Emergency Balance Code | GP, Banglalink, Robi & More [All SIM]

The emergency balance means, when you are low or out of balance and can’t recharge your number, at that moment get a loan from the mobile operator’s system and use it. The service will available through by USSD code which called Emergency balance code and SMS.

 Different mobile operator service has different USSD code. If you know the instance balance code you can get your loan immediately, which is payable whenever you recharge your number. If you want to know more details about this then stay connected.

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We are going to tell you the details about all the mobile operator’s balance loan system and code. Keep scrolling and know more.

GP, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel & Teletalk Emergency Balance Code.

All our Bangladeshi mobile operators launched the emergency balance services only for Prepaid customers. Bangladesh has 5 leading mobile operators they are Grameenphone (GP), Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Tele talk.


All of them have different USSD codes and different emergency balance offer. You just need to know your mobile operator’s instance balance code. With this service, you can communicate even when you run out of balance or when your balance becomes zero.

GP Emergency Balance Code.

Grameenphone is the most popular brand in Bangladesh. Advance balance code GP is for only Grameen phone users, with this they can get their emergency balance loan easily.

Emergency balance is always free of charge for all the Grameenphone pre-paid users. No charges or subscription fees are applicable for availing Emergency balance.

Mobile Operator NameAdvance Balance Code

Check: GP Emergency Balance Code

All GP pre-paid such as Bondhu, Smile, Business Solutions prepaid (123), shofol, Ekota (1,2,3,4) Nishchinto, Djuice, GPPP, VP will be able to get minimum 5 takas to dynamic maximum Taka 200.

Just dial Advance balance code GP *121*1*3# which is free of charge. So, whenever GP user out of balance and need emergency balance they will just need to follow the steps:

  • First, you need to know the instance balance code GP.
  • Now dial *121*1*3# to avail the Emergency Balance.
  • GP users can use this Emergency Balance amount for any voice calls and SMS.
  • To check your Emergency Balance amount dial *121*1*2# (Free of charge).
  • You can use an emergency balance amount at any time. 
  • You can get the next Emergency Balance only after paying your previous Amount.
  • Surcharge on base tariff will be 5% (SD), 15% VAT on SD, and 1%.

Banglalink Emergency Balance Code :

Banglalink is known as Banglalink Advance for their special offer on emergency balance. Banglalink offers the amount of Advance balance minimum taka 10 to maximum taka 100.

By dialing the instance balance code, you can get the emergency advance balance. If your balance is more than 5 takas, you will not get the loan. The balance should be 5 takas or less than 5. For activating emergency loan,

Click: Banglalink Balance Transfer System

  • First, you should know the Emergency balance code Banglalink.
  • Now dial the advance code *874#.
  • To check your Emergency Advance Balance amount dial *874*0#.
  • Advance Balance again activates only after paying the previous Amount.
  • Surcharge on base tariff 10% (SD), 15% VAT on SD, and 1%.
Mobile Operator NameSSD OR Dial Code

Airtel BD Emergency Balance Code :

Airtel is one of the leading mobile phone subscriber brands in Bangladesh. They also offer up to 100-taka emergency balance. Airtel BD gives you the option of emergency Balance when subscribers don’t have an opportunity to recharge on mobile. Their offer starts from 12 takas and ends with 100 takas with a service fee.

Know More: Airtel BD Emergency Balance

  • Just dial emergency balance code airtel *141#.
  • To check Emergency Balance by Dial*1#or *778#.
  • When the user recharges his next balance, the loan balance will be automatically deducted from the main balance.
  • Surcharge on base tariff 10% (SD), 15% VAT on SD, and 1%.
Mobile Operator NameSSD OR Dial Code

Robi Jhotpot Balance Code :

Robi emergency balance is known as Jhotpot balance. Get your Jhotpot balance code robi and get Jhotpot emergency balance. All the Robi prepaid users can avail jhotpot balance service from 12 takas to 100 takas. For your Jhotpot emergency balance,

Go To: Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance

  • Dial *123*007# (Free of Charge).
  • If need to check your Eligibility dial *8#.
  • You can use your Jhotpot amount for voice and SMS both.
  • check your Jhotpot Balance amount by dialing *1# or *222#.
  • Jhotpot loan balance will be automatically deducted from your next recharge.
  • Surcharge on base tariff 15% (SD), 15% VAT on SD, and 1%.
Mobile Operator NameSSD OR Dial Code

Teletalk Emergency Balance Code.

Teletalk subscribers can also get emergency balances by dial an instance balance code. Teletalk prepaid users can get this offer. Teletalk offers its user a minimum of 10 to 50-taka emergency balance. This emergency balance can be used for any purpose with unlimited validity.

You May Know: Teletalk Emergency Balance

  • Just dial your instance balance code Teletalk *1122#
  • Check your Emergency Balance for Teletalk Just Dial *152#
  • The loan balance will be automatically deducted from your next recharge without any additional service charge.
Mobile Operator NameSSD OR Dial Code
Final Words:

All mobile subscribers offer different categories of emergency loans and contain different instance balance code. Accept Teletalk users all mobile operator gets service charge from 10 takas to up. Below 10 taka it will be free of charge.

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 Emergency balance is very helpful for all types of users, that’s why it’s also very important to know the emergency balance code of all these mobile operators. Hope that it will help to know all in one.

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