP users.
  • It has no auto-renew feature 
  • Dial *121*1*4# to check GP internet balance.
  • Whether your SIM is 4G or not to test, dial *121*3232#
  • For the use of this 4G package volume to need a 4G SIM, 4G Device required, and the customer must be in the 4G coverage area.
  • After the expiration volume, including VAT, SD & SC.
  • Canceling your internet offer, dial *121*3041#
  • The 108@ 4GB offer is not valid for Skitto consumers.

GP 8 GB 148 Taka MB Offer

Bangladesh’s fastest network GP gives 148 Taka 8 GB internet for its customers. The 148 taka 8GB data pack is a very excellent internet offer. The most attractive 8GB internet offers can enjoy GP prepaid and postpaid customers.

The 8GB data pack includes 6GB regular and 2GB internet for the 4G network. For avail this offer dial *121*3262# & data pack validity seven days.

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Terms & Conditions 
  • To get this offer, Press *121*3262#
  • This 8 GB offer for all GP customers.
  • Dial *121*1*4# for an internet balance check.
  • You can purchase this internet offer again before this date expires. 
  • This offer will continue to run until further notice.
  • Skitto customers can not enjoy this offer.
  • Use over 2G / 3G / 4G networks.

GP 2GB 54 BDT Taka Offer

Are you searching GP best regular internet offers then this post for you? We include GP 2GB 54 Taka offer expiry three days. You will cost 54 Taka if you want to buy this 2GB regular pack. 

All GP subscribers can purchase this offer. Recharge 54 Taka or dial *121*3242# to activate this offer.

Terms & Condition:
  • Activation code *121*3242#
  • This offer is for multiple times.
  • Grameenphone internet balance check dial *121*1*4#
  •  All GP customers can purchase this offer with USSD Code or by recharge.
  • With this 2GB internet pack, you can download, Facebook, browse, Twitter, video games, and more.
  • Included SD, VAT & SC.

GP 3GB Internet Package

GP offers 3GB Internet package for the customers, you can but the GP 3GB Internet Package only 289 Taka for 30 Days, if you wish the buy GP 3GB Internet Package, you can dial the following code.

Grameephone GP 3GB Internet Package Active code is *121*3391#

GP 3GB 67 Taka Data Offer

67 Taka @ 3GB data pack is a beautiful pack for GP customers. You can purchase this offer by recharge or dial the USSD code. Dial *121*3282# or recharge 67 Tk for activating this offer. The validity is 72 hours.

  • Press *121*3282# to start this offer.
  • GP 67 Taka @ 3GB new internet offer is for all customers.
  • The offer will continue until further notice.
  • Dial *121*1*4# to find the balance..
  • The data offer expires three days.
  • Press *121*3041# to cancel the data pack.
  • Purchase multiple times.
  • Re-purchase this data pack before the expiry date.

GP 10 GB Internet Offer

We are always trying to share essential offers for GP subscribers. We think this offer can be useful for all subscribers. Here we include GP’s most exciting 10 GB offer, which you can buy with 198 Taka. 

This offer validity is seven days. Please, dial *121*3133# and get this offer.

GP 15 GB Internet Offer

15GB @ 498 Taka offer is the most exciting offer for GP customers. You can enjoy this offer by dialing *123*3459#. GP all prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy this offer. The data pack expires 30 days.

  • To need this offer press *123*3459#
  • Offers validity is 30 days
  • All GP clients can use this offer.
  • The offer will continue until further notice.
  • The 15 GB internet auto-renewed does not apply.

GP 15 GB 649 Taka Offer-New Internet Offer

Recently GP provides 15 GP internet offers for its customers. Each & every user can purchase this internet package for 30 days. This internet pack is the GP’s new pack. 

Only the cost is 649 Taka & get a 15 GB internet pack within 30 days. For activated this offer, Dial *121*3393#.

GP 30 GB 998 Taka Offer

Grameenphone all-time trying to bring the latest internet offer to its users. The 30 GB internet @ 998 taka is one of them. We recommend this offer for those who find the monthly internet pack.

You will activate this internet offer with this code *121*3394#. The internet offers validity is 30 days.

