Savar New Market Off Day | Weekend | Opening & Closing Time

For those who live in Savar, the Savar new market can be the perfect place to shop. At the beginning of the discussion about the Savar new market, we will tell you about the off-day of this market. This market is closed for 1 day every week as per government pedagogy. The Savar New Market Off Day is the Wednesday of every week. The market is open on other days of the week except for Wednesday. So those who want to shop from Savar New Market can go shopping on any day other than Wednesday. By the way, today we will discuss the introduction and common information of the Savar new market, the opening and closing times of the Savar new market. So those who do not want to miss this informative article, stay with us.

Savar New Market Off Day

The Savar New Market has been established in the Savar area. There is a crowd of buyers in this market every day. Because every product in this market is quite good.

Those who live in Savar have done shopping from Savar New Market at least once in their lives. So you can understand that this market is a very popular market.

If you have not yet done any shopping from Savar New Market, then you can try it for once. But before that, you have to know about the details of the market. In this case, today’s article will help you. So stay with us.

Savar New Market Off Day Is The Wednesday Of Every Week

সাভার নিউ মার্কেট অফ ডে হিসেবে প্রতি সপ্তাহের বুধবার 

About Savar New Market

The products that are sold in the savar new market are from different companies. In this market you will find products of familial companies. You will also get products from various foreign companies. The products of these familial and foreign companies are sold in different showrooms.

Any product can be easily found in this market because the products of all the popular fashion brands are sold in different showrooms. If we talk about extra facilities when shopping from savar new market, then we will talk about different discounts.

In this market, there is a system of discounts on different products at different times. Those who want to buy products at discounts of different categories can also buy products directly from savar new market.

Apart from offline, there are various product sales online. Different shop owners in this market have different online marketplaces. If you want, you can buy products from there at home. In this case, you have to pay online payment.

In addition to a separate website, Savar New Market has its own website. This website contains various notices and important information of the market. 

Those who want to see the savar new market close day and important information related to this market together can follow the chart below:

Name  Savar New Market 
Off Day Wednesday 
Established Year 1996
Location  Savar Union, Dhaka 1340, Bangladesh
Address  Holding # 3, Ward # 7, Dhaka – Aricha Hwy, 1340, Savar Union 1340
Contact Number  01991122236

Savar New Market Opening & Closing Time

Have you read information about The Savar New Market? If you have read, then you must be thinking of shopping from this market. If you want to shop from Savar New Market, then you need to have an idea about its opening and closing time. We hope you get all the information in the chart below.

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Saturday  10.00 21.00
Sunday  10.00 21.00
Monday  10.00 21.00
Tuesday  10.00 21.00
Wednesday   Off Day Off Day
Thursday  10.00 21.00
Friday  10.00 21.00

Savar New Market Holiday

Basically, The Savar New Market dhaka is closed during two important days of the year. Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha! Apart from this, in Durga Puja and other government off-day this markets are closed on full day or half day. 

  • Eid-ul-Fitr
  • Eid-ul-Azha

Savar New Market On Google Map 

For those who want to track the full location of Savar New Market on Google Maps, focus on the picture below.

Savar New Market On Google Map 
Savar New Market On Google Map

Summary of Savar New Market

After giving attention to the name, you may have understood that this is a market in Savar, Dhaka. This market is a very popular market in the Savar area. The market is a very big market. For those who want to buy many categories of products from one market, Savar’s new market can be a perfect choice. 

Before the Savar new market was created, there was no big market in Savar. Because of this, the residents living in Savar had to go out of the Savar area to market. But now you do not have to go to any distant market to shop. All kinds of products are available in the Savar new market.

Which Day Savar New Market Remain Off?

In order to maintain the discipline of different markets of Dhaka-city, a separate off-day has been selected in each market. This off-day selection of the government has also been applied to the Savar New Market.

Only 1 day per week has been selected as The Savar New Market Off Day and this 1 day is Wednesday. Those who want to shop directly from The Savar New Market should remember this 1 day of the week. So you don’t have to go back at the wrong time without shopping.

Warming Up

Those who live in Savar can shop from Savar New Market if they want. Because quality products are available in this market. Enjoy the benefits of buying products from the market in your area. Apart from this, you can go to this Savar new market from any district of Bangladesh. We hope you liked our Savar New Market Off Day related article today. Hopefully, your plan to shop from the next Savar new market will be successful. 

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