Airtel MB Transfer BD 2024 [Easy Process]

If you are an Airtel SIM user, you may know that Airtel offer their users transfer the MB on emergency time. Airtel MB Transfer BD also has this service. But you can only transfer the MB Airtel to Airtel. It is very simple and easy to transfer the MB without paying any extra cost. But you must need to know the process of sharing the balance.

When you research the process of MB sharing, you may found some old data that provides you hassle information, and your balance transfer is not done yet. So, what can you do? Well, you need to complete the process with most 2024 updated data. Today, I will share with you some simple process that helps you instantly transfer the balance.

  • Airtel 10 MB Transfer Code
  • Airtel MB Transfer BD Code (Alternative Method)
  • 25 MB Share Airtel to Airtel
  • Share Your 3G/4G Data with My Airtel App
  • Airtel MB Transfer BD with the short method\

Airtel MB Transfer System 2024

  • SMS: ADD <Space> <10 digit mobile number> to 121
  • For example: <Add your number> and send 121.
  • Airtel MB Transfer System 2024

How to Share 10 MB:

  • You have dial *141*172*11# in order to share 10 MB internet to Airtel number.
  • For example: *141*172*11*9580871712#
  • How to Share 25 MB:
  • Dial the code *141*172*9*9580871712#

How to Transfer Airtel MB by Message System

  • At first unit to send a message by typing “SHARE ” to 121.
  • Within a few seconds a reply will arrive on your message inbox.
  • You can share your internet MB to up to 4 people by adding their number in in the SMS format from below.
  • ADD<Space><10 digit mobile number>to 121

Airtel MB Transfer BD Code

However, if you think the above system is not working for you or don’t understand the method, you can try it. These second steps help you to share the data via SMS. So, follow the below process and apply for sharing the MB without any hassles.

  • Go to your SMS body option for Airtel MB Transfer BD.
  • You need to type “SHARE” and send 121 numbers.
  • After that, you will get an SMS from customer care.
  • And the SMS may this type “welcome to MyAirtel Family. Now share your 3G internet pack up to four members. To add member: SMS ADD<Space><10 digit mobile number>to 121″
  • For example: <Add your number> and send 121.
  • After sending the number, you will get a reply from customer care.
  • And then, you will share 3G and 4G MB with your own requirement.
  • Per day you can share only one time from one Airtel operator.
MB  (Amount) SMS Type Send
Custom MB SHARE 121

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You can transfer the balance to follow the above step via SMS without paying any extra cost.

Airtel to Airtel MB Transfer.

You may already know that the transferring MB is only possible for Airtel to Airtel. Here, you can only get the most updated information, which allows you to hassle-free transfer the MB. So, let’s know the process of how you can transfer the MB without any cost with the most updated information.

Click: Banglalink MB Transfer

You Need to know how to send Airtel to Airtel data send, Now we have shared the process by dial code, you can follow below code for Airtel MB Transfer BD, Just, press*141*712*11*recipient number#

  • Also To transfer 25MB Press *141*712*9*recipient number#
  • If you want to transfer 60MB, Press *141*712*4*recipientnumber#

Hopefully, to understand the method Airtel to Airtel MB Transer Method.  For more queries please dial 141*1# and let me know below comment box, we will give feedback.

Airtel 10 MB Transfer.

Well, this is my first step and small MB transferring system. If you want to get 10 MB share with your family and friends, you will surely apply it. For completing the transfer of the MB, you need to know and follow some very important processes. So, let’s follow the information below about Airtel MB Transfer BD and transfer the Airtel to Airtel 10 MB in BD without any cost.

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  • At first, you need to know a USSD code that helps you to transfer the MB.
  • The USSD code is that you need to dial “*141*172*11#” with any valid Airtel number.
  • For example you can follow: “*141*172*11# 01612xxxxxx.”
  • Now you can see the display step, and you need to full-fill each of the steps.
  • But you can only share the prepaid customer of this service.
  • It may charge the mobile data but not of your money balance.
  • You can transfer the balance only one time per day from one Airtel number.
MB  (Amount) USSD Code Example
10 MB *141*172*11# *141*172*11# 01612xxxxxx

Finally, if you want to get only 10 MB transfer Airtel to Airtel, surely you will follow the steps without any issue. I think the information helpful for you.

Airtel BD 25 MB Transfer.

If you think that 10 MB is not enough for you, surely you can go for a 25 MB share option. But you may know that you need to complete a process for getting this service. So, without delay, let’s check out the Airtel MB Transfer BD process.

Link: Skitto SIM Data Transfer

  • First of all, you need to know the USSD code for transferring 25 MB data.
  • The USSD code you can dial “*141*72*9# with any valid Airtel number.
  • For example: dial “*141*72*9* 01612xxxxxx#.” Then you can see a list.
  • After that, you will need to full-fill all of the things properly.
  • Remember, you can only share the data from the prepaid customer.
  • You can share this service per day one time.
MB  (Amount) USSD Code Example
25 MB *141*172*9# *141*172*9# 01612xxxxxx

I think the process is simple for you to share 25 MB data without any hassles. So, without delay, share your data right now.

3G/4G Data Transfer By My Airtel App.

This is an awesome method that I sometimes use. So, if you have my Airtel app, surely you can also share your MB from this media. So, let’s check out this method for sharing the MB with more comfortably and effectively without delay.

  • Download my Airtel app for Airtel MB Transfer BD.
  • Sign up and verified the account and then long-in.
  • Open the app and visit my family share option.
  • You need to add the family number which you want to share.
  • And now, select the family and share the data without any issue.

This is a very simple process, and that’s why it is a very popular method. So, you can use this option without any issue and charge. I think it is one of the best method and hassle-free method to share the data Airtel to Airtel without any issue.

MB Transfer USSD Code.

This is one of the best ways of sharing data without any issue. You just need to follow the below process for sharing Airtel MB Transfer BD. Let’s have a look.

  • Airtel 10 MB transfer, you need to dial *141*172*11# recipient number.
  • Airtel 25 MB transfer system, you need to dial *141*172*9# recipient number.
  • Airtel 60 MB transfer system, you need to dial *141*172*4# recipient number.

Terms and condition.

Before you share the data, you need to know some terms and conditions that Airtel provides their customer. So, without delay, let’s know the terms and conditions about Airtel MB Transfer BD for confirmation.

  • When you transfer the data, it may charge a little cost of your MB.
  • The sharing MB use like regular MB.
  • One user can transfer one time a day.
  • The service is only for prepaid users.
  • With app data sharing, you need not pay any MB costs.


The Airtel MB transfer BD is an important method for all users. However, if you are an Airtel user, you just need to know the data sharing option process. You can use this method with any emergency option without any issue. Whatever if you want to share the data with your family and friends, you can choose any above method, especially my Airtel app.

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