Helicopter Price In Bangladesh | Helicopter Rent Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s one of the new and growing businesses is the helicopter renting business. You can make a memorable and enjoyable air tour by renting a helicopter. However, many people have a query about the helicopter price in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh already, 10 companies are providing the Helicopter renting service. And few companies are involved in the helicopter hiring service. However, customers are gradually showing interest, and the helicopter service provider company is now getting huge responses. Depending on the responses, different service Provider companies charge different helicopter ticket prices in Bangladesh.

Helicopter Price In Bangladesh [Per Hour]

Depending on various aspects, the rental cost of a Helicopter in Bangladesh varies. Here is the helicopter price in Bangladesh 2024  according to different companies.

Bashundhara Airways Helicopter Price:

  • Approximately 66000 Tk/per hour

BRB Air Helicopter Price:

  • Approximately 100000 Tk/per hour

Partex Aviation Helicopter Price:

  • Approximately 65000 Tk/per hour

BCL Aviation Helicopter Price:

  • Approximately 66000 Tk/per hour

South Asian Airlines Helicopter Price:

  • Approximately 65000 Tk/per hour
  • Approximately 110000 Tk/per hour

Bangla International Airlines Helicopter Price:

  • Approximately 60000 Tk/per hour
  • Approximately 100000 Tk/per hour

Meghna Aviation Helicopter Price:

  • Approximately 70000 Tk/per hour
  • Approximately 100000 Tk/per hour
  • Approximately 220000 Tk/per hour

Note: For both ways of flights, the total cost will be applicable. Also, 5000 BDT – 10000 BDT is the per-hour waiting cost of a helicopter. However, through little negotiations, you can reduce the helicopter rental price to some extent in Bangladesh.

Helicopter In Bangladesh

The helicopter rental price in Bangladesh is relatively lower compared to other countries. This is likely due to the country’s access to resources and good infrastructure. In addition, the air transport sector in Bangladesh is very efficient and comprehensive. This makes it easy for people to get around and make their business trips.

Please check the below some names of Helicopter Price In Bangladesh

  • Robinson R-44
  • Robinson R -66
  • Agusta AW119Kx
  • Euro copter Ec130 T2
  • Bell 407, Bell407 GX
  • Bell 429
  • Bell 430
  • Agusta AW109 Trekker

Helicopter Rent Price in Bangladesh

The price of helicopter rentals in Bangladesh is very competitive. You can find a wide variety of helicopters, from small and medium-sized helicopters to big and powerful helicopters. The prices for each type of helicopter vary, but they all come with a set amount of features and amenities. For example, the prices for small and medium-sized helicopters range from 66000 BDT/ TK to 100000 BDT/ TK per hour, while the big and powerful helicopters range from 70000 BDT/Tk to 220000 BDT/Tk per hour

Name Payment Payment 
Bashundhara Airways: 66000 BDT/per hour N/A
BRB Air: 100000 BDT/per hour N/A
Partex Aviation: 65000 BDT/per hour N/A
BCL Aviation: 66000 BDT/per hour N/A
South Asian Airlines:

65000 BDT/per hour


110000 BDT/per hour


Bangla International Airlines:

BDT 60000/per hour


BDT 100000/per hour


Meghna Aviation:

100000 BDT/per hour or 70000 BDT/per hour


220000 BDT/per hour


Contact For Bangladesh Helicopter Service

Several companies are providing the service of helicopter rent in Bangladesh. Some renowned companies are Bashundhara Airways, Partex Aviation, BRB Air, Square Air, BCL Aviation, R&R Aviation, Impress Aviation etc. The following table presents the name, phone and Email details of all the companies in Bangladesh that provide the helicopter renting service.

