Robi Postpaid Balance Check Code [Simple Process]

If you want to check out the Robi Postpaid balance check code, surely this article is for you. Robi and other SIM companies provide prepaid and postpaid service. Prepaid is a common service for every SIM user, but postpaid is uncommon, and so many people don’t know how to check their general balance and internet balance. If you want to check your balance, you need a verify SIM.

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In this review, I will show you the Robipostpaid balance check code so that you can hassle-free check out your balance. You can check your balance via two methods, which describe below. So, without talking more, let’s check out the balance without any hassles.

Robi Postpaid Balance Check Code Details.

If you are looking for the main balance check of your Robi SIM, this section is suitable for you. However, Robi offers the postpaid users so many offers which have different code. But if you think that you just need to check out the main balance, then follow the below section without thinking more.

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Postpaid SIM is not like prepaid SIM. Prepaid SIM, you need to recharge first, and then you need to check out the balance. But postpaid SIM offers you credit facility so that you can check out your credit limitation via dial *222*666#. And if you think you have a due bill, you need to dial *1#. Some other postpaid bill I describe in the below sections. So, Let’s check Robi Postpaid Balance Check Code from Wiki Of Info.

  • Dial *121*1# to check out your postpaid bill info.
  • Check out the due bill to dial *1#.
  • To know your postpaid SIM connection credit, you need to dial *222*666#.
  • If you want to know the bundle pack offer, you need to dial *0#.
  • To check out the local minute offer, dial *222*8#.

I hope that the code is full-fill your desire. If you think that I miss here any USSD code, you can let me know in the below section. So, if you are a prepaid user, you can check out the upper code for checking your balance.

How to Check Robi Postpaid Balance.

In 2020, checking the balance is easier than before. Now you can also check out your Robi balance from APP, dialing the USSD code. I discuss here the most updated information so that you can hassle-free check out your balance without paying any extra cost. So, are you ready to check out your postpaid balance in 2020? Let’s get started with the content right here.

Link: Robi Balance Check

How to Check Robi Postpaid Internet Balance

If you think that you need to know your postpaid SIM’s internet balance, this section is better for you. However, the below internet checking code is also updated, so you just need to dial, and you can hassle-free know your balance.

  • If you wanted to purchase the Robi Internet package, you need to dial *4#.
  • Or if you want to know about the Robi internet balance of your postpaid SIM, you need to dial *3#.

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. I hope that the USSD code is not complicated for you. So, dial the code right now and check out your internet balance right now.


After analyzing the Robi Postpaid Balance Check Code (internet and general), you can get the most updated USSD code. However, you can easily check out the internet and your main balance to dial the upper code. Prepaid and postpaid is different from their service. However, if you have any questions, you can let me know the below comment box so that I can provide you exact information. I think you find your question answer “how to check Robi balance in postpaid.”

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