Skitto SIM Offer 2023 | That’s Make Your Life Easier

Grameen Phone is one of the largest mobile operators in Bangladesh. So far they have come up with many exclusive offer packages for their customers like call rate, free minutes, free SMS, and good internet service. The Skitto SIM offer is just such an attractive digital offer. At this Skitto SIM, you will get the lowest rate of internet service. Since the digital age, everyone is quite accustomed to using the Internet.

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Many time-consuming tasks are also being done by people now with less time through the internet. To take that advantage one step further, GP has come up with Skitto SIM. In this article, you will find all the Skitto SIM offers. 

Skitto SIM Offer 2023

GP has come up with this offer mainly for students. Students should be able to use the internet at a low cost. In this way, it can be said that Skitto SIM is a digital product that has been specially designed for data-hungry for the new generation. GP has arranged their Skitto SIM offer with all the great data packages.

  • 10Tk Mobile Balance
  • 100 Free SMS
  • 50MB Free Data
  • 3GB on App Registration
  • 1GB Free with promo code


Skitto SIM Offer 2023 | That's Make Your Life Easier

Skitto SIM Internet Offer:

As the main feature of Skitto SIM Offer is to provide low rate internet service, Skitto SIM Authority has arranged the data packages in a very skillful way. Here you will find different term internet. Let’s check it, 

Internet Pack Name Volume Price Validity Active Process
3 Days Pack 60 MB 3 Tk 3 Days By Official Website
Weekly Packs 500 MB 44 Tk 7 Days By Official Website
Weekly Packs 1.5 GB 89 Tk 7 Days By Official Website
Weekly Packs 3GB 109 Tk 7 Days By Official Website
Monthly Packs 2 GB 229 Tk 30 Days By Official Website
Monthly Packs 7GB 498 Tk 30 Days By Official Website

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In addition to monthly and weekly internet packages, you can enjoy internet data packs at different terms and prices at Skitto SIM Offer 2023.

Skitto SIM Call Rate Offer:

In Skitto SIM offer 2023, you can get the lowest call rate to any local operator. For Skitto to Skitto, Skitto to GP it cost only 0.50 per minute from your balance. And you may use this call rate offer 24 hours a day. Other local operator costs will be at 0.50 per minute for 24 hours.

Call Type Cost Time
Skitto to Skitto 0.50/min 24 Hours
Skitto to GP 0.50/min 24 Hours
Skitto to Any local operator 0.50/min 24 Hours
3G video call 0.60/min 24 Hours
  • Added 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD + 1% surcharge.

Check: Skitto Call Rate Offer

Skitto SIM SMS Offer

Skitto SIM Subscribers can enjoy an exciting SMS offer. Skitto to Skitto SMS cost will be 0.25/SMS and Skitto to another local operator cost will be 0.50/SMS in 24 hours.

Volume Price Validity Operator
10 SMS 1.5 Tk 1 Day Skitto to Any Local Operator
100 SMS 10 Tk 7 Days Skitto to Any Local Operator

Link: Skitto SMS Package

SMS Type Cost Time
Skitto to Skitto 0.25/SMS 24 Hours
Skitto to GP 0.50/SMS 24 Hours
Skitto to Any local operator 0.50/SMS 24 Hours
International Number 2.50/SMS 24 Hours
  • Added 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD + 1% surcharge.

Terms and Conditions:  

  • All data prices are include 10% Supplementary Duty (SD), 5%VAT and 1% Surcharge.
  • There are ‘NO’ auto renewals processes.
  • Any remaining data will not be carried forward.
  • Video Pack can only be used to browse You Tube, BongBD and Popcorn Live.
  • If you want to browse other sites then you will additional internet pack from regular internet pack.
  • For balance and data pack Dial *121*1#.
  • if you want to about Skitto SIM Offer please click here.

Skitto All Internet Offer List.

In addition to the above mentioned internet offers, some other internet offers are also included in Skitto SIM Offer 2023.

Skitto 3GB 50 Tk Offer.

 3 GB Internet only 50taka and its validity 3 days.  This is a 4G package and you use this data on heavy browsing. So with this internet pack you can browse You Tube, Facebook and other Website which are allowed in this app.

Skitto 1GB 22 Tk.

This is anotherlow cost internet facility. Buy 1 GB Internet just only for 22 taka.  You can use this data package in 3 days.

1.5 GB 37 Tk

  For Skitto SIM subscriber this is another exclusive offer. With validity 7 days you can get 1.5 GB internet pack and it cost only 37Tk.

Skitto Bondho SIM Offer:

This offer is for those whose Skitto SIM has been closed for 3 months. First active your Skitto SIM, Then go to the Skitto app and see your Skitto Bondho SIM offers.

Skitto SIM Recharge through Bkash App:

You can recharge your Skitto SIM through Bkash app. It is not so tough. Follow the step and recharge from Bkash,

Dial *247#>> select mobile recharge>> select “Grameen Phone” (Under Grameen Phone you will get the ‘Skitto’ option) >> type amount you want to recharge >> enter your Bkash PIN number to confirm.

From other online mobile banking app you can recharge very easy way.

Dial*666*017xxxxxxxx* recharge amount*PIN#

Skitto SIM New Sim Price:

You can purchase Skitto SIM by visiting any Skitto pick-up points or retailers because Skitto SIM is not available in all places. The price of the GP Skitto SIM is 200 taka only. Customers need to their NID information to buy a Skitto SIM.  

GP Skitto SIM is 200 Taka only.

How to active Skitto SIM:

First, you have to install Skitto app from the Google play store on your mobile phone. Then login to this app by Skitto number. When logging is finished and open Skitto SIM you will find all you desire services.

Final Words:

This was a brief discussion on Skitto SIM Offer 2023. Already you have noticed that GP has given them a lot of internet facility in this SIM. If you think GP SIM’s regular internet offer is very expensive then you can use Skitto SIM. In this SIM you will get a lot of high-speed internet at an affordable price, there is a lot of variety of data pack and you can take any offer of the data package that you like.

So if you want to use GP internet at an affordable price then Skitto SIM is a good option. If you have any more queries about Skitto SIM Offer 2023, please let us know in the comment box.

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