Bkash Recharge Offer 2021- Get 100% Instant Cask Back


Today, we will let you know about the Bkash Recharge Offer. Generally, Bkash is one of the most popular money transactions system of Bangladesh. Likewise, BKash is a mobile service authority of Bangladesh Bank. Also, it serves under the subsidiary of Brac Bank Limited. Basically, Bkash is a Bank-led Mobile Financial Service operating from 2011. This mobile money transaction system is the best, upgraded, faster and securer mobile banking system.

Moreover, Bkash make your life simple with send money, receive money, pay bill, mobile recharge as so on. Therefore, bkash user can deposit money make payments and can recharge to prepaid mobiles very easily. Also, you can pay mobile postpaid bills. For instance, bksah gives many amazing facilities at bkash recharge offer 2021. So, here now we give you all the details and offers price of the Bkash mobile recharge offer 2021.

Bkash Recharge Offer Details:

Generally, Bkash is giving the amazing facility for doing bkash mobile recharge offer 2021for all mobile users. Besides, bkash is the biggest mobile banking service in Bangladesh. For instance, Bkash gives 50 to 200% cash back facilities at mobile recharge. But, at first, you have to open a bkash account at Bkash website. Likewise, you can open a Bkash account by giving your NID, mobile number and PIN code. Moreover, to create a new Bkash account by bkash App you will get 200% cash back facilities.

But, after creating your bkash account you can easily recharge any time at your mobile number from your Bkash account. Also, you can send recharge to your family, friends and favourite person’s mobile number. So, for your easy understanding, we will give you the process of Bkash mobile recharge.

Bkash Recharge Offer GP :

Basically, all SIM users are eligible to get the Bkash Mobile Recharge Offer 2021. So, the GP users can avail the amazing Bkash Recharge Offer GP 2021. For example, the GP users can get instant cashback, internet offer and free talk time minute offer. But, they will only get the offers, if they recharge on their GP SIM from Bkash. Besides, there are both short and long times validity recharge offer Bkash for GP users. So, now let’s show you the list of Bkash Recharge Offer GP 2021with the recharge amount, offer’s volume and validity.

Bkash Recharge Amount Offer’s Volume Validity
31 Taka 250 MB 3 Days
37 Taka 85 MB 7 Days
38 Taka 2 GB 2 Days
56 Taka 115 MB 30 Days
86 Taka 1 GB 7 Days
104 Taka 1.5 GB 7 Days
129 Taka 2 GB 7 Days
148 Taka 3 GB 7 Days
149 Taka 555 MB 28 Days
179 Taka 4 GB 7 Days
189 Taka 1 GB 28 Days
229 Taka 1538 MB 28 Days
279 Taka 3 GB 28 Days
337 Taka 2.5 GB 28 Days
399 Taka 5 GB 28 Days
427 Taka 3.5 GB 28 Days
609 Taka 6 GB 28 Days
649 Taka 10 GB 28 Days
998 Taka 20 GB 28 Days

Bkash Mobile Recharge Offer Robi :

Basically, there are multiple offers for Bkash recharge offer Robi. That is to say, the Robi users will get exciting offers from Bkash, when they recharge. For example, they will get Bkash Recharge Internet Offer. Also, you will get instant cashback. But, you need to recharge the certain amount to avail the Bkash Recharge Offer. Then, you can enjoy free talk time minutes, internet offers and instant cashback facilities for a certain validity. So, now let’s see the list of Bkash Recharge Offer Robi 2021 with recharge amount, offer’s volume and validity and cash back offer.

Bkash Recharge Amount Offer’s Volume Validity Cash Back
32 Taka 1 GB 3 Days  
41 Taka 1 GB + 500 MB 4G 3 Days  
54 Taka 1.5 GB + 500 MB 4G 3 Days  
61 Taka 2 GB + 1 GB 4G 3 Days  
69 Taka 3 GB + 1 GB 4G 3 Days  
  94 Taka 3 GB 7 Days  
98 Taka 2 GB + 50 Minutes 7 Days  
108 Taka 4 GB 7 Days  
129 Taka 1 GB 28 Days  
198 Taka 1 GB+ 1 GB 4G + 100 Minutes 28 Days  
239 Taka 4 GB 28 Days  
289 Taka 7 GB 30 Days  
299 Taka 4 GB + 225 Minutes 28 Days  
399 Taka 9 GB + 6 GB 4G 30 Days  
449 Taka 20 GB + 10 GB 4G 30 Days  
499 Taka 20 GB + 600 Minutes 30 Days  
539 Taka 30 GB + 700 Minutes 30 Days 25 Taka
599 Taka 35 GB + 800 Minutes 3 Days *166*206#

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Bkash Recharge Offer Banglalink :


Surprisingly, the Banglalink users can also get the Bkash Mobile Recharge Offer 2021. Likewise, there are so many offers facility for the Banglalink users. So, they can enjoy the Bkash Recharge offer Banglalink. Firstly, they have to recharge the certain amount of money from Bkash to their phone number. Then, they will get exciting offers like internet offer, talk time minutes, free SMS and all. Besides, they can recharge and enjoy the offers for certain validity. Therefore, now we are going to show you the list of Bkash Mobile Recharge Offer Banglalink 2021.

