Teletalk Internet Offer 2024 | ডাটা প্যাকেজসমূহ [Updated]

Today we are going to tell you about Teletalk Internet Offer 2024 . Teletalk always wants to provide an astonishing and attractive offer for its customers. It’s a Government-owned mobile operator in Bangladesh.

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Teletalk has distributed its offerings into different categories. Such as Teletalk agami sim offer, Youth Sim Offer, Teletalk Internet Offer New, Bornomala Sim offer, Oporajita Sim offer, and Best Teletalk Internet Offer. So that every customer can easily choose theirs, the internet offers for them.

Teletalk also gives low-cost internet services for students. So let’s begin Teletalk Internet Offer below

Teletalk Internet Offer 2024 -All

Teletalk published regular internet offers and packages for all Postpaid and prepaid customers. All of the customers can enjoy these offers. we are giving Teletalk proper internet offer details – you can purchase one of these wants –

    Data     Active code           Validity    Recharge Price
1GB *111*611# Seven days BDT. 23
1GB *111*46# 30 days BDT. 46
2GB *111*85# 30 days BDT. 85
3GB *111*63#Ten Ten days BDT. 63
5GB *111*97#Ten Ten days BDT. 97
10GB *111*198#   BDT. 9
Data     Active code Days    Recharge Price
3GB *111*33# Three days BDT. 33
250 MB *111*503# Seven days BDT. 24
500 MB *111*513# Ten days BDT. 39
2.5 GB *111*511# Ten days BDT. 78
3 GB *111*531# 30 days BDT. 201
5 GB *111*532# 30 days BDT. 301
8 GB *111*533# 30 days BDT. 391
10 GB *111*550# 30 days BDT. 445
15 GB *111*551# 30 days BDT. 649
30 GB *111*553# 30 days BDT. 1169
45 GB *111*554# 30 days BDT. 1669
65 GB *111*555# 30 days BDT. 2225

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Teletalk Internet Package

Teletalk Offers Many Internet Package and Data Offer for the customers, such as Teletalk Sagotom SIM Internet Offers, Teletalk Bornomala SIM Internet Offers, Teletalk Oporajita SIM Internet Offers, Teletalk Agami SIM Internet Offers, and more. You can the all Teletalk Internet Package list below which helps to know all are the Teletalk Internet Offer and MB Packages with activation code.

Volume Validity Recharge Amount Activation Code
100 MB 5 Days Tk.9 *111*501#
500 MB 30 Days Tk.26 *111*503#
3.5 GB 10 Days Tk.78 *111*511#
1.5 GB 7 Days Tk.39 *111*513#
10 GB 30 Days Tk.301 *111*550#
3 GB 30 Days Tk.139 *111*531#
20 GB 30 Days Tk.498 *111*552#
45 GB 30 Days Tk.849 *111*554#
30 GB 30 Days Tk.649 *111*553#
5 GB 30 Days Tk.201 *111*532#
3.5 GB 10 Days Tk.78 *111*511#

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Teletalk Agami Internet Offer

Hello Teletalk customers, we are talking about your Teletalk Agami Sim internet package for you in detail. You can purchase fantastic up to 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 10GB Teletalk Internet Offe here.

Features of Agami Sim:

  • 1GB@ Tk.43 ( validity 30 Days)
  • 5GB @ Tk.87 ( validity 15 days)
  • 10GB @ Tk.169 ( validity 30 days)
          Data      Active code          Validity   Recharge Price
1 GB *111*600# Seven days BDT. 21
1 GB *111*601# 30 days BDT. 43
2 GB *111*602# 30 days BDT. 81
3 GB *111*603# Ten days BDT. 53
5 GB *111*605# 15 days BDT. 87
10 GB *111*610# 30 days BDT. 169

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Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer.

Bangladeshi Government has given this Sim free to the students considering their safety. Every student takes these Teletalk Bornomala Sim Because of its affordable internet offers. Here is the list of Bornomala Sim internet offers


  • 1G B @ BDT. 23 (Data Validity 7 Days)
  • 1G B @ BDT. 44 (Internet Validity 30 Days)
  • 10 GB @ BDT. 179 (Data Validity 30 Days)
          Data      Active code            Validity Recharge price
1 GB *111*611# Seven days BDT. 1GB
1 GB *111*612# 30 days BDT. 44
2 GB *111*613# 30 days BDT. 83
3 GB *111*614# Ten days BDT. 59
5 GB *111*615# 15 days BDT. 93
10 GB *111*616# 30 days BDT. 179

Link: Teletalk Bornomala Internet Package

Teletalk Oporajita SIM Offer

Teletalk Oporajita Sim is only for women. If any women want this sim, at first, they have to register and get internet services at a lower price. Women can use this internet by registering with the national ID card and one copy color picture. So it is an Under the Teletalk Internet Offers, Active and enjoy.

