Aarong Chittagong Off Day | Weekend | Opening Times [Full Details]

Today’s article is for those who still don’t know about Aarong Chittagong off day. Basically, Aarong has various branch markets. Many of these markets are located in Chittagong. In this case, Aarong Chittagong off day is Sunday. Sunday has been selected as the off-day of the market that is located in Sholshahar. So those who want to shop from the Aarong Market will skip the day on Sunday. By the way today we will discuss detailed information about the Aarong Chittagong Market. At the same time, we will discuss when this Aarong Chittagong market opens and when it is off. So let’s go!

Aarong Chittagong Off Day

Who doesn’t know about the Aarong company? Everyone likes this Aarong company. For any customer in Bangladesh, Aarong’s product means a quality product. Especially for domestic products, this company has been able to gain a lot of popularity.

The company sells various products including clothing, jewelry, cloth, handicrafts, leather industry, shoes, and household items. So if any of you need to buy such a product, then you can take it from Aarong.

The biggest advantage of shopping from Aarong is that its various branches are spread all over the country. So buying Aarong products from any district of the country does not matter.

Aarong chittagong off day is Sunday every week!

প্রতি সপ্তাহের রবিবার চট্টগ্রাম ষোলশহরের আড়ং মার্কেট অফ থাকে!

About Aarong Chittagong Market

In this part of the article, We will share some important information about the Aarong Chittagong Market. This section will also contain other information, including Aarong Chittagong Close Day. We will share it in the form of a chart for everyone’s comfort. So if you don’t want to miss it, focus on the chart below.

Name  Aarong Chittagong Market
Established Year 1978
Off Day Sunday
Location  Biman Bhaban, 1/2, CDA Avenue, Sholoshahar, Chittagong, Bangladesh 
Phone Number 0312555112
Website Link https://www.aarong.com/store-locator
Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/BRAC.AARONG/

Weekly Schedule Of Aarong Chittagong Market

Every Aarong customer needs to know when the Aarong market is open and off every week. Realizing this desire, in this section we will share a chart on the weekly schedule of The Aarong Chittagong Market. Hopefully, this chart will play a very important role for those who want to shop from The Aarong Chittagong Market. So let’s see!

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Saturday  10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Sunday  Off Day  Off Day
Monday  10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Tuesday  10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Wednesday  10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Thursday  10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Friday 10.00 AM 8.00 PM

Holiday Of Aarong Chittagong Market

The Aarong Chittagong Market is off once a week. In addition, this market may be off at different times of the year for different reasons. For example, in Durga Puja before, The Aarong Chittagong Market may be half-day off all day long. Let’s take a look at the Aarong Chittagong Market holiday. 

  • Eid Ul Fitr 
  • Eid Ul Azha 

Apart from these two days of the year, the Aarong Chittagong Market may also be off on other important days. However, nothing can be said for sure about the other off days of the annual. It is good to say that on the night before Eid, this Aarong Chittagong Market can sell a lot of products. At this time, the buying and selling of the market continued till midnight.

Summary Of Aarong Chittagong Market 

In addition to knowing about The Aarong Chittagong Off Day, every customer should know the important facts about the Aarong company. 

Let’s talk about Aarong in detail at the beginning. It is basically a company of BRAC organization. Which has now become popular offline and online in equal rhythm. Aarong began its journey on December 18, 1978. Aarong works in a variety of industries, including clothing, jewelry, household and accessories, and design.

The company currently has established 21 branches across the country. It is providing quality products to local buyers in every branch. According to the financial year 2012, the company has been able to earn about $ 20 million. Which is contributing very well to the economy of Bangladesh.

However, there are several allegations against the company. According to various people, it sometimes sells products at twice the fixed price. As a result, customers are in danger related to various budgets. However, due to popularity, many people buy products at higher prices.

There have also been calls for a boycott of Aarong on social media at various times. The reason behind this has been the company’s several unreasonable policies. However, they later apologized for their crimes. All in all, Aarong’s activities have been conducted with popularity and criticism.

Aarong Biman Bhaban

  • Handicraft · 1, Biman Bhaban, 2 CDA Avenue

Aarong Halishahar

  • Clothing store · Lane # 1, Road # 1, House # 1, Block # L Halishahar H/A Chattogram- 4100, Bangladesh Halishahar

Aarong Chittagong Market On Google Map 

Do you want to find The Aarong Chittagong Market directly on Google Maps? If you want, focus on the picture below. We hope your needs will be met:

Aarong Chittagong Google Map
Aarong Chittagong Google Map

Warming Up

Today’s discussion was organized with various facts about Aarong, including Aarong Chittagong Off Day and Aarong Chittagong Weekend. Hopefully the whole article will fulfill as a perfect guideline for you to market from Aarong. Don’t forget to tell us how you liked the article! If you have any other questions about Aarong, you can ask it. We will try to respond quickly.

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