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The Banglalink 4G offer is the latest offer pack of Banglalink. Likewise, Banglalink is the second largest telecom service provider of Bangladesh. Usually, Banglalink provides the fastest 4G network in all over the country. Besides, all the Banglalink 4G internet offer 2024 are available at the reasonable prices for the users. Moreover, the Banglalink users will get Banglalink 4G SIM replacement offer by replacing their SIM to 4G SIM.

For instance, they can migrate their SIM into 4G and enjoy the special Banglalink 4G free offer. Also, Banglalink has exciting Banglalink 4G mobile offer for the BL 4G users. For instance, the BL SIM gives the best internet service and offers for their users. Besides, there are various offers available at the lowest, medium and the high cost. Also, you can get the monthly Banglalink 4G handset offer anytime. Now, let’s see the latest list of Banglalink 4G internet 2024.

Banglalink 4G Internet Offer 2024:

Well, there are multiple types of Banglalink 4G Internet Offer Packs. For instance, there are some offer packs at cheap prices. Then, some packages are of medium prices. Lastly, some Banglalink 4G offer are of higher prices. Besides, the offer’s price depends on the internet volume and validity. On the other hand, Banglalink provides their offers with weekly and monthly validity. All these offers are available only for 4G users.

4G Internet Volume Validity Offer’s Price Activation
3 GB (1.5 GB any net + 1.5 GB 4G) 7 Days 99 Tk *5000*799#
6 GB (3 GB any net + 3 GB 4G) 7 Days 129 Tk *5000*577#

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That is to say, firstly, you have to migrate your SIM into 4G. Then, you need the 4G mobile phone. Then, you can pick your offer from Banglalink 4G SIM offer according to your choice. Here is the list of Banglalink Internet Offer 2024.

Banglalink 4G Internet Package.

In the section we have discussed Banglalink 4G Internet Package list for the users. Please follow the below table, here we have added the Banglalink 4G Internet Packages with Active Code. So, let check Banglalink 4G Offer with Internet package list from below.

Offer Details Validity Price Active Code
6 GB Internet (3 GB 4G/3G/2G + 3 GB Bonus) 07 Days 129 TK  *5000*577#
5 GB 4G/3G/2G Internet 30 Days 399 TK *5000*599#
3 GB Internet (1.5 GB 4G/3G/2G Regular + 1.5 GB Bonus) 07 Days 99 TK *5000*799#

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Banglalink Prepaid 4G Offer [All].

Surprisingly, Banglalink has so many exclusive Banglalink 4G offer packs for the Banglalink users. Also, there are both Banglalink 4G SIM offer packs for Robi prepaid and postpaid customers. There are so many special Banglalink 4G internet offer 2024 for the prepaid users. Anytime, all the Banglalink 4G prepaid customers can avail these offers.

4G Internet Volume Validity Offer’s Price Activation
4.5 GB 4 Days 64 Tk *5000*64#
11 GB 7 Days 129 Tk *5000*129#
12 GB 30 Days 399 Tk *5000*399#
15 GB 7 Days 149 Tk *5000*149#
18 GB 7 Days 169 Tk *5000*169#
40 GB 30 Days 499 Tk *5000*508#

Link: Banglalink MB Offer

Likewise, Banglalink ensures their best offers for its users as prepaid, postpaid and so on. Also, prepaid users will get the 4G upgrade offer when they activate the 4G network. Meanwhile, the prepaid users can also enjoy the packages on weekly and monthly basis. Therefore, let’s see the latest Banglalink 4G mobile offer list and price chart below.

Banglalink Postpaid 4G Internet Offer :

Consequently, Banglalink offers more exciting 4G MB offer packs for the postpaid users also. Meanwhile, there are multiple types of Banglalink new offers pack. Basically, only the postpaid Banglalink users can avail these special offers. But, they need to opt in to Banglalink 4G Offer service first. For instance, there are some 4G bundle offer packs at cheap prices. Then, some 4G offers are of higher prices.

4G Internet Volume Validity Offer’s Price Activation
4 GB 4 Days 64 Tk *5000*64#
10 GB 7 Days 129 Tk *5000*129#
12 GB 30 Days 399 Tk *5000*411#
15 GB 7 Days 149 Tk *5000*149#
18 GB 7 Days 169 *5000*169#

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Besides, the offer’s price depends on the bundle volume and validity. Also, the Banglalink postpaid users can buy the offers with daily, weekly and monthly validity. So, the postpaid Banglalink 4G users can avail their needed offer by using the USSD codes. So, here is the list ofpostpaid Banglalink 4G SIM Offer 2024 with their prices validity and activation code.