Company Phone Email
Bashundhara Airways 01709-65 33 77 airways@bg.com.bd
Partex Aviation 01766-66 44 00 aviation@partex.net
BRB Air 01713-04 14 40 dfobrbair@gmail.com
BCL Aviation 01708-45 02 44 info@bclaviation.com
Square Air 01713-18 53 52 sal@squaregroup.com
R & R Aviation 01730-43 34 45  
South Asian Airlines 01711-40 47 59 southasianairlines@yahoo.com
Bangla International Airlines 01977-70 77 22  
Impress Aviation 01711-35 64 31  
Meghna Aviation 01713-23 99 90 aviation@mgi.org

Popular Helicopter In Bangladesh

If you know the details of each helicopter it would be helpful to take their rent. So take a look of Helicopter Price In Bangladesh below to know their information:

1.      Bell-407 Helicopter

A mid-size helicopter is Bell-407. You can use this one for the medical, wedding, corporate and political parties. Including the passengers and pilot, the general seating configuration for 7 persons is available. And 1200 kg is its maximum hooking capacity.

2.      Bell-429 Helicopter

Korea Aerospace Industries and Bell Helicopter developed a twin-engine and light helicopter named Bell 429. This helicopter can accommodate 7 passengers and 1 pilot. 273 KM/H is its top speed, and 7,000 IB is its maximum weight capacity.

3.      Augusta-109 Helicopter

Operators of this helicopter get benefit from its excellent performance and high cruise speed. Whether day or night, the platform can complete the mission every time. Its maximum weight capacity is 3,000/2,850 KG.

4.      Bell 206 Helicopter

Bell Helicopter manufactured another single-engine and two-bladed family helicopter named Bell 206. It can accommodate 4 passengers and 1 pilot. 222 km/h is its top speed, and 3,200 IB is the maximum takeoff weight capacity.

5.      Bell 429 Helicopter

So another twin-engine and light helicopter developed by the Korean Aerospace and Bell Helicopter industries is the Bell 429. It can carry up to 7 passengers and 1 pilot. 273 Km/h is its top speed, and 7,000 is its maximum takeoff weight.

6.      Eurocopter

The Eurocopter EC-135 comes with a standard executive interior. It can carry 5 passengers and one pilot, or in a dense corporate interior, it can carry 7 passengers. 140 km/h is its top speed, and 7,000 IB is the maximum weight carrying capacity.

7.      Robinson R-66 Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter Company designed, developed and built this Robinson R66 helicopter. The Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine powered this helicopter. And it has a separate cargo compartment and 5 seats. Thus the passenger accommodation capacity of it is 5 passengers and 1 pilot. 220 km/h is its top speed, and 7,000 IB is its maximum weight-taking capacity.

Popular Helicopter’s Passenger Capacity In Bangladesh

You can take the Bangladesh helicopter service anytime, anywhere. And quickly with your friends and family members, you can make an air tour in the sky. The service provider companies meet the client’s requirements by providing uniformed and competent grounded, professionally and trained ground handling personnel.

However, the aircraft types of BD helicopters and the popular helicopter’s passenger capacity are presented below in the following table and know Helicopter Price In Bangladesh:

Bell 429 7 Passengers
Bell 407GX 6 passengers
Bell 230 5+2 = 7 Seats
Robinson R66 4 Passengers
Robinson R44 3 Passengers
Augusta AW109SP 6 Passengers
Eurocopter EC130T2 6 passengers

Booking System

You can book your helicopter service via phone or email. Or you can directly go to the office and make payment in person to book your helicopter ride. For booking the helicopter, you have to provide the following details to the company:

  • Route
  • Departure time
  • Departure date
  • List of passengers
  • The foreigner passenger requires to provide their passport number, nationality details, passport validity, address, occupations and contact numbers.

Documents Require To Hire An Airlines Chartered Or Air Ambulance

Simply by providing the destination’s details and flying date and time, you can book a helicopter for fulfilling different purposes. But for hiring an Airlines Chartered or Air ambulance, you have to show and provide the following documents:

  • 6-month validity passport
  • Visa copy of the country of destinations
  • Foreign hospital booking confirmation
  • Patient case summary
  • Driver name and mobile number
  • Car or ambulance number
  • Name, mobile number and passport of the attendance
  • Local doctor number

After providing all information, you will get permission within 8 hours or more.

