Rocket Offer 2023 [Cashback, Recharge, Bill Pay, New Account]

Rocket is a mobile banking system from the Bangladeshi bank Dutch-Bangla Bank. And, it was the first Bangladeshi bank to offer a mobile banking service. Hence, there are many Rocket offer available for this service user. However, there are even more offers in becoming a new Rocket user. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about all the Rocket offers available.

So, this DBBL bank’s mobile banking system offers many services at a low cost. For instance, you can cash in or cash out with this mobile banking feature. Also, you can send money to another Rocket user using this mobile banking feature. And, many more options for regular life. So, let us tell you about all the Rocket offer available for you. Hence, if you are a Rocket user or interested in becoming one. Then, follow this article for more information about Rocket.

Details Of Rocket Offer 2023

Here, most of the Rocket offer is for new users. But, there are a lot of offers and features for the new Rocket users. And, you will find all of them described below with proper details. But, to be eligible for these offers. First, you have to be a new Rocket user. In case, you don’t know how to open a Rocket account.

  • Rocket New Account Offer
  • Rocket Cashback Offer
  • Rocket Recharge Offer
  • Rocket Bill Pay Offer

Then, we have described the procedure below. And, you will be able to open a Rocket account by following those steps.

  • First, you will need your NID card to open your Rocket account. And, there are two ways to open a Rocket account.
  • Firstly, you can open it through your phone. Another one is, you can open it through a Rocket agent.
  • Here, we have described the process to open it through your mobile phone. First, you will need a smartphone. Then, install the Rocket app from the app store.
  • Then, open the Rocket app. And, select your preferred language.
  • Later, enter your number. And, you will be asked if you want to register for an account. Then, follow the guidelines of the app to complete registration. And, update your KYC using your NID. 
  • And, to open from an agent. You will need to bring your NID and passport size photos. Then, the agent will complete the required process to open your account.

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Rocket New Account Offer.

New rocket users will get a welcome bonus from Rocket. So, download the Rocket app from your app store to claim this Rocket Offer.

Now, to claim this offer, the new user has to open a new Rocket account through the Rocket app. And, to do so, you can follow the procedures mentioned above. Then, after verification of your account. You will receive a welcome bonus of 25 Tk from Rocket. Not to mention, the account has to a self-registered account.

Service Name Rocket Offer
Rocket New Account Offer 25 Tk Welcome Bonus

Rocket Cashback Offer.

So, this Rocket cashback offer is also for new Rocket users. And, with this offer, you will get up to 50% cashback on merchant payment. Meaning, you will get this discount on your first purchase payment through Rocket. But this is only available to new users.

Service Name Rocket Offer
Rocket Cashback Offer Up to 50% Cashback

Rocket Recharge Offer.

Again, this Rocket Recharge offer is only for new Rocket users. So, with this offer, new rocket users will get 50% cashback on their first mobile recharge.

Service Name Offer
Rocket Recharge Offer Get 50% Cashback on their first Mobile Recharge

And, the new account has to be self-registered. And, it is applicable only once. Moreover, this offer will be valid until further notice.

Rocket Bill Pay Offer.

And, this is also for new Rocket users. So, with this Rocket Bill Pay offer, now new users will be eligible for up to 50% cashback on their first bill pay with Rocket.

Service Name Offer
Rocket Bill Pay Offer. 50% Cashback on First Bill Pay with Rocket.

But, your account has to be registered using the Rocket app. And, most importantly, it has to approve. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for this offer.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I withdraw money from ATM Rocket?

Ans: firstly, select the cash-withdraw option from the ATM menu. Then, select the mobile banking option. And, enter your 12 digit Rocket account number. Then, follow the steps on the machine to withdraw cash from ATM.

Q: How do I open the Rocket app?

Ans: So, to open the Rocket app. Firstly, you have to download the app from your app store. Then, select your preferred language. And, enter your phone number on the next screen. Then, verify your account. And, you will be able to access the Rocket app.

Q: How do you cash in Rocket account?

Ans: Now, to cash in your Rocket account. First, you can go to any DBBL nominated agent. Then, ask him to cash in the amount you want in your account. And, pay the agent for the amount. Otherwise, you can go to the DBBL branch to cash in.

Final Words:

Here, the offers are only for the new Rocket users. And, only users who registered through the mobile app. Also, the user can only avail of one of the offers from the Rocket offer mentioned. So, think about which one you want. Then, claim your offer.

This is all we had about Rocket offer. But, we sure have more offers listed on our website. So, if you want to know about any other offers. Then, you can visit our website. Thank you.

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