Bkash Recharge Amount Offer’s Volume Validity
31 Taka 1 GB 3 Days
58 Taka 3 GB 4 Days
68 Taka 4 GB + 500 MB 4G 3 Days
108 Taka 5 GB 7 Days

Bkash Mobile Recharge Offer Airtel :

Likewise, the Bkash provides some exciting Bkash Recharge Offer Airtel. That is to say, the Airtel users can also get the Bkash Mobile Recharge Offer. Firstly, they have to make recharge on their Airtel mobile from Bkash app. Then, they will get the Bkash Recharge internet offer instantly. Also, the Airtel users can get instant cashback and free minute offer for recharging by Bkash. So, here now we will show you the list of Bkash Recharge Offer Airtel 2021 list with the recharge amount offer’s volume and validity.

Bkash Recharge Amount Offer’s Volume Validity
44 Taka 2 GB 3 Days
59 Taka 3 GB 5 Days
89 Taka 5 GB 7 Days
329 Taka 30 GB 30 Days

Bkash Recharge Internet Offer :

Generally, Bkash mobile recharge Offer 2021 has so many beneficial and attractive offers for all mobile users. Besides, Bkash always gives instant 100% cash back facilities at mobile recharge. Likewise, if you recharge 15 Taka at your mobile number from Bkash then, you will get cash back 15 taka. But, you will get this facility, only when you get SMS message from Bkash at your mobile number.

So to get cash back facility you have to always follow Bkash SMS at your mobile recharge from Bkash ll. On the other hand, Bkash gives many awesome recharge offer for all mobile subscriber. Likewise, Teletalk Bkash recharge offer, Bkash recharge offer Robi, Bkash recharge offer Airtel, Bkash recharge offer gp, Bkash recharge offer Banglalink. So, now let see the list of Bkash recharge Internet Offer 2021.

Bkash Recharge Offer Process :

Consequently, there are two simple processes for mobile recharge from bkash, one is manual and another from Bkash App. So now let see the process of bkash mobile recharge :

A. Manual Process of Bkash Offer :

1. At first, Dial 247 number from your mobile phone.

2. Then, type mobile recharge number 3 and tap the send button.

3. Now, you have to type the number of your mobile operator and send it.

4. Then, type the number of Postpaid or Prepaid and tap send.

5. Then, type you mobile number and again tap send option.


6. Now, type your reharge amount and send it.

7. Finally, type your PIN code number and send it.

8. Lastly your mobile recharge will get successful. Then, you will get confirmation message from bkash at your mobile number.

B. Bkash App Recharge Offer :

1. Generally, you have to download bkash App from Google Play Store first.

2. Besides, you have to log in by giving your mobile number and PIN code number.

3. After successfully logging in, you have to click on mobile recharge icon of bkash screen.

4. Now, type your mobile number.

5. Then, type your recharge amount

6. Finally, type your PIN code number and tap on bkash red screen to complete the transaction.

7. Lastly, you will get a recharge confirmation message at your mobile number from Bkash.

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Terms And Conditions :

Accordingly, to enjoy the Bkash Mobile Recharge 2021, the users should know the terms and conditions first. Generally, Bkash provides some important terms and conditions for the Bkash Recharge Offer. So, now let’s see all the terms and conditions of Recharge Offer from Bkash 2021.

  • Basically, the Bkash Mobile Recharge Offer 2021are available for all the local SIM operator’s users of Bangladesh.
  • Besides, the recharge charge includes VAT, SD and services fees.
  • Moreover, the Bkash Mobile Recharge Offers are not auto renewable. So, the customers have to avail it by recharging.
  • Likewise, all SIM users can avail the recharge offers as much as they want, for a limited campaign period.
  • But, the Bkash authority can customize or, cancel the Bkash Mobile Recharge offers anytime.

Final Words :

Finally, we have described the whole offer’s details of Bkash Recharge Offer 2021. Generally, Bkash service is the time saviour of all SIMs operator’s users. Usually, the users had to get recharge from the recharge points. But, now they can get instant recharge from Bkash app without paying any charge. Moreover, they will get instant cash back, Bkash Recharge Internet Offer and free talk time minute offer.

So, the recharge service and Bkash Mobile recharge offer 2021 are very beneficial for the users. But, the customers need to recharge the mentioned amount from Bkash app. Otherwise, they will not get the bonus offers. Lastly, the users can check the remaining recharge offer’s volume and validity by dialing the balance checking codes of their SIM.

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