Banglalink 4G SIM Replacement Offer :

Generally, Banglalink has unlimited internet offers for their users. Likewise, Banglalink has launched the 4G network service. Then, there are so many Banglalink 4G offer packs for the users. So, the users need to replace their SIM into 4G. Then, they can avail all the exciting Banglalink 4G SIM replacement offer. Also, they will get unlimited bonus internet for upgrading 4G SIM.

4G Internet Volume Validity Offer’s Price Activation
750 MB 30 Days 119 Tk *5000*503#
1.5 GB 7 Days 99 Tk *5000*799#
1.5 GB 30 Days 209 Tk *5000*581#
2.5 GB 7 Days 129 Tk *5000*577#
3 GB 30 Days 399 Tk *5000*599#
5 GB 30 Days 499 Tk *5000*508#
25 GB 30 Days 1799 Tk *5000*510#

Besides, you can replace your Banglalink SIM into 4G for free of cost. That is to say, you can enable 4G SIM for free and can enjoy the fastest internet service. Now, let’s see the list and offer’s details of Banglalink 4G replacement offer 2024.

Banglalink 4G Upgrade Offer :

Surprisingly, the Banglalink is offering an amazing offer for the 4G upgrade users. That is to say, the Banglalink users will get 8 GB Banglalink 4G free offer. The users will get this when they will upgrade their 3G Banglalink SIM into 4G. Likewise, the 8 GB free Banglalink 4G upgrade offer contains 4 GB 4G data.

Banglalink 4G Offer Name Banglalink 4G Upgrade Offer
Banglalink 4G free offer 8 GB

Otherwise, the rest 4 GB internet can be used in other network. Besides, this great free offer is valid for 7 days from the 4G activation day. So, upgrade your Banglalink SIM to 4G from the nearby Banglalink office outlet.

Banglalink 4G Offer 5GB.

Banglalink is offering 5GB 4G internet only 46 Tk for the users, you can see the Banglalink 4G Offer 5GB full details form below table.

Banglalink 4G Offer Price Active Code Validity
5 GB 46Tk *5000*246#   30 Days

Banglalink 4G Handset Offer – Walton Primo EF8 4G

Surprisingly, Banglalink is offering exciting Banglalink 4G Offer or Banglalink 4G handset offer with an amazing Walton mobile phone. Likewise, Banglalink has sponsored the Walton Primo EF8 4G handset. Besides, you can buy this amazing smartphone at only 4,999 tk. Then, you will get 6 GB free internet. Also, you can avail up to 45 GB 4G internet at the reasonable price.

Banglalink Walton Primo EF8 4G Handset Details.

  • Display Size : 4.95 inch
  • Display Resolution : 960 X 480 pixels
  • Back Camera : 5 MP
  • Front Camera : 5 MP
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • ROM : 8 GB
  • Battery : 2050 mAh
  • Network : 4G
  • SIM Slot : Dual SIM
  • System Version : Android Oreo v8.1 (Go edition)
  • Processor : 1.4 GHz Quad Core
  • Card Slot : Micro SD Card up to 32 GB.
  • Price : 4,999 tk.

Free Banglalink Walton 4G Offer :

  • If you buy the Banglalink Walton Primo EF8 mobile, you will get 6 GB free internet.
  • Likewise, you will get 6 GB internet on 2 GB per month for the first 3 month. Besides, the monthly 2 GB will be valid for 7 days.
  • To get the offer, Tou you need to go to the message option in Walton Primo EF8 phone. Then type, EF84G and send it to 4321.
  • Also, you can avail the offer by dialling, *5000*521#.
  • The Banglalink and Walton authority can change the offer campaign anytime.

Banglalink 3 GB 4G Offer.

  • Surprisingly, you can enjoy 3 GB Banglalink 4G Offer 2024.
  • To get the 3 GB offer, go to the Dial option on your phone.
  • Then, type the offer USSD code *5000*799#.
  • Likewise, the offer’s price is 99 tk with VAT and service charges included.
  • Besides, the offer is valid for 7 days.

Banglalink 4G Offer 6 GB :

  • Accordingly, Banglalink is offering 6 GB 4G internet for the users.
  • For instance, you can buy the offer at only 128 tk.
  • Besides, the offer pack will only available for the 4G network.
  • Then, the offer’s validity is 7 days.
  • To buy the 6 GB Banglalink 4G internet offer dial, *5000*577#.

