Robi MB Transfer System 2022 | Code [Robi To Robi]

We cannot go to the Flexi load shop to recharge for buying megabytes. It is not always possible to recharge from our bKash or Rocket for recharge. But, a megabyte is needed to browse social media or the internet like Robi Mb Transfer System. In previous years, we could at least browse free Facebook or messenger. But, according to the new rules, MB is mandatory for browsing any kind of internet service. But, what happens if the validity of MB suddenly finishes?

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In these emergency cases, only the MB transfer service can solve this problem. Mobile operator company Robi comes with a Robi MB transfer service for its customers. We will discuss how to transfer MB from Robi to Robi in this article. Most of the people do not Robi MB transfer details. So, they cannot use this service in the emergency period. If you want to know the Robi MB transfer code, you are in the right place at the right time.

What is the Robi MB Transfer System?

One of the most popular mobile operator companies Robi comes with an excellent service of transferring the MB from one Robi user to another Robi user. This system or procedure is called the Robi MB transfer system. Users will be able to consume this service by following specific guidelines.

It is possible to transfer MB from postpaid to prepaid customers. All the registered customers of Robi will be able to transfer MB from one number to another number. Every single time, one person will be able to transfer a specific amount of MB. For this, the customer needs to bear only 2Tk (including VAT) charge.

Robi MB transfer Method [Alll].

Are you looking for the Robi MB transfer 2022 service? Robi is providing an attractive service for its customers this year. By consuming this service, you will be able to enjoy fast and smooth service from Robi in emergencies. Robi gives you excellent facilities to transfer MB from the Robi MB transfer system.

  1. By dialing the SSSD code
  2. By using My Robi App

It is an excellent service for the customers because sometimes it is necessary to use it. This system will help you most when you need an emergency MB. If you want to get Robi MB transfer code 2022, read this article carefully. It is effortless to activate the Robi MB transfer service 2022. There are two simple processes to transfer MB from one Robi number to another.

Robi MB Transfer Code.

If you wish to Transfer Robi to Robi 10 MB Data, The Dial Code is *141*712*11* received number# Example *141*712*11*018000000000#

If you want to Transfer Robi to Robi 25MB Data,The Dial Code is -*141*712*9* received number# Example -*141*712*9* 018000000000#

If you want to Transfer Robi to Robi 60MB Data, The Dial Code is-*141*712*4* received number# Example –*141*712*4* 018000000000#

The easy process is you can get all Options Please Dial: 141*1#. After visible the desired code, you will get all options.

Hopefully, to understand about Robi MB Transfer System with Code, if you have any questions, please let me know by comments, we will give an answer.

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MB Transfer By USSD Code [ Robi To Robi ].

You can transfer MB by dialing the SSSD code. There will be three different packages for transferring MB. They are 60 MB packages, 25 MB packages, and 10 MB packages. So, let follow the process of Robi MB Transfer System.

60 MB Package:

  • Go to your menu option
  • Dial *141*712*4* receivers phone number#

You can also get an idea from the table:

Package NameAmount (MB)USSD CodeExample
60 MB transfer60 MB*141*712*4* receivers phone number#  *141*712*4* 01851223456#  

25 MB package:

  • Go to your menu option
  • Dial *141*712*9* receivers phone number#

You can also get an idea from the table:

Package NameAmount (MB)USSD CodeExample
25 MB transfer25 MB*141*712*9* receivers phone number#  *141*712*9* 01851223456#  

10 MB package:

  • Go to your menu option
  • Dial *141*712*11* receivers phone number#

You can also get an idea from the table:

Package nameAmount (MB)USSD CodeExample
10 MB transfer10 MB*141*712*11* receivers phone number#  *141*712*11* 01851223456#  

This is the individual Robi MB Transfer System which helps to transfer 10MB, 20MB, 60 MB, and more data by following process.

MB Transfer by Robi App.

The marketing and advertising ability of Robi Axiata Limited is one of the critical reasons for the maximization of their profits. They use technical business strategy to sell their services. They make sure a process to manufacture and supply them so that they can retain profits. Robi is interested in bringing the best possible services to its customers. So, they are using the latest and highest possible technology to make their customers more engaged.

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My Robi apps are one of the latest technologies in this company. Customers can consume all the offers of Robi from these apps. By using this application, anyone will be easily transferred MB from one number to another. He or she needs to install My Robi apps from the play store on their android device.

Mb Transfer ‍System Robi to Other Operators:

You may think about GP to Robi Mb transfer or Robi to Airtel Mb transfer. You may look for Robi to the GP Mb transfer system. But unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer the balance from one operator to another. That means you cannot consume the service Robi to GP Mb transfer or GP to Robi Mb transfer. But, do not worry. You will also be able to transfer MB or balance within the same operator. How? Keep reading to get an idea about this procedure.

Final Thoughts:

One of the most popular mobile operator companies, Robi Axiata Limited, brings some excellent and cheap packs to be a reliable partner for your internet journey. You can buy some fantastic packs of Robi and be the king of the internet. Robi has many special packages for their customers. You can buy their packs and gift your friends in their emergency situation. This service is going to be really helpful.

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In this article, we have discussed the Robi MB transfer system. We hope this article will help you get enough information regarding the topic. We have also discussed how to transfer MB to other operators. If you still have any questions, you can ask in the comment section. Thank you for reading this article. If you like it, please share it with your friends and family. 

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