Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2024 [ Upto 10Tk To 100Tk ]

People always want to lead an easy life and search how to Banglalink Balance Transfer. People used to have enough problems to do any simple work before. But now we have enough updated technology that we can do our daily work very simply. Now day we all using a mobile phone and mobile balance is an important thing. Because we have to talk every day and the balance of the mobile will end, it is normal.

But the problem happens when we need it but the balance of the mobile is over. And mobile recharge store also closes. In this case, Banglalink has come up with an excellent offer and that is the advantage of Banglalink Balance Transfer. So when your mobile balance is finished, you can take advantage of balance transfer from your family or friends who have Banglalink SIM.

Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2024 :  

It is not so much tough work to transfer the balance of one Banglalink to other Banglalink numbers. To follow some steps and maintain some rules you can also transfer a balance when your dearest one needs it. Below I shortly brief which step and rules you have to maintain to Banglalink Balance Transfer system,  

  • To register, Press *1000# USSD.
  • The Customer will receive a pin number in reply to the registration SMS.
  • Balance transfer service available in prepaid USSD menu.

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Banglalink Balance Transfer Activation Procedures:

To Dial *1000# from mobile keypad and follow below instructions

To Register:

Dial *1000# ⇒ Balance Transfer ⇒ Generate PIN ⇒ New PIN ⇒ (Pop Up Message) “You have successfully set your PIN”

To Transfer Balance:

Dial *1000# ⇒ Balance Transfer ⇒ Enter your PIN ⇒ Enter the number ⇒ Amount

To Change PIN:

Dial *1000# ⇒ Change PIN ⇒ Enter Current PIN ⇒ New PIN (Pop Up Message)

BL Balance Transfer Registers Code: 

To transfer the balance first you have to register and then follow the Banglalink Balance Transfer instruction steps. You can also transfer your balance through SMS. 

  •  Dial *1000# to register. 
  •  You will receive a pin number in reply to the registration SMS.
  •  It is better to save the pin number on your mobile notepad it causes if somehow you forget the pin number you do not transfer balance.  
  •  Because the pin number will require transfer balance every time. 
  •  The prepaid USSD menu this balance transfer service can also be found in.

Registration step are given below, 

Dial>> *1000# >Balance Transfer > Set PIN >New PIN >Confirm New PIN > (Pop Up Message 🙂 “You have successfully set your new PIN”

Balance Transfer method: 

Banglalink mobile operator provides 2 methods of balance transfer for their honourable customers. They are, 

  1. Method USSD
  2. Method SMS

1> Method USSD: It is a very simple way to just register and then follow their steps and then transfer balance. 

  • Dial *1000# >Balance Transfer >Amount >Enter the partner number > Enter your PIN

2>Method SMS: This method is also very simple. Go to message option then type BTR then amount, which Banglalink number you want to send then type your PIN number and send it to 1000. 

  • Go to message option, type ‘BTR<space>Amount<space>Banglalink Number<space>PIN Number’ and send 1000. 

Banglalink Balance Transfer Limit: 

It is not possible to transfer any amount of balance. There are some limitations of money transfer in Banglalink Balance Transfer. A minimum of 10 taka and a maximum of 100 taka can be sent in one transfer with no fraction. A maximum of 500 taka can be transferred in one day. Again, a maximum of 1000taka can be transferred in a month. The amount of money must be an integer. No fractional number can be given and no number can be entered in letters.

Below I have given it in the form of a list, 

  • A minimum of 10 Tk and a maximum of 100 Tkcan be sent in one transfer.
  • No fraction amount will be allowed. For example, 10.55, 15.30, 20.50, etc. These types of fraction amounts are not allowed.  
  • Rather you can send 10, 20, 30, these types of integer amount. 
  • In one day you can send a maximum 500 Tk
  • 1000 taka can be sent in one month 
  • Your transfer amount must type in numeric form no letters will be allowed.   

How to Change Banglalink Pin Number ?

When you register for Banglalink Balance Transfer you will be given a PIN number. Be very careful in the case of this number. It cause many people cannot take advantage of this balance transfer just by forgetting the PIN number. If you think the PIN number which one is provided by a mobile operator you cannot remember. Now if you want to change the previous PIN number to keep a simple PIN number that you will not forget. Banglalink has this option, you can change balance transfer PIN through SMS and USSD both. 

  • Through USSD: Dial*1000# >>Change PIN>> Enter Current PIN >>Enter New PIN >>Confirm PIN
  • Though SMS: Go to message option, type CPIN> space> Current PIN >space>New PIN> then send to 1000. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Only Banglalink Prepaid and Call Control (C&C) customers can transfer the balance to other Banglalink Prepaid and Call and Control customers. 
  • New subscribers will only be able to use the Banglalink Balance Transfer service after one month of their activation. 
  • Banglalink cannot send money to customers of other mobile operators nor can other customers send money to Banglalink customers.
  • You need to register first to enjoy the balance transfer service.
  • 2.44 taka (including VAT, SD & SC) will deduct from the sender’s balance.
  • 2.44 taka (including VAT, SD & SC) will deduct from the receiver’s end. 
  • The daily balance transfer deadline will be reset after 12:00 AM. 
  • You will not be able to transfer the balance to another number if your emergency balance is due. 
  • When you transfer balance then the next 30 min. Both senders and receivers will not be able to transfer balance.  

This is a very good advantage for mobile users. Those who use Banglalink SIM can easily provide this service to their close people or acquaintances. This balance transfer service is a blessing for their customers when they need urgent balance on their mobile but have no option to recharge their mobile. If you read the whole article carefully, you will easily know about the whole process of Banglalink Balance Transfer. If you still have any queries, you can ask in our comment box.

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