MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 | 24GB Free Internet [Full Details]

The Banglalink is offering the excellent MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 . Likewise, MNP means Mobile Number Portability. Basically, the service allows the users to switch their SIM to other operator without changing their mobile number. Surprisingly, Banglalink is giving MNP Banglalink Offer to those, who switch to Banglalink through MNP. Nowadays, Banglalink is one of the best telecom service providers of Bangladesh.

Besides, numerous people use Banglalink SIM in this country. So, the Banglalink MNP offers are beneficial bonus offers for the users. To enjoy the BL MNP offers you should know the all MNP Banglalink Offers 2024 . Also, you can migrate anytime, again after 3 months or, 90 days. Therefore, we are here to show you all the important and latest information about the MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 .

MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 :

Actually, the MNP Banglalink offers are only available for the migrated Banglalink users. Because, MNP means Mobile Number Portability. So, the users can only get the Banglalink free offers after switching to Banglalink SIM. That is to say, it is a welcome bonus offer for the new users. For instance, you will get instant 2 GB bonus internet and special talk time bonus offers. Also, the MNP Banglalink Offer provides 54 paisa per minute. So, customers can enjoy unlimited talking by this offer. Basically, the offer will start when you recharge 48 taka on your migrated Banglalink SIM. Now, we will show you the proper description of the MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 .

How to Get MNP Banglalink SIM:

Basically, the customers can easily enjoy the Banglalink Mobile number portability service. But, at first they have to go through the simple procedure to change their number to Banglalink. So, here we will show you, how to migrate your SIM to Banglalink.

  • Firstly, go to the nearest Banglalink office.
  • Accordingly, you have to bring your NID card.
  • Also, you can keep your previous SIM documents.
  • Then, tell the operator to provide you the MNP Banglalink service.
  • The Banglalink operator will switch your Mobile company to Banglalink.
  • Besides, they will record your fingerprint and you have to complete the MNP Banglalink form. Then, you have to pay the service charges.
  • But, your phone number will remain the same.
  • Thus, you can easily enjoy getting MNP Banglalink SIM.
MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 | 24GB Free Internet [Full Details]

Banglalink MNP Recharge Offer at 48 Tk :

Internet Volume 2 GB
Recharge Amount 48 Tk
Offers Price 19 Tk
Validity 7 Days
Activation Code *121*119#
Balance Check Code *5000*500#
  • Firstly, you have to migrate your SIM to Banglalink through MNP.
  • Then, you can avail 2 GB internet after the first 48 taka recharge.
  • Meanwhile, you have to dial, *121*119#.
  • Generally, the offer’s price is 19 taka including VAT, SD and SC.
  • Besides, you can enjoy this offer for once in 30 days. Then, you can buy the offer for 11 times.
  • Moreover, the 54 paisa per minute call rate offer’s validity is 90 days.
  • Also, the pack is not auto-renewable. So, the remaining internet will not add to the next purchase.
  • To check the balance of the offer, dial *5000*500#.

Terms And Conditions :

Generally, there are some important terms and conditions of the MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 . So, the MNP Banglalink customers should know all the terms and conditions. And, they should also follow them. Now, here we will show you all the terms and conditions of the Banglalink MNP offer service.

  • The 2 GB MNP Banglalink Offer is valid for 7days. So, the customers can enjoy this for 7 days.
  • On the other hand, 2 GB 19 Tk is valid for 7days.
  • Meanwhile, the offer’s price adds VAT, SD service charges.
  • Besides, the Banglalink MNP offer call rate 54 paisa per minute to any local number.
  • Also, the pack is not auto renewable. So, the remaining internet will not add to the next purchase.
  • Basically, the customers can avail all these offers during the campaign period.
  • But, the Banglalink Ltd can change or, cancel the offers anytime.

Final Lines :

Finally, we have described everything about the MNP Banglalink Offer 2024 . Gradually, with the help of the mobile number portability (MNP), you can keep your previous number and easily come to Banglalink service. Then, you will get instant Banglalink MNP offer. Besides, the BL MNP offers have exciting internet and talk time facilities. But, to enjoy the offers you have to be the MNP customer, who have changed phone number to Banglalink.

Consequently, at first, you have to recharge 48 Tk in your MNP Banglalink SIM. Then, you will get all the exclusive Banglalink offers. So, we have given all necessary MNP Banglalink Offers details. But, you might face any issue with the service. In that case, you can contact to Banglalink Customer Care number 121 or, 123.

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