Banglalink 4G 4.5 GB MB :

  • Banglalink is giving 4.5 GB 4G internet for the prepaid users.
  • Basically, the prepaid SIM users with 4G connection can enjoy this Banglalink 4G offer.
  • Likewise, the offer’s price is only 65 Tk.
  • Then, the offer’s validity is 4 days.
  • Lastly, to get this great offer dial, *5000*64#.

Banglalink 12 GB 30 Days 4G :

  • Now, the prepaid users of Banglalink 4G SIM can enjoy 12 GB internet offer.
  • Usually, this offer pack is available at only 399 tk.
  • Besides, the offer’s price includes VAT and service charges.
  • Moreover, the 12 GB at 399 tk offer is valid for 30 days.
  • Meanwhile, the activation code of this Banglalink 4G SIM offer is *5000*399#.

BL 15 GB 149 Tk 4G Offer :

  • The Banglalink 4G mobile offer has 15 GB internet offer for the prepaid customer of Banglalink.
  • Likewise, you can avail the offer anytime at only 148 tk.
  • Besides, this offer pack is weekly basis. That is to say, it will be valid for 7 days after activation.
  • Lastly, the prepaid Banglalink 4G users need to dial, *5000*149# to buy the offer.

Banglalink 4G 40 GB Offer :

  • Surprisingly, Banglalink is providing 40 GB Banglalink 4G MB offer for the prepaid customers.
  • For instance, the users can avail this wholesome package for 30 days.
  • Besides, the offer’s price is 499 tk that includes VAT and other service charges.
  • Lastly, to get the 40 GB Banglalink 4G offer dial, *5000*508#.

Terms & Conditions :

Likewise, there are some important terms and rules for Banglalink 4G SIM offer 2024. Hence, the users should know and follow them to enjoy the exciting Banglalink 4G internet offer. So, let’s see all the terms and conditions of Banglalink 4G offer 2024.

  • Basically, to enjoy the offers, the users have to check whether their SIM is 4G enabled or, not.
  • Likewise, you can check your Banglalink SIM is 4G or, not by sending SMS. Type 4G and send it to 5000.
  • Besides, you will get the Banglalink 4G free offer after activating your 4G SIM.
  • Moreover, you can upgrade your Banglalink SIM from 3G to 4G in any Banglalink office outlet.
  • Meanwhile, after the 4G replacement, the users can enjoy all the Banglalink 4G offer 2024.
  • Also, the users need the 4G enabled mobile phone to use the internet packs.
  • For instance, the offer’s price of Banglalink 4G offer includes VAT, SD and service charges.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.What is 4G LTE?

Ans: The Banglalink 4G LTE is the highest and superfast capacity mobile internet technology. It provides the best and fastest internet experience.

Q.How can I activate Banglalink 4G Internet?

Ans: To activate 4G service dial *5000*44#. But, firstly, you need a 4G enabled mobile and a 4G SIM. Then, you will be connected to the 4G network. Meanwhile, the 4G network will automatically connect every time, unless you change your phone’s settings.

Q.How to get Banglalink 4G bonus?

Ans: To get the exciting Banglalink 4G bonus, you need to enable the 4G network first. Then, you need to dial the offer’s USSD codes. Then, you will get the BL 4G bonus with the regular internet offer.

Q.How to check my Banglalink SIM 4G or not?

Ans: To check your Banglalink 4G SIM, go to message option in your phone. Then, type ‘FREE4G’ and send it to 2500. Moreover, you can send the SMS free of cost.

Q.How to get Banglalink 4G offer 5 GB?

Ans: Banglalink is offering 5 GB 4G internet offer at only 499 tk. To buy this offer pack, dial *5000*508#. Besides, these 5 GB 4G internet package is valid for 30 days.

What is Banglalink 4G upgrade offer?

Banglalink is giving free 8 GB internet offer as the Banglalink 4G upgrade offer. Besides, this Banglalink 4G offer is only for the users who have migrated their Banglalink SIM into 4G. Moreover, you can enjoy the 8 GB (4 GB 4G + 4 GB any net) for 7 days after the 4G SIM activation.

Final Lines :

Thus, we have given all the latest details about the Banglalink 4G internet offer 2024. Undoubtedly, the Banglalink SIM gives the best and super fast 4G internet service all over the country. Anytime, you can get all the best Banglalink 4G offer, if your mobile and SIM is 4G enabled. Besides, you will get free unlimited internet bonus instantly, when you will update your SIM.

So, you can enjoy the fastest Banglalink 4G mb offer as much as you want. But, all you have to do is to have a 4G mobile set and then, migrate your Banglalink 3G SIM into 4G network. So, go to the nearest Banglalink office as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you have any confusion, you can comment down below. Thanks for being with us.

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