GP Recharge Offer 2021| 1 Poisha/Sec to Any Operator.

Are you become confused about GP recharge Offer? Then you are in the right place to get all the information. As we all know, every month, Gp changes its offers to its customers.

They try to deliver their service as cheaply as the customer can afford it. GrameenPhone is the oldest mobile networking service in Bangladesh. They started their journey 22 years back. For getting superb customer value, they invest 347.4billion taka for network-infrastructure.

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Most amazingly they are now one of the number one mobile-networking services all over Bangladesh. If you are a GP user, then you need to know the offers that Gp brings for us. Just check all this information after that you can get your own Gp offers for saving money.

GP Recharge offer 2021.

GrameenPhone always tries to offer a low-cost call rate data pack to their consumer. From time to time, they change their offers according to consumer preferences and benefits

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No wonder this year also Grameen phone came with their best recharge offer. Do you have a question in your mind like what is the GP Recharge offer for 2021? Isn’t it? To know this answer have check this information here,

GP Lower Call Rate Offer.

GP Offer recharge based lower call rate offer for the customers, we have added the GP Lower Call Rate Offer all are details which helps to get and enjoy best Call Rate Offer. So, let’s check below table and active.

Click: Banglalink Recharge Offer
Recharge Amount Offer Validity
29 TK Recharge Offer 1 Poisha/second call rate + 2 MMS       2 Days
29 TK Recharge Offer 1 Poisha/second call rate + 2 MMS       3 Days
39 TK Recharge Offer 1 Poisha/second call rate + 2 MMS       5 Days
49 TK Recharge Offer 1 Poisha/second call rate + 2 MMS       7 Days
79 TK Recharge Offer 1 Poisha/second call rate + 2 MMS       15 Days
109 TK Recharge Offer 1 Poisha/second call rate + 2 MMS       30 Days
209 TK Recharge Offer 1 Poisha/second call rate + 2 MMS       60 Days

GP 109Tk Recharge Offer.

GP GP 109Tk Recharge Offer is exclusive minute offer. In the GP 109Tk Recharge Offer you can Enjoy 1 poisha/second to any operator for 24 hours. Just recharge 109 Taka, you can talk for 30 days.

GP 109Tk Recharge Offer Details:

  • Call Rate: 1poisha/second
  • Validity: 30days
  • Time: 24 hours (Any Local Number)
  • Users: Prepaid & Consumer Postpaid customers
  • To Check offer validity, dial *121*1*2# (Prepaid) & *121*4601# (Postpaid)
  • To stop the offer, dial *121*1003*1#
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff
  • This offer is not applicable for Skitto users
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GP Recharge Offer Call Rate.

As we all know, Grameenphone offers its customers two different kinds of packages. These packages are prepaid, and Postpaid systems, along with call rate offer. The Postpaid system GP has my plan services by which you can control your call rate.

On the other hand, the Prepaid system has four types of packages. So, you can get a chance to limit all GP-services that can help you. The names of the prepaid services are here,

  1. Nishchinto
  2. Bandhu
  3. Smile
  4. Djuice

Now, you want to know, what is gp recharge offer call rate? To get this answer check the below information here, 

Name of Prepaid Packages Call rate  Pulse FnF SMS offers
Nishchinto 20 paisa 10sec N/A 50paisa/sms
Bandhu 27.5paisa 10sec 1superFnF(7.5paisa/10sec) 17FnF(12paisa/10sec) 50paisa/sms
Smile 28paisa 10sec 3FnF(12paisa/10sec) 50paisa/sms
Djuice 25paisa 10sec 10Fnf(12paisa/10sec) 3 Super Fnf(7.5paisa/10sec) 50paisa/sms

But these all are not the end story of GP because you can get some special call rate offers from GrameenPhone as well. This call rate is based on the recharge-amount. Now you may feel puzzled-what is recharge-based call rate?

GP Recharge Minute Offer :

The recharge-based call rate depends on the amount that you want to recharge on your number. But to get this offer you have to pay the exact amount.

GP Offer Minute Offer On Recharge, In the section we have added GP Recharge Minute Offer 2021 all are details which help to know which amount to Recharge for getting GP Minute Offer. So, let’s check the Below Table.

Just check the below table to know the GP recharge offer august 2021 here,

Amount to Recharge Offers for call rate and MMS Offers Validation (with recharge date)
21 Taka 1paisa/sec and 8MMS 2 Days
29 Taka 1paisa/sec and 8MMS 3 Days
39 Taka 1paisa/sec and 8MMS 5 Days
49 Taka 1paisa/sec and 8MMS 7 Days
79 Taka 1paisa/sec and 8MMS 10 Days
109 Taka 1paisa/sec and 8MMS 30 Days
209 Taka 1paisa/sec and 8MMS 60 Days
48 Taka 48paisa/min(10 sec pulse) 8MMS 48 Hours

Besides all these offers, GrameenPhone also has regular-minute call rates according to your pocket-size. By applying these recharge offers, all users of GP save money last month effectively.

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Let’s have a look at the gp recharge offer for December 2021 for regular users. These offers are available all time for GP Users as well.

Amount to recharge Offered Minutes Validity
14 taka 21min 16hours
16 taka 25min 24hours
21 taka 1Paisa/sec 2days
24 taka 37 min 24hours
29 taka 1Paisa/sec 3 days
39 taka 1Paisa/sec 5 days
44 taka 67 min 4 days
48 taka 48paisa/min 3 days
49 taka 1Paisa/sec 7 days
53 taka 77 min 7 days
59 taka 90 min 7 days
64 taka  100min 7 days
78 taka 120 mijn 7 days
79 taka 1 paisa/sec 10 days
99 taka 160 min 7 days
109 taka 1 paisa/sec 30 days
117 taka 190 min 10 days
151 taka  240 min 10 days
199 taka 310 min 30 days
209 taka 1 paisa/sec 60 days
233 taka 350 min 15 days
298 taka 480 min 30 days

GP Recharge Internet Offer.

