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The World’s one of the most over-crowded and busiest cities is Dhaka. To escape from this busy city, many people often visit Cox Bazar by plane and go near the sea to calm their minds. For those people, one of the concerning issues is the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price.

Cox Bazar is a land of amazing beauty, and you can enjoy lots of things there, including the sea and mountains. However, before booking a ticket for your Cox Bazar trip from Dhaka city, go through our article first to get the best idea about the flight ticket price.

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule

Within the tourist spots in Bangladesh, different domestic airlines operate their flight. Some of the renowned domestic airlines are Novoair, Biman Bangladesh, US-Bangla airlines, Regent airlines, etc. All these domestic airlines also operate a flight from Dhaka to Cox Bazar and vice versa.

Now in the following sections, we will present these airlines’ airfare and flight schedule by the table. So, let’s dive into the next section.

Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar Flight Information

Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar total flights in a week

98 flights

Total distance 309 KM
First Flight Novoair 921, 7.30 AM is the departure time
Last flight US-Bangla Airlines, 15.30 PM is the departure time
Dhaka – Cox’s bazar flight time 01h 00m
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar popular airlines Novoair, Biman Bangladesh and US-Bangla Airlines
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar shortest flight time 00h 55m
Airport’s flights codes from Dhaka – Cox’s bazar Cox’s Bazar- CXB, Dhaka – DAC

Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar Airport Details

For traveling on the plane, you also need to know the airport details and location of Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar airports. Take a look at the following table to know this information:

Dhaka Airport Information Cox’s Bazar  Airport Information
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

Dakshinkhan Road, Sector 1, Kurmitola

Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh

Tel: +880 2-7911042

Cox’s Bazar International Airport

Cox’s Bazar

Tel: +880341-52353

Cox’s Bazar Flight Schedules Of Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is a popular domestic airline that operates flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and vice versa. The flight schedules of these two destinations are different. For booking an easy, hassle-free, and reliable air ticket, you should know this airline’s flight schedule in advance.

Flight No Departure Arrival Days of Operation
BG435 10:30 11:25 Daily
BG433 14:15 15:10 Daily


Flight No Departure Arrival Days of Operation
BG436 12:05 13:00 Daily
BG434 15:50 16:35 Daily

Cox’s Bazar Flight Schedules Of Novoair

Novoair is another popular domestic airline which is operating flights in different airports in Bangladesh. At different times of the day, this airline offers the Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar and Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka flight schedules. So take a look at the table below to know your convenient flight time.

Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time  Operation Days
VQ921 7:45 8:50 Daily
VQ933 8:30 9:35 Daily
VQ923 9:00 10:05 Daily
VQ925 11:00 12:05 Daily
VQ927 12:20 13:25 Daily
VQ929 13:20 14:25 Daily
VQ931 16:00 17:05 Daily


Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time  Operation Days
VQ922 9:20 10:25 Daily
VQ934 10:05 11:40 Daily
VQ924 10:35 13:40 Daily
VQ926 12:35 15:00 Daily
VQ928 14:55 16:00 Daily
VQ930 14:15 17:20 Daily
VQ932 17:35 18:40 Daily

Cox’s Bazar Flight Schedule Of US-Bangla Airlines

So if you want, you can go for Bangladesh’s other airline option, and that is the US – Bangla airlines. Successfully over the years, this airline has been operating flights at different times of the day from Dhaka – Cox Bazar travel destination. To know the flight time of this airline, follow the table below.

Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time  Operation Days
BS141 7:30 8:35 Daily
BS143 10:00 11:05 Daily
BS145 12:00 13:05 Daily
BS147 14:00 15:05 Daily
BS149 15:30 16:35 Daily


Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time  Operation Days
BS142 9:00 10:00 Daily
BS144 11:35 12:35 Daily
BS146 13:35 14:35 Daily
BS148 15:30 16:30 Daily
BS150 17:05 18:05 Daily

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price Offer

So, all these airlines operate flights at different times and charge different prices also. Now, based on all these 4 airlines, we will discuss the air ticket price in Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar route one by one. So let’s start:

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Biman Bangladesh Air Ticket Price

Biman Bangladesh and all other airlines determine the price of a flight ticket based on different classes. Some of the price-fixing categories of Biman Bangladesh are super saver, economy saver, special, flexible, Business saver, flexible, etc. Now, we will present both the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka air ticket prices.

