Walton TV Exchange Offer 2024 [Change Old TV To New One]

Are you searching for a TV exchange offer, or you have a Walton TV? Surely this Walton TV exchange offer article helps you a lot to exchange your old one with a new TV without any hassles. Walton is a popular brand in Bangladesh and outside of Bangladesh.

Today, I am going to share with you the Walton TV model, which offers you the exchange offer. You get the detailed information from the below sections. So, it is helpful for you to know the exchange offer and exchange your old TV. So, without talking more, let’s get started with the content right now.

Walton TV Exchange Offer in Bangladesh 2024

There are couples of models and products Walton produces for its user. So many people think that Walton provides all of the TV exchange offers, but it is wrong. In this article, you will get the most updated information for hassle-free exchange the TV. In 2024, you need to correct some information to get the best offer, which I included in the below section about Walton TV Exchange Offer 2024.

Inch Model Price Walton TV Exchange Offer
24-inch W24D19, W24D20, W24D21 Under 15000 Tk Yes
32-inch WD1-EF32-SV110, W32E110, WD326JX-500, WE4-DH32-HN220, WD-EF32V, WE-DH32V Under 25000 Tk Yes
39-inch WE396AFH-150, WD1-TS43-FV100, WD-4-TS43-DL220, or WD4-TS43-DL220 Under 45000 Tk Yes
4k TV WD4-MT55-VC100 and WE55RU Under 1-Lakh Tk Yes

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Walton Low Budget Deals 24-Inch TV Under 15000.

If you are searching for a LED TV under 15000, you will check out this TV without thinking more. In the model, you will get W24D19, W24D20, W24D21. This model also has under the exchange offer. You will get an HD display, a full-screen facility, and others you can expect from a  quality TV. To get the Walton TV Exchange Offer, you will need to contact Walton’s showroom.

Walton TV Exchange Offer in Bangladesh

Walton Best Budget Deals 32-Inch TV Under 25000 Tk:

If you think that you need to purchase a TV with Walton TV exchange offer BD but expensive, surely you will check out these models to buy an awesome TV. Under 17000 Taka, you will get WD1-EF32-SV110, W32E110, and WD326JX-500, which is available for the exchange offer. On the other hand, if your budget is 20000 Taka, you will check out the WE4-DH32-HN220 model under the Walton TV Exchange Offer

Overall, if your budget is upper and under 25000 Taka, you will check out WD-EF32V, WE-DH32V under the exchange offer. You will get all of the detail on Walton’s official website or showroom.

Walton 39-Inch to 43-Inch TV under 45000 Tk.

If you want to get 39-inch awesome TV but your budget only 25500, you will get WE396AFH-150 under the exchange offer. You will get a full screen and other facilities such as HD, 4K video, and others. Moreover, if you want to choose 43-inch TV and your budget of 30500 to 34500, you will check out these WD1-TS43-FV100, WD-4-TS43-DL220, or WD4-TS43-DL220 under the exchange offer. You can also purchase a new one without any offer from .

Finally, if your budget under 43500, you will check out these Walton TV WD-TS43V and WE-MAX43V under the exchange offer. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Walton 4K TV in Bangladesh.

If you don’t miss the 4K video nowadays, Walton offers you an exchange offer to get the best opportunity. If your budget around 1 Lakh taka, you will check out WD4-MT55-VC100 and WE55RU under exchange offer. I hope that this TV provides you an excellent view of 4K videos.

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Questions)

Q: Is Walton any Good?

Ans: Walton is a widespread and trusted brand in Bangladesh. They produce TV, freeze, and other products for its users. They satisfied the users with the best quality.

Q: How much is a Walton TV?

Ans: It is tricky to answer in one word. TV prices depend on their quality and inch. According to my research, Walton TV price has 8000 Taka to 1.5 lakhs taka.

Final Words:

I hope that the article helps you a lot to understand on Walton TV exchange offer. No doubt, Walton provides the best service to its user. It is not complicated to get an exchange offer. You need to fulfill some terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are very easy. You can get everything when you go to the Walton showroom to get the exchange offer. If you have still confused, you will let me know the below comment box.