GP Emergency Balance Code 2024[Upto 200 Tk]

If you are a GP user, you may know that GP offers their user emergency balance 5 Taka to 200 Taka. It is very important to know for you how to get a GP emergency balance code of money and the internet. If you fall into any problem and need emergency MB and money, you need to complete a loan process.

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So, what is the process? Well, in this content, you will the most updated codes and process so that you can hassle-free get the money and MB. So, without talking more, let’s get start the content right now.

GP Emergency Balance Code 2024.

You may know that GP provides their user with different amounts such as 5 and 200 Taka. But remember, if your budget is regular 20 or 25 takas, surely you can get the same balance loan. It is only applied for 5 Taka service. So, without much delay, we should know the process for getting a fast loan. So, let’s GP Emergency Balance Code below.

Emergency Balance Code Balance Check Code
*1010*1# *566*28#
Grameenphone Emergency Balance Code

How to Get GP Emergency Balance 5 Tk.

If you think you need only 5 Taka, surely you need to do a simple process. Just dial *1010*1# and collect 5 Taka without any issue. But remember, it is now a dynamic process that means the GP company provides you your average balance recharge. Don’t you understand? Well, let me an example,

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Suppose you regular recharge 20 Taka, then when you dial the code *1010*1#, surely the company provides you 20 Taka, not 5 Taka. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this matter. For more clear yourself, you can check out the below chart.

Amount (Money) Code Balance Check Code
5 Taka *1010*1# *566*28#

I think the information is enough for you to get the loan without any issue.

How to Get GP Emergency Balance 200 Tk.

Sometimes we need more emergency balances such as 200 Taka. GP offer you to get 200 taka emergency balance. It difference like 5 Taka emergency balance. You also need to complete a process that helps you take a 200 Taka loan without any issue.

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Whatever you need to dial *121*1*3# for getting the loan. But this service is only getting all GP prepaid, Ekota, GPPP, and VP customer for getting a maximum of 200 Taka. It is also a dynamic system that means the emergency balance only depends on your recharge amount. So, I think you understand GP Emergency Balance Code and you can get this facility to dial the code.

Amount (Money) Code Balance Check Code
Maximum 200 Taka *121*1*3# *121*1010*2#

So, if you think your recharge is high, surely you can get this option. It is very important to know your rechargeability. I hope that you can understand how you can get the emergency balance maximum of 200 Taka fast loans.

GP 200 Tk Emergency Balance Check Code [Free of Cost]

Now it is time to know how you can check the balance of 200 Taka. However, if you want to know the balance of the 200 Tk emergency loan, you need to dial *121*1010*2# with free of cost. The pop-up SMS shows you the current balance. So, without delay, take the loan and enjoy yourself.

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Terms & Condition of GP Emergency Balance (Money)

  • Here some terms and conditions which provide GP SIM that you maintain or know. So, let’s know the terms and conditions of GP Emergency Balance Code.
  • Emergency balance is completely free of charges for GP subscribers.
  • All GP prepaid customer gets this service maximum of 200 Taka with a dynamic system.
  • Check out the balance its totally free of cost.
  • Emergency balance is usable, like regular balance.
  • Roaming usages are not applicable.
  • Emergency balance can be used anytime.
  • For enjoying the emergency balance, you just need a valid SIM card.
  • The emergency balance is not available for Skitto SIM.

GP Emergency MB Balance Code.

Well, you need emergency Internet balance, not of money. Okay, you may know that GP offers their user 10 MB at 5 Taka offer. You can use this offer for two days without any issue. So, if you want to gain this offer, surely you need to dial *121*1*8# for getting 10 MB. I think it is too much money when I compare the MB. But it full-fills your emergency need. If you are still confused, you can follow the table below.

Amount (MB) Code Price Validity
10 MB *121*1*8# 5 Taka 2-days

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. It is free when you get the service, which means you don’t need any extra charges for getting an emergency internet balance.

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Emergency Balance Check Code.

After getting the emergency loan, you may need to check out the loan anytime. For checking this, you also need to dial a code that I already mentioned on the table. However, dial *566*28# to check out the balance without paying any extra cost.

Service Name Dial Code
GP Emergency Balance Check Code. *566*28#

Terms & Conditions:

  • If your account balance 1 Taka or less than 1 Taka or 0 balance, then you can apply for this service.
  • All prepaid customers can get this service, and it is not applicable for postpaid subscribers.
  • In this condition, the voice emergency balance will be the first priority. If you match the condition, then you can get an emergency internet balance.
  • It takes 5% SD, 15% VAT, and 1% sure charge.


I think the GP emergency balance code is enough for you to get the emergency balance both the internet and money. You must read the terms and conditions, and after that, you need to apply for the service. All valid GP users can get this service. But if you are still confused after reading this article, you can let me know in the below comment box.

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