GP Minute Pack Offer 2020- List of Grameenphone All Bundle Offers [Updated]

Grameenphone (GP) is providing new talk time offers pack to the users. So, the GP users should know the latest GP Minute Pack Offer. In Bangladesh, Grameenphone is the largest telecommunication provider. Besides, you can get these offer packs at cheap prices. Also, you can have GP Minute Pack Offer on daily, weekly and monthly basis. And, GP ensures long validity minute pack offers. So, you can pick your choice from GP Minute Pack Offer List. And, you can enjoy talking to your near and dear ones at a low price for long. You do not have to worry about the call rate. Therefore, we are here to show you the latest GP Minute Offer 2020. And, we have given all the updated information according to official website of Grameenphone.

Grameenphone/GP All Minutes Pack Offers 2020

Grameenphone always offers exclusive talk time minute packs. Besides, GP is the best leading telecom company of the country. Millions of people are using Gp all over Bangladesh. Mainly, the Gp Minute Pack Offer is for voice calling. For instance, the GP Minute Offer 2020 are very much beneficial for the customers. And, the prepaid users can avail their desired talk time recharge offers. All local users of Gp can buy the GP Minute Offer Pack. But, the postpaid and other types cannot have all these offers. So, they have to use different GP Minute Offer plans. Besides, GP presents new GP Minute Offer 2020 for this year. There are multiple voice call offer packs. And, all these offers are on cheap prices and assures long period talk time.

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Gp All Minutes Offers List

However, there are two kinds of GP Minute Pack Recharge Offer. One type is a Basic Gp Minute Offer Pack. Other is Advanced GP Minute Offer Pack. Likewise, the Basic ones offer short time talk time plans at low prices. On the other hand, the Advanced offers long period talk time plans. So, you can have your desired one from the GP Minute Pack Offer List 2020.

Here is the list of Basic Gp Minute Pack Offer with prices, validity and activation code number.

Total Minutes Offer Price Validity Activation Code
10 Min 6 Taka 06 Hours *121*4024#
21 Min 14 Taka 16 Hours *121*4001#
25 Min 16 Taka 24 Hours *121*4207#
37 Min 24 Taka 24 Hours *121*4002#
67 Min 44 Taka 4 Days *121*4003#
77 Min + 50 SMS 53 Taka 7 Days *121*4004#
90 Min 59 Taka 7 Days *121*4205#
100 Min 64 Taka 7 Days *121*4206#

Here is the list of Advanced GP Minute Pack Recharge Offer with prices, validity and activation code number.

Total Minutes Offer Price Validity Activation Code
120 Min 78 Taka 7 Days *121*4026#
160 Min 99 Taka 7 Days *121*4006#
190 Min 117 Taka 7 Days *1214007#
310 Min 199 Taka 30 Days *121*4018#
350 Min 233 Taka 15 Days *121*4008#
480 Min 298 Taka 30 Days *121*5074#
500 Min 307 Taka 30 Days *121*4208#

How To Buy GP Minute Pack Offer

GP provides so many simple ways to buy GP Minute Offer 2020. So, you can activate these offers by following the simple steps. Firstly, you can dial the activation code and buy the GP Minute Offer Pack. Secondly, you can get the offer package by recharging the mentioned offer price. Thirdly, you can get the offers by My GP Flexi Plan. Here is the procedure for purchasing GP Minute Offer.

  • Select your desired offer package from GP Minute Pack Offer List.
  • Go to Dial option on your phone. And, type The Activation Code from the table given above. On the other hand, you have to recharge the accurate amount of offer price from nearby GP Flexi Load.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation SMS from GP. And the sufficient amount price will be deducted from your account balance.

Types of GP Minute Offer Packages

Gp plans the minute offer packages with three kinds of validity. On the other hand, you can get the Gp Minute Offer Packs for calling both GP and other mobile operators. Here are the three types of GP minute package planning.

  • Daily Minutes Offer Packs.
  • Weekly Minutes Offer Packs.
  • Monthly Minutes Offer Packs.

So, you can choose any of these offers for voice calling.

