Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer 2024 | Data Package List

This is the post where you can find out Teletalk Bornomala internet offer 2024 . If you have a Teletalk Bornomala sim, then this post can help you find the exact offer. Teletalk always gives special offers for Bangladeshi colleges and university students.

Let’s Check: Teletalk Internet Offer

Don’t worry if you are also a Teletalk Bornomala sim user, and then you can get this offer. Their offer is a cheap rate offer so that every user can buy their internet and voice minute offer. However, here we are going to describe their all low price internet for you.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer 2024 :

Teletalk Bornomala has released the very lowest rate data pack for its customers. That means you will enjoy a very cheap call rate and internet offer. Now below here, we give Teletalk Bornomala net offer 2024 with the table. Check out the Teletalk Bornomala internet pack: 

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer Activation Code  Price  Validity 
1 GB *111*611# 24 Tk 7 Days
1 GB *111*612# 46 Tk 30 Days
2 GB *111*613# 83 Tk 30 Days
3 GB *111*614# 62 Tk 10 Days
5 GB *111*615# 96 Tk 15 Days
10 GB *111*616# 186 Tk 30 Days

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Terms & Conditions:

  • The customers of Teletalk Bornomala sim only can enjoy this Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer.
  • Just dial *152# if you want to check internet balance.
  • You can purchase this internet offer multiple times.
  • Including all the price VAT, SD.

Teletalk Bornomala Call Rate Offer.

Teletalk Bornomala sim comes with the new pack for its customers. Bornomala new connections get a start-up bonus as a 50 SMS, and valid for 30 days. And, also get 50-minute talk time, and 2GB data for seven days. Here we are going to discuss six different  Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer packages of Teletalk Bornomala sim users. But we recommended you to use 3 of the best packages. So, check out the Teletalk Bornomala Call Rate Offer below

Name Network Rate &  Min Pulse 
Voice call rate On-net 0.45 Tk 1 Sec
Voice call rate Of-net 0.45 Tk 1 Sec
Video call rate On-net 0.45 Tk 1 Sec
SMS On-net 0.30 Tk N/A
SMS Of-net 0.30 Tk N/A
Recharge bonus For tk.30 recharge, get voice-30min (on-net), data-60MB and SMS-30(on-net) (validity 3 days) N/A N/A

Link: Teletalk Bornomala SIM Registration

Teletalk Bornomala SMS Offer.

In the pare we have shared Teletalk Bornomala SMS Offer for the users. To follow below chat table which helps to understand Bornomala SMS Rate with active process.

Name Network Rate &  Min
Bornomala  SMS Pack On-net 0.30 Tk
Bornomala  SMS Pack Of-net 0.30 Tk

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Teletalk Bornomala Recharge Offer:

Do you love to use a small pack user? If your answer is yes, then this recharge offer is for you. Because the Teletalk Bornomala has been fulfilling your needs. Have a look the Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer, and get your desired pack.

  • You need to recharge at  30 Tk.
  • Get Talktime: 30minute (on-net)
  • And also get 60 Internet pack
  • This internet Validity is three days
  • Also, get 30 SMS

However, to get all this bonus offer, just recharge on your Teletalk Bornomala sim. Recharge exactly 30 Taka on your sim to avail of this offer. With this offer, you can get a 30 min voice call, 60 MB data pack, and 30 SMS. And, this bonus offer validity is three days.

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Teletalk 10 GB 179 Tk.

Recently Teletalk Bornomala Internet offer has launched its new internet pack for its customers. So, you can get this offer if you have Bornomala sim on Teletalk.

 BDT 179, you can get a 10GB internet data pack for 30 days. Below, we give details about 10 GB internet offer if you want to Teletalk Bornomala internet offer check dial *152#.

  • Total Internet Balance is 10 GB
  • Activation Code is *111*616#
  • This offer validity is 30 Days
  • To Data Balance Check just dial *152# or SMS U to 111
  • Purchase Amount of 179 BDT
  • Only prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • Teletalk Bornomala customers can get 10GB for seven days.

Terms And Conditions:

  • Only this Teletalk Bornomala prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • Teletalk Bornomala can stop anytime to this offer.
  • Total of 10 GB data balance.
  • You can use this data on any website.
  • During the campaign, one can enjoy unlimited time for this offer.
  • On 04/22/20, this offer was added.
  • To activate this offer, just dial this activation code: *111*616.
  • If you want to check balance dial : *152# or SMS U to 111.
  • If you want to more about Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer, please click the link.

1GB 23 Tk Offer.

1GB @ 23 BDT is the minimal data pack of Teletalk Bornomala. If you are searching for the minimum use of an internet pack, you can take this offer.  You will get 1 GB or 1024 MB internet with 23 BDT. And, this internet offer validity is seven days.

So, it’s activation code is *111*611#. 

Click: Teletalk MB Offer

1GB 44 Tk Pack.

This 1GB @ 44 BDT is also for a minimal user. This offer is for those who are using a low data pack for a month. You can go through these packages if you are using 1 GB internet for 30 days. 

So, to activate this offer, you need to spend 44 TK. And this offer activation code is *111*612#. The 1 GB data volume is enough for those who are a light data pack user.

Teletalk 2GB 83 Tk Internet Offer

2GB @ 83 BDT is also a monthly data pack. If you are looking for 2 GB internet for 30 days, you can choose this offer. That means you get 2GB internet with 30 days validity. Just dial *111*613# and activate this offer.

 And, if you have an 83 BDT mobile balance, you can buy this 1 GB internet. And, if you recharge just 83 Tk, then also you can get this pack. With this data pack, we hope your browsing experience will be excellent.

Teletalk 3GB 59 Tk Bornomala Internet Pack.

3GB internet 59 Tk is comparatively lower than the other Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer. However, it has a reason behind this offer. And this reason is that it’s less valid. The data pack is valid for ten days. Dial *111*614# and activate this offer.

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Teletalk 3GB 62 TK:

You can also get a 3 GB internet pack for only 62 Tk. If Bornomala sim users recharge 62 TK or dial *111*614#, they can avail of this offer. So, this offer is an excellent offer for Teletalk Bornomala Sim users. 

Initially, this is the best offer for every Bornomala prepaid sim user. However, just recharge or dial code and activate this 3GB internet offer. This excellent internet validity is ten days.

Teletalk 5GB 96 TK Net Offer:

The 5GB internet pack is the latest Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer for Teletalk sim users. Teletalk all time gives excellent packages for

every college and university student.

 However, if you also want this offer, just recharge 96 Tk. Or get this offer with the dialing code. This offer dialogue code is *111*615#. This offer validity is 15 days.

Teletalk 5GB 93 Tk.

5GB data pack is an excellent Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer for Bornomala sim users. So, every prepaid sim user can enjoy this offer. Teletalk gives a 15 days data pack at 93 BDT. One customer will get a 5GB data pack; just dial this dialing code *111*615#.

Final Thought:

On the other hand, this is all about Teletalk Bornomala internet offers. So, if you think this post is helpful, we feel our hard work is a success. However, if you have any doubts about this, Teletalk Bornomala internet packages offer just let us know.

 We all-time all free at your service. Thank you for staying with us and visiting our site. If you want more exciting updates and news, just go to the Teletalk official website.

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