GP Facebook 3 days Pack

Nowadays, we have to be connected to social media always. To be up to date with the latest news. To be in contact with our loved ones. So, GP has come up with a Facebook pack. Now, with this pack, you get 26 MB of Facebook data. And, the cost is just 1.57 TK.

To activate this pack, dial *121*3322#

GP Facebook 7 Days Pack

This is a weekly version of the GP Facebook pack. And, this pack offers you 86 MB of internet. And, you will get a validity of 7 days. And, the cost of this pack is 6.28 TK.

To activate this pack, dial *121*3323#.

GP Facebook 28 Days Pack

Now, the monthly version of the GP Facebook pack. This pack offers you 340 MB of data. And, the cost of this pack is 19 TK only. Now, to activate this pack dial *121*3323#.

But, these Facebook packs cannot be used for Messenger or other social media apps. Hence, you can only use the Facebook app with these data.

GP Video Data Package

GP offers GP Video Data Package for the users, this Video Data Package only for video steaming, in the package you can get total 46 MB for 3 days, GP Video Data Package Prices is 6.28Tk. If you wish buy the Garameenphone Video Data Package by USSD Code.

The GP Video Data Pack Buying Dial Code is *121*3020#

GP 26 MB 1.58 Taka Offer –FB Pack

GP delivers excellent internet offers for it’s Facebook users. We got a 26 MB data pack for just 1.57 taka. With this internet pack, you can use only Facebook. The 26 MB internet pack is available for social media use.

  • To want this internet  offer Press *121*3022#
  • Facebook offers validity is 03 Days.
  • With include SD, SSD VAT+ 

GP 86 MB Facebook Offer:

This is the updated Facebook pack for GP users. You can 86 MB internet pack at a cheaper rate and get this offer from here.

It will cost you 6.28 Taka if you want this offer.

  • Dial*121*3023# and get this offer.
  • Data pack Validity is 07 Days.
  •  6.28 Taka price only.

GP 340 MB FB Offer

After a long time, GP gives a 340 MB data pack for 28 days. This Amazing 340 MB pack costs only 19 Tk. Amazing data pack for those who utilize FB, Whatsapp, Social Media.

  • Press *121*3024# and activate this offer.
  • Internet pack volume 340 MB
  • Validity is 28 Days.

GP WhatsApp Pack:

Take the Whatsapp 26 MB Social Media pack with 2.61 Taka. Its expiration date is three days.

Chat with your close friends on this most magnificent network. Are you thinking about getting this offer just to activate it and then enjoy it?

  • Starting this offer dial *121*3063#
  • Whatsapp Internet pack validity is three days.
  • Buy this pack, then cost 2.61 Taka.

GP Viber Pack.

A fantastic data pack offer is the Viber social media offer. Would you love to use Viber then this offer is for you? You will activate this social pack 26 MB internet offer with only 3 for three days. Quickly Purchase this offer if you love it. See below for the activation of this offer and enjoy GP All Internet Offers.

  • To Activate this offer Press*121*3070#
  • Viber pack validity 03 days.
  • This internet pack used only for Viber.

GP Youtube Pack:

A 46 MB GP internet pack is just for Youtube users. This offer expiration date is three days—this YouTube social pack you can buy from here. Any customers can buy this 46 MB offer with only 6.28 taka.

  • Get this offer Dial *121*3020#
  • Validity for three days.
  • You can buy any time.

Click: GP SMS Pack 

Terms & Conditions 
  • Activate GP all Social data pack 2022 via SMS, USSD, MyGP app. 
  • After starting this internet pack, you can auto-renew, dial*121*3042#, for auto-renew this pack.
  • The Auto-Renew feature want to turn off send [“Of” 25000] or dial *12*3043#
  • The renewal will extend again if you buy this offer.
  • GP internet balance check, Press *121*1*4#
Final Word:

The Grameenphone authority contributes several internet offers for various times for their subscribers. Any time they can change any GP internet offer without any notice. 

We are trying to give you just legal information on GP internet offers and always try to publish updated information. Stay with us for knowing the all-new Internet offers information.

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