Gp Minutes Offer Packs Daily

GP provides Daily GP Minute Pack Offer, for the customers. So, the customers can purchase these offers on a daily basis. And, they can enjoy long talk time with cheap cost. Regularly, GP sends the exclusive daily offers SMS to remind the users. So, they can take their desired daily talk time package from GP Minute Pack Offer List. Therefore, we are showing you the Daily GP Minute Offer Packages and their purchasing procedure.

GP 10 Min 6 Tk

The offer GP 10 minutes 6 Tk is the cheapest GP Minute Offer Pack. Anytime, you can buy this little and amazing offer. Besides, the offer will valid for 6 hours. So, you can talk to any mobile operator users by 10 minutes 6 Tk offer rate.

  • You have to dial *121*4024# to avail this offer.
  • Otherwise, you have to recharge 6 Taka from Flexi Load SIM.
  • This pack includes 10 minutes talk time offer.
  • The offer’s price is 6 Taka. Then, you will get a confirmation text of buying this offer.
  • And, the validity of this offer is 6 hours after purchasing.

GP 21 Min 14 Tk

GP provides multiple exciting talk time offers every time. Moreover, GP 21 minutes 14 Tk is one of the cheapest of daily GP Minute Offer Pack. Only, you have to avail this offer and can talk 21 minutes with any number of Bangladesh. Also, this will cost you only 14 Taka BDT.

  • Firstly, you need to Dial *121*4001#.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation message.
  • The offer’s price 14 Taka will deduct from your balance.
  • On the other hand, you can recharge 14 Taka to avail this offer.
  • The offer validity is 16 hours.

Gp 25 Min 16 Tk

Nowadays, you can get GP 25 minutes talk time offer at only 16 Tk. This is another excellent talk time offer of GP. Regularly, you can buy this GP Minute Pack Offer by dialling the activation USSD number. Besides, you can also have this package by recharging through GP Flexi Load SIM. On the other hand, you can also avail this offer from GP Flexiplan website.

  • Go to Dial option and type *121*4207#.
  • Then, you will have an SMS confirming your offer purchase.
  • The offer talk time is 25 minutes.
  • Then, the price of the offer, 16 Taka will deduct from your balance.
  • This offer valids till 24 hours as well as 1 day after purchasing.

GP 37 Min 24 Tk

For instance, day by day, GP comes up by offering new talk time GP Minute Offer. By the way, there are 37 minutes talk time offer at only 24 Taka. Which is, undoubtedly, a great offer for GP prepaid users. Likewise, if you want to grab this offer follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, dial *121*4002#. Or, recharge 24 Taka to get the offer.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation message from GP.
  • After that, you can get 37 minutes talk time.
  • The offer’s price is 24 Taka and it valids for 24 hours.

Gp Minutes Offer Packs Weekly

There are so many GP Minute Pack Offer that plans weekly talk time. That is to say, you can get a talk time package of 7 days at lowest price. Besides, GP Minute Pack Offer List has both small and large weekly talk time offer packs. So, you choose your GP Minute Pack Offer as per your desire. Let’s see the weekly GP minute packages and theirs buying process.

GP 77 Min + 50 SMS 53 Tk

Among all the weekly GP Minute Offer 2020, you can get 77 minutes long talk time reward. Apparently, you can buy this amazing GP Minute Offer at only 53 Taka. Besides, you will also get 50 free SMS with 77 minutes talk time for a whole week. So, you can talk unlimited and can send free 50 text messages to any number.

  • Dial *121*4004#. Or else, recharge 53 Taka.
  • Then, you will offer purchase confirmation message.
  • The offer talk time duration is 77 minutes. And, you will have 50 free SMS.
  • The offer validity is 7 days.

GP 100 Min 64 Tk

Recently, Grameenphone is giving one by one excellent weekly offers. Now, you can get 100 minutes talk time offer for a week. And, this GP Minute Pack Offer price is only 64 Taka BDT. So, it is absolutely an amazing offer for the GP customers. Besides, you can also renew the offer for next one week.

  • Type *121*4206#. Otherwise, recharge 64 Taka by Flexi Load SIM.
  • Then, you will get a confirmation SMS from GP.
  • This package offers 100 minutes for 7 days.
  • And, this offer costs only 64 Taka.

