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If we talk about the panthapath furniture market off-day, we would say that no specific off-day of the panthapath furniture market has been selected. However, various shops in the panthapath furniture market are off at different times of the week. Buying and selling continues regularly from 10 am to 9 pm in the market. Although there is no specific off-day weekly, the Panthapath Furniture Market is off the day of various festivals and religious events. In today’s discussion, we will share detailed information about the panthapath furniture market. So those who don’t want to miss, stay with us.In the case of panthapath furniture market off day, most of the shops in the market are closed 1 day a week on Tuesday.পান্থপথ মার্কেট বন্ধের দিন হিসেবে নির্দিষ্ট কোনো দিন নির্বাচিত না করা হলেও এর বেশিরভাগই শপই প্রতি মঙ্গলবার অফ থাকে 

Panthapath Furniture Market Off Day

After giving attention to the name of panthapath furniture market, you may have understood that it is a furniture market. Those who like to buy furniture can buy the product of choice from this panthapath furniture market. Especially for those who live in Dhaka, this market can be a perfect choice.

However, it is good to say that no separate day has been selected as the panthapath furniture market of the day. In this case, several shops in the market are closed every Tuesday. Again, some shops are open every day of the week. Those who want to know about these shops on their days off please focus on our article. We will try to present all the information to you one by one.

Panthapath Furniture Market Off Day Is The Tuesday of Every Week

পান্থপথ ফার্নিচার মার্কেট বন্ধের দিন হল মঙ্গলবার 

About Panthapath Furniture Market

In this part of the article, we will know about the details of the panthapath furniture market. Panthapath furniture market is very popular in Dhaka district for selling various types of wood, partext, bamboo or cane furniture. The popularity of the furniture market in the Panthapath area of the capital Dhaka is worth seeing.

The reason behind this is their quality products. This panthapath furniture market is always present with a variety of wood, partex, ships and oak wood furniture. The name “Panthapath Furniture Market” has been selected to match the name of the area. Those who want to buy best cots, sofas, tables, chairs, drawings or dining tables on a limited budget can try the products of panthapath furniture market.

Name Panthapath Furniture Market 
Signature Product  Designing Furniture 
Contact Details  01834-875002
Off Day  Tuesday 
Location  South Panthapath, Dhaka, Dhaka Division, 1215

It is said that the importance of all the old things remains the same in most cases even today. Because old things are much more perfect. These products are made with great care. Because of which it lasts for a long time. At present, there are many new brand furniture markets in Dhaka.

However, among these new markets, panthapath furniture has not yet decreased in any important part of the market. There is still a crowd of customers in this market. In this furniture shop, you can buy furniture from a minimum of Tk 2000 to a maximum of Tk 1.5 lakh.

You can buy any furniture of unique or traditional design. Those who want to buy ready-made products can also buy from this market. Again, those who want to make custom design furniture can hire different artisans of panthapath furniture market.

It is good to say that at present some shops have started online services to expand the business. If you want, you can also use the online medium to buy products from these shops.

Those who want to see all the information related to the panthapath furniture market together, notice in the chart below! This chart mentions various important facts about the panthapath furniture market.

Panthapath Furniture Market Opening Hours

In today’s article related to our panthapath furniture market close day, this time we will discover about the activities of panthapath furniture market. In particular, we will know about when this market opens and when it is closed. Which will help you to buy products directly from the panthapath furniture market at the right time.

Focus on the chart below to learn about the opening hours and closing hours of panthapath furniture market:

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Saturday  10 AM 9 PM
Sunday  10 AM 9 PM
Monday  10 AM 9 PM
Tuesday  Off Day Off Day
Wednesday  10 AM 9 PM
Thursday  10 AM 9 PM
Friday  10 AM 9 PM

Panthapath Furniture Market Holiday

You already know about the panthapath furniture market weekend. Now we should have ideas about the panthapath furniture market holiday. We often plan to buy furniture in different auctions. In this case, it should be known at what time of the year or in which occasion the panthapath furniture market is off.

There will be no need to come back to buy the product. The panthapath furniture market is mainly turned on every day of the year. The days on which the butt is off are:

  • Eid-Ul-Fitur
  • Eid-Ul-Azha

Panthapath Furniture Market Close Day

There is no specific day mentioned as panthapath furniture market close day. Most of shops are off on Tuesdays of every week. The rest of the shops are open almost every day. So if you go to this market on Tuesday for any reason, then there will be no problem. Because on Tuesday, some shop of panthapath furniture market will be open.

Panthapath furniture market weekend is the Tuesday of every week.

পান্থপথ ফার্নিচার মার্কেটের সাপ্তাহিক বন্ধের দিন হলো প্রতি সপ্তাহের মঙ্গলবার 

Panthapath Furniture Market On Google Map

Do you want to find the panthapath furniture market on Google Maps? If you want, focus on the picture below!

Panthapath Furniture Market Map

Warming Up

Tried to discuss various info Panthapath Furniture Market off Day with facts about this market. Hopefully, your next furniture shopping will be 100% successful. Those who worry about best products and limited budgets can buy products from the panthapath furniture market. We hope you don’t have to cheat.

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