Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh [Full Details]

Malindo Air Dhaka Office is a popular and important sub-air office of Malaysian Airlines. In this office, various important activities of Malindo Air are conducted. So those who want to take the service of Malindo Air can contact the Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh. 

 Dhaka Malindo Airport Office General Queries: +880 1777775582-83 & 5585

Chittagong Malindo Office General Queries: +88 031 252 1591 and +88 031 252 1592

To simplify your communication technique, in today’s article we will share various important information related to Malindo Air Dhaka Office. So hopefully you will be with us till the end of the article.

Contact for Air Tickets Malindo Dhaka Office, Bangladesh

01713-289170 (WhatsApp)

Malindo Air Dhaka Office On Google Map

Malindo Air Office Details

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Address

Second Floor, Nagar Shefali,

House No# 09, Road No# 17, Block E, Banani,

Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

Contact Number

+880 1777775582-83 & 5585

Office Hours

10:00 am to 04:00 pm (Sunday-Thursday)

Official Website

Malindo Air Chittagong Office


4th Floor, DelwarBhaban,

Plot 104, Agrabad Commercial Area,

Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh

Contact Number

+88 031 252 1591

+88 031 252 1592

Fax Number

+88 031 252 1593

Office Hours

Saturday to Thursday: 10.00am-06.00pm


About Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh is basically serving as a sub-office of malindo air authority. It was originally established in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, around 2013. Malindo Air Dhaka Office is basically a low-cost airline. Just as every service is quality, the use of each of its staff is much better. 

  • Office Name: Malindo Air Corporate Office Dhaka
  • Funded Year: 2013
  • Service Type: Airlines Related 
  • Total Flight Size: 42
  • Location: Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  • Working Hours: 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM
  • Off Day: Friday & Saturday 

For those who do not know much information about Malindo Air, let me tell them that this airline is basically a popular airline in Malaysia. Its headquarters are located in Petling, Malaysia. 

Also the most important information is that there is a joint agreement between Malindo Air and Lion Air of Indonesia. Under the agreement, the airline’s officials also serve as the National Space and National Security Protection Agency (NADI) in Malaysia.

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Facts Of Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh

Now let’s know about some of the facts related to Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh that you may not have known before. With this, the service of this airline can be easily taken directly from Bangladesh. 

Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh is the current and correct location of Malindo Air Dhaka Office. So from any district of Bangladesh, you can easily come to the capital Dhaka and contact the office authorities. 

It can also be contacted by calling the phone number directly. Stay tuned with us to learn about the real phone number or contact details of Malindo Air Dhaka Office. 

This service of Malindo Air Operator was launched recently in Bangladesh. Malindo Air Dhaka Office was established in 2013. Apart from Dhaka, malindo air operator has an office in another place in the whole of Bangladesh and that is Chittagong. 

Malindo Air has a specific bag allowance rule for all services of Malindo Air, including Dhaka Office. You can carry a maximum of 40 kg of belongings with you during the flight. 

However, these rules will depend on the destination and type of transport. You can know the details of how many kilograms of things you will take with you by informing the Malindo Air Dhaka Office authorities in advance.

The recent merger of Malindo Air is Turkish Airlines. Malindo Air and Turkish Airlines have signed agreements on various issues related to travel in Asia and Europe. As a result, it is expected that the services of both the airlines will be better than before.

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Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh Address or Location 

Those who want to contact the Malindo Air Dhaka Airport office directly should know about the Malindo Air Dhaka Office location. The main location of the office is 5th Floor, Modhumoti Plaza Concord, Plot No. 11, Road No. 11, Block G, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.

And those who want to buy tickets for Malindo Air directly from the Dhaka office will have to go to Happy Arcadia Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor, Suite 34, Holding 3, Road 3, Dhaka 1205 location. From there, you can buy tickets in a very easy system. 

As I said earlier, Malindo Air also has an office in Chittagong. So if anyone needs a Malindo Air office location in Chittagong, then you can collect from here. Malindo Air Chittagong office location is 4th Floor, Delwar Bhaban Plot 104, Agrabad Commercial Area, Chittagong 4000 Bangladesh.

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh Contact Details 

Malindo Air may require direct contact with Many people with Dhaka Office Bangladesh. Again, many people want to contact with the help of phone calls or other contact details. So find out about which contact media you can contact with the office.

Phone Number Or Message on WhatsApp: +8801978569294, +8801978569295, +8801978569296, +8801678569290, +8801678569291, +880244612178 Or +8801678569292! 


Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh Phone Number

Important phone number of Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh are

+8801978569294, +8801978569295, +8801978569296, +8801678569290, +8801678569291, +880244612178 Or +8801678569292! 

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Bangladesh Email Address                                

Service Of Malindo Air Dhaka Banani Office                

Since Malindo Air Dhaka Office is an airline-based office, it provides various services for customers. Below are some of the important and common services of Malindo Air Dhaka Office. Which will help you understand the service of the authority:

  • Flight Information
  • Flight Ticket Booking
  • Flight Ticket Cancellation
  • Flight Ticket Rescheduling
  • Airport Transportation
  • Web Check-in
  • Airport Counter Check-in
  • Airport Self Service Kiosk Check-in
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Airport Lounges
  • Visa Information
  • Trip Insurance
  • Animals and Pets etc.

As a customer from Malindo Air Dhaka Office, you will get other important services in addition to the above mentioned services. And to make these services more meaningful, you can also use the official website or app of Malindo Air Dhaka Office.            

Warming Up

This was our discussion about Malindo Air Corporate Office Dhaka. In this article, we have tried to share various important information related to Malindo Air Dhaka Office

Those who want to travel on specific flights from Dhaka Airlines under Malindo Air can contact Malindo Air Directly with Dhaka Banani Office. Hopefully you will be fully satisfied with the quality of service and the use of staff. I’m saying goodbye like today with this wish. Happy Journey!

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