Nowadays, the usage of the data pack is increasing due to online-classes, digital-marketing, online-meetings and many more. Everyone needs a data connection from kindergarten kids to CEO. For this reason, GP offers many types of internet package to its users. 

However, all kinds of gp recharge offer internet can meet their customer satisfaction effectively. There are five internet packages that GP deliver to their valued customers. What are the offers? Let me explain the five internet packages here that can help you earnestly.

  1. Volume Internet Packs
  2. Offer Internet packs
  3. Social Internet packs
  4. Bundle of Internet packs
  5. 4G Internet packs.

From all the internet packs, you can receive points while using Volume and offer internet packs. By getting this Gp points, you can buy more data packs, and minutiae offer as well. Let’s take a look at the GP recharge offer 2021 Mb, here,

GP recharge offers mb(Data)               Taka Validity Earning Points
12GB 498 30days 409
7.5GB(1.5Gb 4G) 299 30days 246
3GB 289 30days 237
1.5GB 258 30days 212
1GB 189 30days 155
12GB(3GB 4G) 399 30days 328
20GB(Silver star) 649 30days 533
30GB(Gold star) 998 30days 820

GP Recharge MB Offer.

GP Offer Mobile Internet MB on Recharge, We have added GP Recharge All MB Offer for the users. You can follow below table and Recharge the mentioned amount which you need to use. 

Data Usage             Taka Validity Earning Points
2GB 98 7 days 80
1GB 46 3days 38
12GB (2GB 4G) 198 7 days 163
3GB 69 3days 57
2GB 57 3days 47
1GB 89 7days 73
8GB(2GB 4G) 148 7days 122
500MB 37 3days 30

GP MY GP App Recharge Offer.

GP Offer MY GP App Recharge Offer for Post-paid and Prepared customers. If you recharge by MyGP App you will enjoy 2.5% instant discount for recharging only other GP numbers. Not is the Offer is not valid Skitto and ERS SIM

GP Recharge Offer Code.

If you want to know the GP recharge offer check for voice call, you need USSD code. You have to know about two kinds of GP USSD code for activation and deactivation. Both of these GP recharge offer codes are here to use it for your offer checking.

  • Activation code: *121*1*2#
  • De-activation code: *121*1003*11#

Therefore, the internet activation code is a little bit different from the call rate. Let’s have a look at the internet activation USSD code here. It will help you to know the gp recharge offer 2021 MB.

Click: GP Service Off Code
Internet Data packs offers Activation code
6GB( 4G packs) *121*3434#
20GB( 4G packs) *121*3435#
60GB( 4G packs) *121*3436#
100GB( 4G packs) *121*3437#
200GB( 4G packs) *121*3438#
25GB + 600min *121*3450#
6GB + 1200min *121*3449#
10GB + 300min *121*3448#
2GB + 600min *121*3447#
2GB *121*3242#
1GB *121*3399#
12GB (2GB 4G) *121*3133#
3GB *121*3391#
2GB *121*3322#
7.5GB *121*3458#
2GB social packs *121*3463#
4GB social packs *121*3403#
10GB social packs *121*3404#
20GB social packs *121*3405#
30GB social packs *121*3273#
40GB social packs *121*3274#

GP Recharge Social Data Offer.

Now, we have added GP Recharge Social MB Offer in the below table, you can check and chose your one.

Data Usage offers              Taka Validity
30MB 1.64 3days
90MB 6.56 7days
343MB 20 30days
50MB(Vedio) 6.56 3days

GP Bundle Internet Offer.

Now to see GP Bundle Internet Offer on Recharge. Just Recharge and Enjoy GP Bundle Internet Offer.

Data packs               Taka Validity Benefits
2GB 83 7days Communication packs,Microsoft Teams, Skype, Lync,Zoom
4GB 261 30days Communication packs,Microsoft Teams, Skype, Lync,Zoom
10GB 435 30days Communication packs,Microsoft Teams, Skype, Lync,Zoom
20GB 567 30days Communication packs,Microsoft Teams, Skype, Lync,Zoom
30GB 723 30days Communication packs,Microsoft Teams, Skype, Lync,Zoom
40GB 819 30days Communication packs,Microsoft Teams, Skype, Lync,Zoom
25GB + 600min 989 30days N/A
6GB + 1200min 997 30days N/A
10GB + 300min 599 30days N/A

GP 4G Internet Offer.

In the section, we have added GP 45 Internet Pack which has been offered the Grameenphone for the users. Have a look at the below table and enjoy fasted network mobile 4G Internet in Bangladesh.

Data Usage              Taka Validity Must have
6GB 124 7days 4G sim, 4handset, 4G networks 
20GB 499 30days 4G sim, 4handset, 4G networks 
60GB 999 30days 4G sim, 4handset, 4G networks 
100GB 1499 30days 4G sim, 4handset, 4G networks 
200GB 1999 30days 4G sim, 4handset, 4G networks 

Final Words:

As a GrameenPhone user, you can enjoy all of their offers with terms and conditions. By choosing the exact call rate and data packs, you can save your money. All you need to do is one thing, check the offers and activate them. GPs’ all types of offers have different levels of consumer satisfaction.

Therefore, GrameenPhone always thinks about their customers’ way of the ability to expenses. For this reason, every time, they bring new offers to their valuable user. So, being a happy customer, you can’t use the entire Gp recharge offer. Just pick one offer and enjoy your digital life as well.

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