Teletalk Youth Internet Package 2024 | Data Pack List.

Teletalk Youth prepaid package is a new connection of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. So, after buying a new Teletalk sim, you can enjoy the Teletalk youth internet package 2024 . 

Teletalk youth customers can enjoy all other benefits from Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. They provide lots of offers for their new Teletalk customers. Its bonus is that these customers can migrate to other packages on a regular migration system. 

However, here is the content where you can find out all of the information about the Teletalk youth internet package. So, let’s enjoy it.

Teletalk Youth Internet Package 2024

Teletalk 3G prepaid packages bring the latest offer for its users. Only Teletalk first brings this offer to its customers. For that reason, all of the subscribers of Teletalk can use high-speed data. With this data pack, customers can enjoy video calling and download videos, audio, files, and images. And when you download them, you can download them at a minimum of 512 kbps speed. So, let check the Teletalk Youth Internet Package list below.

Data Volume  Price  Validity  USSD Activation Prepaid Short Code Postpaid Short Code Recharge to Activate
1GB BDT. 27 7 Days             *111*27# E27 F01 27 Tk
1GB BDT. 49 30 Days *111*49# DPSS1 F02 49 Tk
2GB BDT. 93 30 Days *111*93# E93 F03 93 Tk
3GB BDT. 44 5 Days             *111*44# P44 F44 44 Tk
3GB BDT. 66 10 Days             *111*66#            E66 F04 66 Tk
10GB BDT. 97 10 Days *111*97# E97 F05 97 Tk
25GB BDT. 198 10 Days *111*198# E198 F06 198 Tk
30GB BDT. 344 30 Days *111*344# SP30 FP30 344 Tk

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This is excellent news for all Teletalk youth 3G prepaid packages subscribers. But if you want to buy a new Teletalk youth 3G sim, you can buy it for only @ 129 Tk. We are trying to give Teletalk youth internet package details here:

  • You can take your desired data pack through the following method.
  • You have to need an exact amount to get your desired offer.
  • Or, you can dial the USSD activation code to get your desired offer.
  • And, type the internet package shortcode in your mobile SMS option. And, send it to 111.
  • All the Teletalk youth internet package price is including VAT.

How To Migrate Teletalk Youth 4G Package: 

If you want to migrate your favorite Teletalk youth 3G package, go to the massage option. And type the below instructions correctly. After migrating your Teletalk youth sim, you can enjoy the Teletalk 3G internet pack.

  • Type Y4G and send it to 555.
  • Only charge 20 Tk.

Teletalk Youth Regular Internet Package: 

The new connection of Teletalk has given many exclusive data packages for their valuable customers. So, if you want to get this exclusive data pack, you need to recharge the exact amount of Taka. Teletalk youth brings a regular data pack for their customers. So, if you are a new Teletalk youth user you can enjoy this regular data pack.

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All this Teletalk youth internet package offer can enjoy prepaid and postpaid users. Here is the table where you can find your favorite data pack you. Here below, we have given all of the Teletalk exclusive data packs with code. So, find out your favorite package for you.

Internet Volume  Price  Validity  USSD Activation Code Prepaid Short Code Postpaid Short Code Recharge To Activation
100 MB BDT. 9 5 Days             *111*501#            D51 F51 9 Tk
500 MB BDT. 26 30 Days *111*503# D82 F82 26 Tk
1.5 GB BDT. 39 7 Days *111*513# D52 F52 39 Tk
3.5 GB BDT. 78 10 Days             *111*511# D58 F58 78 Tk
3 GB BDT. 139 30 Days *111*531# D31 F21 139 Tk
5 GB  BDT. 201 30 Days *111*532# D20 F20 201 Tk
10 GB BDT. 301 30 Days *111*550# D21 F22 301 Tk
20 GB BDT. 498 30 Days *111*552# D26 F28 498 Tk
30 GB BDT. 649 30 Days *111*553# D32 F31 649 Tk
45 GB BDT. 849 30 Days *111*554# D33 F11 849 Tk

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Teletalk Youth Special Internet Package:

If you want a daily 20 MB internet fun pack with 512kbps, type D18 and send 111. So, go to the message option, and type D18 send 111. This 20 MB fun internet pack SMS is free.

 To check your data balance, type “U” and send it to 111. And, you can also check your data balance with this dialing code *152#.

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Teletalk Youth 16 Tk Recharge Offer:

Teletalk always gives an excellent offer as a Teletalk Youth Internet Package for its subscribers. So, the Teletalk youth 16 Taka recharge offer is one of them. Recharge 16 Tk and get many offers. After recharge 16 Tk, you can get 16 Tk in your main balance. Below we give you in details: 

  • To get 16 Tk main balance
  • For 24 hours to get 66 paisa/min with another operator.
  • On every 16 Tk recharge, get 16 MB free 3G data pack. And, 16MB data pack validity is 1-day.
  • To Teletalk voice call 30 paisa (12 am-8 am) and 54 paisa (8 am-12 am).
  • This voice call validity is ten days from the recharge day.
  • Including VAT.
  • 5-second pulse in a voice call.

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Teletalk 66 Tk Recharge Offer:

So, like the 16 Tk recharge offer, this offer is also another excellent offer for Teletalk youth customers. To get a 66 Tk recharge offer. You need to recharge except 66 Tk on your Teletalk youth sim. However, here below give in details of the Teletalk Youth Internet Package Offer:

  • You can get 66 Tk in your main balance.
  • You also can get 66 Poisa/minute Talk Time with another operator. This Talktime validity is 24 hours.
  • To get free 66 MB 3G Data and this data validity is two days.
  • And, 30 paisa Teletalk voice calls (12 am-8 am). Also 54 paisa Telatalk voice calls (8 am-12 am).
  • This voice call validity is 30 days from the recharge.
  • Voice call is 5-second plus
  • All VAT included.

Teletalk 30 Tk Recharge Offer:

After recharge 30 Tk, you get 30 Tk main balance on your sim. And without this balance, you can get more offers after 30 Tk recharge. So, Here below, we have given in detail this 30 Tk recharge offer. Just check it out:

  • Recharge only 30 Tk and get 30 Tk main balance.
  • 66 paisa/minute another operator Talktime offers for 24 hours.
  • To get a 30 MB 3G free data pack, which is valid for 15 days.
  • You can get 30 paisa (12 am – 8 am), and 54 paisa (8 am to 12 am) voice calls.
  • From the recharge day, the voice call validity is 15 days. 
  • All VAT applicable.
  • 5 Sec pulse in this voice call.

How do I Connect To The 4G Network?

If you want to come back on the Teletalk network, then welcome. However, do you want to know how to connect to the 3G sim? if yes, follow the instruction below step:

Step 1: Upgrade your existing sim 3G packages for Teletalk Youth Internet Package Good Speed.

Step 2: You need to select modes like Dual/WCDMA/3G/UMTS. For internet usage, you need to avoid the DUAL option.

Step 3: Now, configure your data set with APN “WAP'” and ” set” and send it to 738 number.

Step 4: After 3G register, you can use the above symbol in your mobile 3G/ 3.5G/ H. So, you can enjoy the 3G network from now on.

Final Thought:

On the other hand, all Teletalk youth internet packages are an excellent offer for all Teletalk youth sim users. So, if you have a Teletalk youth sim, this latest internet package is for you. 

However, take your desire pack from here and enjoy it.  If you have any queries about these Teletalk Youth Internet Package, just let us know. 

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