So, in the following table, we will discuss the Dhaka to cox’s Bazar air ticket price Bangladesh Biman. The cheap and costly both flights are available, so pick the one that best suits your needs.

Name Payment (BDT)
Super Saver 4500 Taka
Economy Saver 6000 Taka
Economy Special 7000 Taka
Economy Flexible 9000 Taka
Business Saver 10500 Taka
Business Flexible 11000 Taka

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price US Bangla

US Bangla also offers competitive air ticket prices. And the price significantly varies based on the Promotional Economy, Discounted, Restricted Economy, and Regular Economy classes. However, this airline also don’t charge much compare to the other available options in the market. Several price options are available, so you can select one that is within your budget.

Name Payment (BDT)
Promotional Economy 5200 Taka
Discounted 5700 Taka
Restricted Economy 7100 Taka
Regular Economy: 8200 Taka

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price Novoair

Novoair is another Bangladeshi domestic airline that charges air fares within your budget. Depending on the Promo, Special, Discount, Saver & Flexible categories, the airfare of this airline differs. You can enjoy both cheap and costly flights. However, to know the Dhaka to cox’s Bazar air ticket price 2022 by Novoair airline, follow the table below:

Name Payment (BDT)
Promo 5499 Taka
Special 6200 Taka
Discount 7200 Taka
Flexible 9200 Taka

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price Regent Airways

Regent Airways also operate domestic flight within these popular traveling destinations. This airline’s Dhaka – Cox air ticket price is relatively lower compared to the other available airlines. Also, this airlines charge a different prices for different classes. The number of pricing categories is highest in this airline. Now, go through the table below to learn the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price today.

Name Payment (BDT)
Special Promo 4250 Taka
Super Saver: 4550 Taka
Economy Promo 4750 Taka
Economy Special: 5250 Taka
Special Promo 4250 Taka
Economy Restricted 6650 Taka
Economy Freedom 7250 Taka
Economy Flexible 7800 Taka
Economy Super 8550 Taka
Economy Super Plus 9550 Taka
Business Discount 10550 Taka

Note: All these above-mentioned air ticket prices of different airlines don’t remain the same. Rather, they are subject to change depending on fuel cost, flight availability, and many other factors.

However, usually, the price doesn’t change drastically but air fare slightly ups and downs from the fare mentioned above. So by going through the above tables, you can also get different airline’s airfare ideas.

Few Things To Consider Before Picking the Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar Flight

While booking a flight for any travel destination, the air fare and the flight schedule are not the only things to know and consider. You should also focus on the following points:

  • On Tuesday morning, almost all the airlines put their fare sales
  • Book your flight in advance if possible don’t wait until the last minute
  • Fly to your favorite destinations during the least popular times
  • Choose the seat later
  • Pack your own snakes
  • Fly on holiday
  • Avoid extra fees

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Cox’s Bazar?

Answer: it depends on the Airlines Company Flight Announcement, Normally various Airlines company offer various prices on a time basis. The approximate price is 4500 to 11000 BDT.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Fly To Bangladesh?

Answer: October

Do I Need a Passport for a Domestic Flight in Bangladesh?

Answer: No, There is no need for passports for a domestic flight, but you need to show your National ID, or Photo ID.

How Long Does It Take From Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar By Bus?

Answer: Approximately 50 Minutes.

Bottom Line

Expectantly the above article was quite helpful for you, and now you know the details of Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air ticket price. Many airlines operate flights to these two destinations. Thus you can book a flight from any company according to your convenience. But before booking a flight, do a little research on various airlines’ air ticket prices, compare which one is the cost-effective option for you, and then book a flight from that airline.

Even if your budget is low, don’t worry. All these airline charge different prices, from the lowest to the highest, based on different classes. So go through the above details sharply and then book your flight. If you need help booking a flight, you can also contact us.

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