Gp Minutes Offer Packs Monthly

Surprisingly, Grameenphone provides monthly talk time packages. There are some customers who talk a lot over voice calls. So, the monthly GP Minute Offers packages are for them. Besides, they can talk unlimited whole month. And, they do not need to worry about minutes and talk time bill. Because, GP monthly packages ensures long talk time with less price. Now, let’s see the exclusive Monthly GP Minute Pack Offer List.

GP 310 Min 199 Tk

Now, you can get GP 310 minutes talk time offer is available. And, you will get this exciting offer only at 199 Taka. Besides, this offer remains valid for 30 days. So, you should know the accurate process to buy this offer.

  • Dial *121*4018# from your mobile phone.
  • Then, you will have the confirmation message from GP.
  • Likewise, this package provides 310 minutes talk time and costs 199 Taka.
  • The offer is available for 30 days after purchasing.
  • Besides, you can also recharge 199 Taka to get this offer.

GP 350 Min 233 Tk

Nowadays, Grameenphone is offering 350 minutes talk time offer for 30 days. Besides, the price of this huge offer is only 233 Taka. Anytime, you can buy this GP Minute Pack Offer and enjoy 350 minutes long talk time.

  • Recharge 233 Taka from any GP Flexi Load SIM. Otherwise, dial *121*4008# from your phone.
  • Then, you will get GP offer confirmation message.
  • Besides, the offer’s price 233 Taka will be deducted from your account balance.
  • The offer validity is 30 days.

GP 480 Min 298 Tk

Usually, the monthly GP Minute Pack Offer comes up with long-term talk time reward. And, GP 480 minutes at 298 Taka is another best offers of GP. So, let’s see the purchasing process of this offer package.

  • Go to Dial option on your phone and dial *121*5074#.
  • Then, your purchasing will be confirmed by an SMS from GP.
  • Besides, this package includes 480 minutes talk time. And, it costs 298 Taka. The offer valids till 30 days after purchasing.
  • You can also have this offer by recharging 298 Taka via GP Flexi Load SIM.

GP 500 Min 307 Tk

Well, GP 500 minutes is the biggest of all GP Minute Offer 2020. Besides, you can buy this only at 307 Taka for 30 days. Probably, the customers who are cling to talk for a long time, need this great offer pack. So, they can use it while calling the whole month.

  • Recharge 307 Taka from GP Flexi Load SIM. Or, dial *121*4208#.
  • After that, you will get the confirmation text from GP.
  • The talk time offer duration is 500 minutes.
  • Besides, this offer costs 307 Taka. And, it’s validity is 30 days.

Gp Minutes Offer Terms & Conditions

Most importantly, to avail the best GP Minute Offer Pack you have to know the terms and conditions. These terms are all about the voice call talks time minute offer. So, it is important to know and follow them. Here are the terms and conditions of GP Minute Offer 2020 according to official Grameenphone website.

  • GP Minute Pack Offer is only available for the prepaid customers, i-SIM, Flexi Load SIM and BPO.
  • You can use the offer packs to call all mobile operators of Bangladesh.
  • Remaining offer minutes will be added with the next purchase offer packs.
  • The offer prices include VAT, SD and Service charges. And, you cannot avail the offer, if there is no sufficient balance on your account.
  • To avail GP Minute Pack Recharge Offer the recharge should be done by Flexi Load SIM. Otherwise, you cannot activate with any other recharge process.
  • You can check your GP Minute Offer balance by dialling *121*1*2#.
Final Words:

 Well, it is all about GP Minute Pack Offer. Consequently, Grameenphone provides the best offer service all over the country. Anytime, you can get all the best GP Minute Offer 2020 from any corner of Bangladesh. Besides, all of the daily, weekly, monthly talk time offers are auto renewable. So, you do not need to worry if your offer expires. Otherwise, you can also renew by GP Minute Pack Recharge Offer. Most importantly, you have to do is to dial the offer number or, recharge the offer’s price amount. Therefore, we included all the latest and updated details of GP Minute Pack Offer in this article. Thanks for being with us.

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