Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance – A Easy Guideline Of Getting Mobile Taka.

Are you a Robi customer? Are you running out of mobile balance? Do you want to know how to have Robi Jhotpot emergency balance? If your answer is yes, then please read out my article.

Nowadays mobile phones become the most popular means of communication. Robi, however the 2nd largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh. As a customer-friendly network operator Robi is serving it’s customers with various services.   

Robi emergency balance is one of them. Robi’s emergency balance service is also known as Robi Loan or Jhotpot Balance.

If you are a Robi user, you can use Robi Jhotpot balance to make a call, send sms, buy internet pack or even you can make a voice call.   

How To Get Emergency Balance In Robi: Some Easy Steps:  

Emergency balance has become a household word to us, as we all use mobile phones. May be you were dealing with your client about your business over phone or you were texting your assignments to your classmates or you were watching “Barcelona vs Juventus” match over your phone. If one loses his/her balance at the eleventh hour, only he or she can know the pain. 

Keeping these in mind all network operators in Bangladesh have introduced a service which is commonly known as “Emergency Balance”. Robi is one of them.

And as Robi is the 2nd largest network operator in Bangladesh, it’s emergency balance service is quite elegant than others. So, I will describe you how get to emergency Jhotpot balance in Robi.   


Robi Emergency Balance

In short Of Robi Emergency Balance :

  • Robi Emergency Balance Dial Number: Dial *8811*1#. Or, go to your message option, type START and send it to 8811.
  • Robi Emergency Balance Stop Code: Dial *8811*2# or type STOP and send it to 8811 if you want to cancel registration.
  • Robi Emergency Balance Check  Code: *222*16#  
  • Robi Emergency Balance Code:   Dial*123*007#. Or type “START O” and send this to 8811
  • Dial *8# to check your eligibility.  
  • Vat 15%
  • SD 10%
  • Surcharge 1%
  • You can have 12 to 100 tk as emergency balance.
  • Dial *1# or *222# to check Robi balance.
  • After mobile recharging, your emergency balance amount shall be reduced.    

 In Detail Of Robi Jhotpot Balance ::

If you are looking for Robi emergency balance you have to read the rules and follow some instructions. Now I am showing you the details of it:

  • Robi Emergency Balance Dial Number: First you have to open your phone’s dial pad. Then you have to dial *8811*1#.
  • Or you can send a message. Go to your message option and type START and send this to 8811  

For any reason you may need to cancel this emergency registration. In that case follow these rules:

  • Robi Emergency Balance Stop Code: Dial *8811*2#
  • Or just send a message. Type STOP and send this to 8811

Robi Emergency Balance Check Code:

You may want to know about your prevailing balance after using the emergency loan. In fact it’s a foremost task for a customer to check his or her emergency balance after using it.        Checking emergency balance in Robi is very easy. So if you   want to check Jhotpot balance dial *222*16# 

Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance Code:

Now I am going to tell you about Robi emergency balance code. This will help you to get Jhotpot balance.

  • Dial*123*007#   
  • Or send sms to 8811 typing “START O”             

Robi Emergency Internet Balance:

If you are a Robi user you do not have to worry about offline problem. Because Robi is facilitating you with emergency internet balance. You can have 25 MB as emergency internet balance for two days.

  • Dial *8811*11# to get emergency internet balance.

Exceptions: Robi emergency balance service have excluded some people from availing this convenience. For example;

  • Uddokta, Easyload and Corporate prepaid.
  • Who took an advance on Jhotpot balance.
  • Who have already picked regular Jhotpot balance.

Terms and Conditions: 

You have to fulfill some conditions in order to take emergency balance. As well all know nothing comes for free if want to take some advantage you have to pay. So the conditions are;

  • After recharging the Jhotpot balance(70% of the mobile recharge or total loan amount whichever has been borrowed) will be reduced from recharged balance.
  • You can enjoy until the maximum limit of your emergency balance. 
  • After consuming the loan, no further loan will be granted until you recharge the loan.      
  • Relative package call charge and pulse shall be stay unchanged while enjoying emergency balance.
  • Your main account should be valid, if you want to avail this service.
  • Robi emergency balance is not fit for any IDD or Roaming usage.  
  • Product tariff and pulse is applicable.   
  • You have to biometric your SIM grad
  • You need to balance under 0-5 tk.
  • Emergency balance shall be changed each month depending on your usages and recharging.
  • You will get one minute with the emergency balance.      
  • Robi shall cut minimal service fee during emergency money return.                                         

Final Thoughts:

Above I tried to explain how to get emergency balance in Robi, so that a Robi user can fulfill his/her need. Speaking or texting balance can be finished at any moment. And it is quite impossible for everyone to go out to recharge when then.

Robihas minimized it’s customers’ sufferings by Robi Jhotpot emergency balance, so that the users may enjoy uninterrupted telecommunication services.  

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