Banglalink Monthly Internet Pack Offer 2024 [3G, 4G Package]

Now we want to share all of the Banglalink monthly internet pack offers. All these Banglalink data pack offers are completely updated in 2024 .  You can use this internet pack with your 3G and 4G networks of Banglalink. So, here we have given just a 1-month validity internet pack.

If you are searching for a short time validity data pack, you can check out another article.  However, we are trying to give you a 30 days validity internet pack for you here. So, all the Banglalink monthly internet pack 2024 list is below.

Banglalink Monthly Internet Pack 2024 :

If you are looking for a long term validity internet pack, you are in the right place. Because, in this article, you can find out just 30 days validity of the Banglalink monthly internet pack offer for you. 

Internet Pack Price Activation Code Validity
120 MB 50 Tk *5000*523# 30 Days
300 MB 99 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
600 MB 150 Tk *5000*504# 30 Days
1 GB 199 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
1 GB 210 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
1.5 GB 275 Tk *5000*511# 30 Days
2 GB 209 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
2 GB 350 Tk *5000*506# 30 Days
4 GB 500 Tk *5000*508# 30 Days
8 GB 900 Tk *5000*509# 30 Days
15 GB 1500 Tk *5000*510# 30 Days

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So, see the list below and choose your desired Banglalink monthly internet packages which are valid for 30 days.

Banglalink 30GB Internet Pack

Recharge 298 tk and get 30 GB Banglalink internet package. If you want to buy a 30 GB internet pack, you need to recharge 298 tk. When you correctly recharge this 298 tk, then this offer will activate automatically. 

  • Active Code: You need 298 taka recharge on your banglalink number. 
  • Time: Daily 1 GB for 30 days
  • During this offer, you can purchase this internet pack as you want.

Banglalink 15GB 198 TK:

You can buy a 15GB internet pack with 198 tk. To want to buy this offer, go to your message option dial 198 and send it to 2500. And, after you can get a massage, then you see whether you are selected or not. 

If you see yes then simply recharge 198 tk on your number and the package will activate automatically. 

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Banglalink Monthly Data Pack.

Here we want to share Banglalink, another internet pack for you. But nowadays those offers are not on the Banglalink website. So, you can call this Banglalink Monthly Internet Pack 2024

However, we hope this all is the Banglalink Monthly Internet Pack offer still available. So, if you want to try that Banglalink Data plan just looks on the list below which we are given.

Internet Pack  Price  USSD Code Validity 
250 MB regular data pack BDT 47  *5000*501# 30 Days
750 MB regular data pack  BDT 119 *5000*503# 30 Days
1.5 GB data pack BDT 209 *5000*581# 30 Days
5GB data pack BDT 499 *5000*508# 30 Days
3 GB data pack BDT 399 *5000*599# 30 Days
25 GB regular data pack BDT 1,799 *5000*510# 30 Days
1.5 GB internet pack(1.5 GB internet bonus pack) BDT 209 *5000*581# 30 Days

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Banglalink Monthly MB Package :

Banglalink provides many monthly internet packs. These all packages are high volume packages and long term Banglalink internet offers. So, you can take your best BBanglalink Monthly Internet Pack from here. 

And, if you want you can purchase your desired data pack by dialing activation code. So, see this list which we gave here:

Data packages  Price  Activation Code  Validity 
120 MB BDT 50 *5000*523# 30 days
300 MB BDT 99 *5000*503# 30 days
600 MB BDT 150 *5000*504# 30 days
1 GB BDT 199 *5000*503# 30 days
1 GB BDT 210 *5000*581# 30 days
1.5 GB BDT 275 *5000*511# 30 days
2 GB BDT 209 *5000*581# 30 days
2 GB BDT 350 *5000*503# 30 days
4 GB BDT 500 *5000*506# 30 days
8 GB BDT 900 *5000*508# 30 days
15 GB BDT 1500 *5000*509# 30 days

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Banglalink 1GB Internet Offer:

1GB @ 199 Tk is a monthly internet pack. If you are searching for a long term internet pack, then you can take it. This internet pack is best for those who love to use a monthly internet pack. You can get this offer with this below dialling code.

  • Data volume pack is 1GB.
  • Price is 199Tk.
  • Internet validity is 30 days.
  • Activation code is *5000*503#.
  • Data volume check *5000*500#.

Banglalink 1GB 210 Tk

1GB @ 210 Tk is another monthly internet pack of Banglalink. If you use the internet regularly you can choose it. The total price of this internet is BDT 210 tk. And this internet validity period is 30 days. You can activate this offer by dialing code.

  • Data volume 1GB. 
  • The cost is  210Tk.
  • Internet validity is 30 days.
  • The monthly data pack activation code is *5000*581#.
  • And, it’s data volume check code is *5000*500#.

Banglalink 1.5 GB Internet Pack

Banglalink launched a 1.5GB@ 275 Taka offer for its valuable customers. This is the monthly package of Banglalink. It’s a better offer for regular Banglalink customers. And this monthly package price is 275 Tk and its validity is 30 days. The activation code is below here:

  • Data Volume is 1.5GB
  • Price is  275Tk
  • The validity is 30 days

Banglalink 3GB Internet Pack

The 3 GB @ 249 TK internet pack is actually for the monthly users. If you want you can choose this monthly 3GB internet package which is valid for 30 days. This Banglalink monthly internet package cost is 249 Tk. You need to dial the USSD code to activate this 3GB internet pack. 

  • The full pack is 3GB.
  • Price is  249Tk.
  • Validity is 30 days.
  • And you can check this data pack with dial *5000*500#.

Banglalink 7GB MB Offer:

Banglalink released many monthly internet packs, it is one of them. So, if you want a 7GB monthly internet pack you spend a 499 to cost for it. And, it’s validity period is 30 days. To want this 7GB internet you need to dial its activation code. And, it’s activation code is below:

  • Data volume code is 7GB.
  • This internet cost is 499Tk.
  • Internet validity is 30 days.
  • Its activation code is *5000*508#.
  • Its Data volume check code is *5000*500#.

Banglalink 30 GB Monthly Internet Offer:

Banglalink is increasing its customer service day by day. For that reason, they bring a new big offer for their customers. 349 Taka 30 GB internet is a new Banglalink monthly internet offer. 

So, when people search for a Banglalink monthly internet package offer for them they can choose this internet pack. You can get this 30 GB internet by recharge. However, you can use this internet offer in a different way.

 Like, you can get 5 GB data for 5 days. In this way, you can use 30 GB data for 30 days. 

Terms And Conditions:

  • Banglalink Prepaid and C&C customers can insist on this pack.
  • If you want to renew this monthly pack, dial *5000*566# or press 2 to turn auto-renewal.
  • If you want to stop your auto-renewal monthly data pack, type “renew off vol” and send it to 5000. And, again want to activate auto-renewal, type ” renew on vol” and send it to 5000.
  • Banglalink remaining balance check code is *5000*500#.
  • You can purchase Banglalink monthly internet packs multiple times.
  • Without any notice, Banglalink can change or cancel this offer at any time.
  • All of the SD, VAT charges are included.
The Final Thought:

Guyz, we hope this all Banglalink monthly internet pack bd is very helpful to you. Because all of this offer we collected from Banglalink official website. And, if they want they can change their all monthly offer anytime.

So, when they change their offer we will share all of the Banglalink offers here. However, If you need any help just tell me your opinion on the comment. We are here always for help.

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