Robi Balance Check 2024| How to check Robi Balance [Updated]

Many Robi customers don’t know how to check Robi balance. So, today we are coming to the solution to this problem as a Robi Balance Check—the customers who come here know how to check Robi’s dominant balance. We want to say you are in the right place. However, from here, you can get the correct information, so don’t worry.

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Most of the people use mobile, but they have not to often remember checking the balance of Robi. For this problem of the solution, just read this article thoroughly and get the Robi balance check code 2024.

Robi Balance Check. 

Robi is one of the most exceptional telecom operators. Day by day, they are always trying to establish a network connection all over Bangladesh. So, all-time Robi customers can enjoy the incredible benefits from them. Who have a Robi sim and recharge the balance on their sim but don’t know how to check balance.  For them, this post is significant. So, Robi authorities give you a USSD code for Robi balance check. 

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Service Name Dial Code
Robi Balance Check *222#.

Here, we are trying to share the USSD code of the Robi SIM balance check. So, check out our most popular demanding article, and this code can use everyone. However, with this code, you can check your Robi balance quickly. Robi balance checking code is *222#. So, go to the message option and dial *222# this stimulating code. And, see your Robi balance. Here is the required code of Robi-

Balance Check Code:

If you need to Robi Balance Check Code for your urgency, you can find the online. We understand the importance, that’s we have added the Balance Check Dial code. Anyway, The Balance check code is*222#. Just Dial and check your Balance.

Service Name Dial Code
Robi Balance Check USSD Code *222#.

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Robi Internet Balance Check Code.

Now we have shared the Robi Internet Balance check code for the users, you follow the below table, here we have added the balance check internet process with dial code.

Service Name Dial Code
Robi Internet Balance Check *8444*88# or *222*81#

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Robi SMS Balance Check.

In some cases users need to SMS Balance check code, we understand the importunacy, that way now we have added the Robi SMS Balance check code below the table, and you can just follow the USSD code and check your Robi SMS Balance.

Robi SMS Balance check Code is:  *222*11#

Service Name Dial Code
SMS Balance check Code *222*11#

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Robi Number Check.

If you forget your SIM Number? Don’t worry by dialling code you can easily know the SIM number, below table we have added Robi Number Check code, Just Check and Find your New or Old SIM Number.  Robi Number Check Code is *140*2*4#

Service Name Dial Code
Robi Number Check Code *140*2*4#

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Robi Minute Check Code.

Need to know your Mobile Minute Balance, Just dial code and see your Remaining Minute Balance, below  table to follow the Minute check Code, So, Just press *222*3#, Replay message you will get your Minute Balance.

Service Name Dial Code
Robi Minute check Code *222*3#

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Robi Packages Check.

In the section we have added Robi Packages check Code which helps to know your Packages details, so, let’s check the below table and press code, the Robi Packages check is *140*14#.

Service Name Dial Code
Robi Packages check Code *140*14#

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Balance Check By Robi App:

In Bangladesh, now most of the people are using smartphones, Android or iPhone. For Robi customers, Robi authority has made Robi App give the best service. And, this App’s name is MyRobi App.

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 The Robi App installs and is very easy to use. So, with this MyRobi App, you can quickly check your Robi balance. Just install this App and signup with your Robi sim. You can see your Robi account balance on the homepage of this App, after signup.

 With this MyRobi App, you can check all of the accounts of your Robi Sim.

Robi Important USSD Code [All].

Here we are trying to give Robi all of the checking code. Like, Robi postpaid balance check code, Robi MB balance check code, and Minute check code. You also can check your postpaid balance by ball or bill. Just go to your message option and type bill or bal and send SMS to 8778. 

Find out your desired code and check it now. And, also you can check your balance with the MyRobi app. However, follow

  • Robi Balance check *222#
  • Robi Number Check *140*2*4#
  • Robi Internet Balance check code *8444*88# or *222*81#
  • Robi Minute check *222*3#
  • Robi Packages check *140*14#
  • Robi SMS Balance Check *222*11#
  • Robi MMS Check *222*13#
  • Robi postpaid balance check code *140*4#
  • Robi Customer care number: 121

However, friends, Good news for Robi all customers! Also from here, you can find out Robi minutes, internet, SMS pack, and other offers code. And, we have to take Robi all proposals from the official website of Robi.

Final Thought:

If you could check the Robi balance correctly, we would feel pleased. Because we are creating this to help all of Robi customers. And, if you think this post is helpful to share this post with your friend.

By the way, we are trying to give you a Robi balance check code correctly. So, collect this code from here and solve your problem. And, if you need to have any help, just let us know because we are always with you.

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