Dhaka IDB Bhaban Off Day | Weekend | Close Day [Full Info]

As a major electronics market, IDB Bhavan’s opening and closing is a must to know information. Furthermore, thousands of computer enthusiasts tend to visit the IDB Bhaban every day.

When is IDB Bhaban closed? What is IDB Bhaban’s weekly off day? In this article, we will be discussing the related information regarding Dhaka IDB Bhaban Off Day.

Thousands of retailers are offering quality products at reasonable prices in the IDB Bhaban. So, it attracts the attention of numerous people to buy electronics here.

You definitely would not prefer to waste your valuable time while visiting it on an off day. In the following article, we will be providing accurate information on the IDB Bhaban off day in 2022. So, stay with us.

Dhaka Agargaon IDB Bhaban Off Day is Sunday

Why is IDB Bhaban Known?

IDB Bhaban is one of the largest technology-based markets. It was established in 1999 in a 100 thousand sq ft area. Furthermore, IDB Bhaban is renowned as BCS Computer City. It is situated in Agargaon, Dhaka-1207.

The place has provided jobs to thousands of people. IDB Bhaban is known for its availability of products along with its accessibility. If you are a person with a budget and bargaining is your specialty. Then this place is definitely for you.

IDB Bhaban Off Day

There is a lot of information available on the internet. But after in-depth research, we have found the definitive day of the closing. It is from a reliable source. The Shopping center starts operating at 10 am and closes at 8 pm. In the following, I will be sharing the updated closing day of IDB Bhaban.

IDB Bhaban Off Day Monday (Half)
IDB Bhaban Off Day Sunday (Full)

BCS Computer City Weekly Close Day

IDB Bhaban is situated in Zone 6 of Dhaka city. The government has divided Dhaka city into 7 zones. This was done to traffic the crowd towards the shopping areas. According to the zone, IDB Bhaban is closed on Sunday for a full day.  And later on Monday for a half day.

IDB Bhaban Close Day Monday (Half)
IDB Bhaban Close Day Sunday (Full)

IDB Bhaban BD Holiday

Bangladesh is a country of festivities. The closing days are classified according to the country’s history and religions. We don’t want our viewers to waste their precious time visiting it on an off day. So, we have found the IDB Bhaban BD off day according to the festivities for you. The dates are in the following:

21st February, 26th March, 14th April, 1st May, Shab e Barat, Eid Ul Fitr (5 days), Eid Ul Azha (5 days ), 16th December.

IDB Bhaban Agargaon Weekend

IDB Bhaban is situated in Agargaon. It is known as the biggest market for electronics. The market has its zone off day. This is to control the human traffic in the area. Dhaka is renowned as the crowdest area of the country.

Furthermore,  Agargaon is famous for being the capital within the capital. So, divisions were done for the shopping centers.  And by divisions, Sunday was decided for a full off day and Monday as half off day.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question.

Q. What is the full Meaning of IDB Bhaban?

Answer: The mnemonic for IDB stands for Islamic Development Bank. Now, IDB Bhanban has monopolized the market of technology throughout the country. So, any electronic is found here at a reasonable price.

Q. When is The IDB Bhaban Weekly Off Day?

Answer: As the center of the technology market, controlling the mass has the utmost importance. For this, it’s only closed fully on Monday. This helps the staff related to the shopping center to have a proper off day. Besides that, Monday is a half-day. So, the shopping center starts buzzing from 10 am and closes at 2 pm.


As a center of the technology market, IDB Bhaban upholds itself at the top. Countless gadgets are purchased from the market every second. As its soaring popularity among tech-savvy. We don’t want the customer’s valuable time to go unproductive. So, we have provided reliable information on the closing time and day in the above. 

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