Nagad Offer 2024 [Nagad Lakhpati, Evaly, App & More]

Nagad is a mobile banking system from Bangladesh Post Office. And, you will find agents of Nagad everywhere in the country. Also, there are various types of Nagad Offer available. Hence, it is now an ideal mobile banking system.

Like any other mobile banking system, Nagad is easy to use. And, you can use this service through the ussd code or the Nagad app. Moreover, if you are not a Nagad user. Then, you can open an account from the Nagad app easily. Also, you can register for a Nagad account from any Nagad agent.

So, in this article, we will talk about all the available Nagad offer. Hence, if you are a Nagad user. Or, you are interested to open a Nagad account. Then, follow this article for more information about this mobile banking system.

Details of Nagad Offer 2024.

Here, there are many Nagad offer 2024 available. For instance, you get a discount at selected shops if you pay through Nagad. Also, you get a bonus for referring new users to Nagad. And, many more offers. In this section of the article, you will find all the available offers in detail. So, you can claim any of the offers if you like.

  • Nagad New Account Offer.
  • Nagad Evaly Offer
  • Nagad Refer Offer
  • Nagad App Offer
  • Nagad Lakhpati Offer
  • Nagad Registration Offer

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Nagad New Account Offer.

So, this offer is only for Grameenphone users. And, this offer is also called Nagad lakhpati offer. Not to mention, this is a limited time Nagad new account offer.

So, now Grameenphone users can easily open a Nagad account from the app. Also, they can open an account by dialing the Nagad ussd code *167#. All they have to do is set a password to their account. Then, they have to cash in/add money at least 500 Tk within 24 hours of opening the account. And, after that, they have to go to the Nagad Facebook page. And, share their best experience with Nagad to be included in this campaign. Later, Nagad will randomly pick any of the commenters as a winner of the campaign. And, Nagad will declare the winner on their Facebook page.

  • First, you have to be a Grameenphone user. Then, dial *167# to set your Nagad pin. Else, download the Nagad app. And, enter your number. Then, set your account pin.
  • Later, cash in/ add money at least 500 takas within 24 hours. Then, comment on Nagad Facebook page about your experience with Nagad.
  • Finally, Nagad will pick a winner from the commenters. And, announce it on their Facebook page.

Nagad Offer For Evaly

Evaly is an e-commerce website in Bangladesh. And, it is a quite famous e-commerce business in Bangladesh. So, now if you pay for the products you purchased from Evaly through Nagad. Then, as a Nagad offer, you will receive a percentage of cash back on the total bill.

To be clear, the limit of the cashback is up to 2000 TK. And, the cashback will be 10% of the total bill. Moreover, the offer will be valid till the 31st of March 2024. Here, we have mentioned the terms and conditions of this offer for you.

  • First, the customer will be eligible for a 10% cashback up to 2000 TK.
  • And, the user’s Nagad account must be active to be eligible for this offer.
  • Also, the payment must be done through the Nagad app. Otherwise, the user will not be eligible for the cashback offer.
  • However, customers can claim this Nagad offer as much as they want until the 31st of March 2024.
  • Lastly, Nagad can change any terms and conditions without any notice.

Nagad Refer Offer

Now, the Nagad account offer is offering a bonus for the users. And, to claim that bonus. First, the user has to refer someone to open a Nagad account. Then, make sure they complete any transaction within 24 hours of opening the account. Then, both users will get a bonus of 25 Tk. Here, we have described the process of opening a Nagad account.

  • Firstly, the new user has to download the Nagad app from the reference link of the other user.
  • Then, the new user has to open a new Nagad account through the app.
  • And, to do so, the user must verify his NID and photo.
  • Later, the account will be activated upon verification of the NID and photo.
  • Finally, the new user has to make any transaction using the Nagad app to receive the bonus.

Nagad App Offer

Now, Nagad users can enjoy up to 50% discount while shopping online. But, this is only applicable for selected merhcants. For example, you can avail this discount from LTD. Also, this discount is applicable for DNS Software LTD. However, to avail this Nagad offer, the user has to make the payment using the Nagad app. Otherwise, the user won’t be applicable for this offer. Here, we have provided a list of merchants applicable for this offer.

Merchant Discount Max Per Transaction Max during Campaign End Date LTD 10% 500 BDT 2000 BDT 16 Jan 2024
DNS Software LTD. 50% N/A N/A 28 Feb 2024

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I check my Nagad account?

Ans: To access your Nagad account. Firstly, you can dial *167#. Otherwise, you can install the Nagad app. And, then log in to your Nagad account using the app.

Q: How does Evaly cashback works?

Ans: To get Evaly cashback on your Nagad account. The customer has to the total bill amount through his Nagad app account. Then, the customer will get 10% cashback of the total bill. And, the limit is up to 2000 Tk.

Q: How can I withdraw money from my Nagad account?

Ans: First, go to your nearest Nagad uddokta store. Then, log in to the Nagad app. Or dial *167#. Then, select the cashout option. And, enter the Nagad Uddokta’s number. Then, enter your cashout amount. And, select ok or for ussd code send it. Then, you can withdraw the money from the Nagad Uddokta.

Final Words.

For Nagad users, a Nagad offer is a great option. As with this option, users can claim an extra bonus or get a discount while shopping online. For example, the Nagad registration offer allows users to get an extra bonus. And, the Nagad offer for evaly helps Nagad users to get a discount on their purchase. But, there are more offers from Nagad. And, there will be more offers from Nagad. And, we will make sure that you get to know about all the great Nagad New Offer. So, visit our site for more interesting Nagad offers.