Services That Helicopter Rental Companies Offers

The demand for charter and private helicopters are increasing for the executive’s transportation mode. In a most exclusive, safe and secure way, the helicopter will help you to reach your destinations. However, the helicopter rental companies offer the following services to their clients:

  • Sightseeing: For sightseeing or other activities like visiting different destinations within Bangladesh, you can get this service to move from one place to another.
  • Marriage Ceremony: Renting a helicopter for a marriage ceremony is becoming common in Bangladesh nowadays. For the marriage ceremony taking this service is an enjoyable, fascinating and exciting matter. Almost all the company provides this service so you can take it if you require.
  • Corporate Transportation: If you want to make a combined corporate air tour, you can do that too. When you have friends and family with you, the tour becomes more enjoyable, which is excellent. However, in the case of a corporate tour, don’t forget the seating capability of the helicopter. Seven people are the highest passenger capacity of any helicopter in Bangladesh. So by helicopter, you can enjoy your corporate tour perfectly.
  • Ambulance Service/Carrying Patients: In case of an emergency, helicopter can work as an ambulance. Every day many patients need to transfer from here to there. Sometimes some emergency patients don’t have enough time, and thus they require the emergency helicopter service.

Usually, when the patients become uncontrolled and the hospitals lack enough support then, those patients may require this service.

  • Honeymoon Trip: Do you want to make your honeymoon memorable? Make a helicopter trip for your honeymoon. You can take this service to make your particular time more colorful, enjoyable, and memorable.
  • Pleasure Or Celebration Tour: Bengali are pretty famous as tour lovers. And if you take an air tour by helicopter for your pleasure, it would be more enjoyable. A true tour lover can take this service for pleasure or celebration.
  • Aerial Filming: Many films require a helicopter to shoot any specific and unique scene. You can take this service for a short and specific time for aerial shooting filming.
  • Passenger Transport: For carrying the general passengers, the helicopter service provider company offers service.
  • Spreading Leaflets: You can also take this service for spreading leaflets, awareness-raising papers etc.
  • Transporting VIP Visitors: You can also take this service for your guests if you want to move them from one place to another by helicopter.
  • Carrying Coffin: An excellent option is a helicopter for moving the dead body from one destination to another. Using this transportation medium, the dead body will be reached from one place to another in a concise period. Just within that time, the helicopter reaches the dead body’s coffin in its place.
  • TV News Collection: The news reporters can also get this service who want to collect news using this mode of transportation.

FAQs On  Helicopter Price In Bangladesh

What Is The Price Of Helicopter?

Answer: The price of helicopter depends on the production run, availability and quality of the helicopter. The price of helicopter is typically around 66000 BDT/ TK to 100000 BDT/ TK

What Is The Price Of 5 Seater Helicopter?

Answer: A 5 seater helicopter costs about 70000 BDT/Tk to 220000 BDT/Tk

How Many Private Helicopters Are There In Bangladesh?

Answer: There are approximately 10 private helicopters companies in Bangladesh.

What Is The Price Of Helicopter For 1 Hour?

Answer: The price of a helicopter for 1 hour can vary depending on the region that it is being sold in. In some cases, the price may be lower than others because it includes fuel and other necessary supplies. It can also depend on how much time the helicopter will be used and what type of helicopter it is. The price of helicopter for 1 hour is 70000 BDT/Tk

Wrap Up

Hopefully, the above article was helpful enough, and now you know the helicopter price in Bangladesh. We covered almost every piece of information regarding the helicopter service in Bangladesh. So using the above information for emergency needs or travelling, you can book your preferred helicopter.

Travelling by helicopter is absolutely incredible. So if you want to enjoy the most precious time and get the most beautiful view of Bangladesh from a bird’s eye, you should take an air tour by helicopter. We provided up-to-date information on it. For further queries, you can comment in the comment section, and soon you will get a reply from us.