Nilkhet Book Market Off Day | Store Weekend | Open Time [2023]

Nilkhet Book Market is open from 10 am to 7 pm every day. But if we talk about the Nilkhet book market off day, we would say, it is closed on Tuesdays of every week. Today we will know about the nilkhet book market. We hope you will be with us to get important information.

Nilkhet Book Market is one of the largest bookstores in Dhaka. Nil was cultivated in this area during the British period. Therefore, the Nilkhet book market has been named in line with that name. Many students buy books from this market. This market is located near various educational institutions including BUET, Dhaka University, Eden College. Because of this, students always buy books from the Nilkhet book market. If you also want to buy books from this market, then know about the Nilkhet book market off day.

Nilkhet Book Market Off Day is Tuesdays Of Every Week

সপ্তাহের ১ দিন অর্থ্যাৎ প্রতি মঙ্গলবার ঢাকা নীলক্ষেত বই মার্কেট বন্ধ থাকে!

The Nilkhet book market was established in 1979. However, there is a history of creating this market. It is said that there were no settlements in the Nilkhet area before. There was a big field here to cultivate nil in that field. Due to this, the name of the place gradually changed. Everyone knows the place as Nilkhet. In the beginning, various institutions, including the residential hall of the university, were developed as an institution in the place.

Summary Of Dhaka Nilkhet Book Market

Nilkhet Book Market is the perfect place to buy old books in Dhaka city. It’s not just an old book! New books are also sold. Many people are making a living with Nilkhet’s book market. So, on the one hand, it is fulfilling the needs of the book students and on the other hand, it is making a living for the businessmen. 

The nilkhet books market is regularly crowded in the market except for Dhaka’s off day. Many books reader have pain finding unknown book. Sometimes it is not found all over the country. In this case, nilkhet market’s books play a supportive role.

Many books are sold separately in a part of the market and sellers buying engineering, science and medical science books. In addition, a part of this, huge market are related to the publishing business. This market has an important contribution to fulfilling all the requirements related to books.

The main topic of our discussion today is the Nilkhet book market off day. So we have to discuss this in detail. But before that, we will know about the unknown information about this Nilkhet book market. In this case, we will classify all the information together with the column. Let’s know the details about the nilkhet book market.

Market Name Nilkhet Book Market Dhaka
Established Year 1979
Location Near Dhaka University, BUET, and Dhaka Medical
Market Product Books Printing and photocopying shops Education materials
Estimated stalls 2500
Weekly Off-day Tuesday
Address 1 Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 1205
Contact Number 01971-899297
Web Site

Nilkhet Book Market Dhaka Off Day

This Nilkhet Book Market is popular not only in Dhaka city but all over Bangladesh. There is no comparison of this market to buy rare books or any necessary books. This is the best place for those who love to read books. Being quite popular, many buyers come to this Nilkhet Book Market. There’s always pressure here. If you want to come too, you’re welcome. But before that, you need to know about the nilkhet book market off day. Because if you do not know about Nilkhet Book Market Dhaka Off Day, you may not be able to buy the necessary books. So keep a sight on the chart below to know about the off-day of the market.

Nilkhet Book Market Dhaka Off Day is Tuesdays of every week

নীলক্ষেত বই মার্কেট প্রতি সপ্তাহের মঙ্গলবারে অফ থাকে

Weekly Schedule of Nilkhet Book Market: নীলক্ষেত বই মার্কেট এর সাপ্তাহিক কার্যক্রম

For those who want to go directly to the Nilkhet Book Market and buy their favorite books, this part of our article is for them. Here we will try to highlight the weekly activities of this market. Hopefully, by looking at this chart, you will get an idea about the weekly activities of the market.

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Saturday  10 am  7 pm
Sunday  10 am  7 pm
Monday  10 am  7 pm
Tuesday  Off Day Off Day
Wednesday  10 am  7 pm
Thursday  10 am  7 pm
Friday  10 am  7 pm

We hope you’ve got an idea about The Nilkhet Book Market Weekend. 

Nilkhet Book Market Holidays

Nilkhet Book Market is always open except for weekly closures. However, the days that are closed are: 

  • Eid-ul-Fitr 
  • Eid-ul-Azha

Nilkhet Book Market On Google Map/ Address

If you are having trouble with the location of Nilkhet Book Market, you can take help from Google. In this case, focus on the picture below:

Nilkhet Book Market Location Map

Book Price In Nilkhet Market

There are many people who need to know book prices in Nilkhet, in the section we have shared book prices in Nilkhet information which helps to understand and get an idea about Nilkhet Store Book Price.

Just visit the website, here you will find Nilkhet Market Book Price. Also, you can find Nilkhet Store Book Price On Facebook at Just, Go there are find the Book Price information of the Nilkhet Market.

Nilkhet Fire Tragedy:

Recently a tragedy happened at Neelkhet book market. On February 22, 2022, a huge fire broke out on the south side of Nilkhet Book Market, which spread instantly, burning down many shops in Nilkhet, and causing business losses to many shopkeepers.

In this Nilkhet tragedy, 10 units of the fire service brought the fire under control after two hours of effort.

FAQs of Nilkhet Book Store Market

Can I Get Old Original Books On Nilkhet?

Yes, To get all kinds of old Original Books in Nilkhet Market.

Is all book available at Nilkhet Book Market?

Answer: Yes

Can I sell my old book to Nilkhet Book Market?

Answer: Yes! You can! 

What is the quality of the nilkhet book market’s publishing shop?

Answer: Good enough.

Is Nilkhet open on Fridays?

Yes, Dhaka Nilkhet Book Market is running on Friday. The Book Market Weekly Close Day is Tuesday

Warming Up:

Did you like today’s article about nilkhet book market off-day? Don’t forget to let me know, though! And you can also let us know the feeling of buying your book from the Nilkhet book market. Let the readers’ hobby of buying books be fulfilled. With that hope, we are leaving as of today.

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