Features & Condition of Oporajita Sim:

  • Get 1GB @ BDT.8 (Only for the first three months after activation), valid for 7days.
  • Get 2GB @ BDT.36 (Any time purchased), validity seven days.
  • Get 10GB @ BDT. 149 (all-time Purchase ), validity ten days.
  • Get 1GB @ BDT. 89 (Recharge Tk.89 to active), Validity 30 days.
  • Get 2GB @ BDT. 199, 300 Minute, 100 SMS (any operator), Recharge BDT. 199 or dial *111*199#
Data Active Code Validity Recharge Price
1 GB *111*8# Seven days BDT. 8
1 GB *111*18# Three days BDT. 18
2 GB *111*36# Seven days BDT. 36
10 GB *111*149# 15 days BDT. 149
1 GB Recharge: BDT 89 30 days BDT. 89
2 GB *111*199# 30 days BDT. 199

Link: Teletalk Oporajita Internet Package

Teletalk Mayer Hasi Internet Offer.

Teletalk Mayer Hasi Sim is free for all students and their mothers acquiring pension in primary education. Just Check Teletalk Internet Offer 2024 with Activation Code.


  • 1 GB Internet @ BDT. 79 (Valid for 30 Days)
  • 2 GB Internet @ BDT. 131 (Valid for  30 Days)
      Data         Price      Validity USSD Code Short Code
1 GB BDT. 79 30 days *111*79# D79
2 GB BDT. 131 30 days *111*131# D131

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Terms & Conditions of Mayer Hasi Data packages:

  • When this data plan validity expires then the pay-per-use policy will automatically apply, the application rate is 15K = 0.1 Tk.
  • Want to see usage data plan type “u” and send SMS to 111 and want to know the balance dial *152#.

Teletalk Sagotom SIM Offer.

Teletalk made ‘Sagotom‘ the most affordable package for their customers. It is excellent news for all subscribers. Here I will give the best Teletalk Sagotom Internet packages for you.

Price Validity Activation Code
1GB @ Tk. 46 30 days Dial *111*46# / Recharge Tk. 46
2GB @ Tk. 84 30 days Dial *111*84# or Recharge Tk.84
3GB @ Tk. 42 Five days Dial *111*42# or Recharge Tk. 42

Let’s check: Teletalk Sagotom Internet Package

Migrate the Teletalk Sagotom and enjoy this most attractive package. 

  • Teletalk Sagotom subscribers have to type ‘SAG’ and send it to 112.
  • Sagotom Sim’s price is BDT 70. Pulse 1 second, Voice tariff is (excluding VAT, SD & SC)

Teletalk Corporate Data Packages

Teletalk has to take some big corporate volume data packs for customers. We have compiled some data pack information and made a table for you. Have a look at the corporate governance Teletalk Internet Offer in this table below provided by Teletalk.

Data Price Validity USSD Code
2 GB BDT 160 30 days CP01
5 GB BDT 300 30 days CP02
10 GB BDT 500 30 days CP03
15 GB BDT 675 30 days CP04
25 GB BDT 1000 30 days CP05
40 GB BDT 1400 30 days CP06
60 GB BDT 1800 30 days CP07
  • Teletalk corporate packages are eligible for prepaid and postpaid users.
  • Want to activate any 3G package, Teletalk corporate users have to activate the particular box by sending SMS (Type “Subscription Code” and Send to 111).
  • If any data plan is unused during the validity time, it will expire.
  • Want to see the usage of data type “u” and send SMS to 111 and want to know all balance dial *152#.
  • All charges include this price of Teletalk Internet Offer.

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Teletalk Super Internet Offer

(8GB @ TK89) offer is a Teletalk regular internet offer.  You can buy this pack with a recharge or dial *111*89#. That means when you recharge 89 BDT; you will get this offer. All subscribers can enjoy this offer.

  • Teletalk all prepaid subscribers are able for this offer.
  • 8GB internet at Tk89, Validity 15 days.
  • Want to activate this offer, dial *111*89#, or recharge exactly 89TK.
  • Want to check your internet balance, Type “U” and send it to 111.
  • Dial *152# to check Teletalk’s all balance status.
  • 4G, 3G, 2G networks can support this internet package.
  •  Recharge  BDT.89 and get this offer( all charges included for Teletalk Internet Offer).

Teletalk Jumbo Combo Offer:

Teletalk Offer various data packages such as Teletalk Jumbo Combo 299Tk Bundle Offer, you can see the data package detail with activation code below.

  • Total Internet: 1.5GB
  • Talk-time 380Min (Any Local Operator)
  • -Total SMS 100SMS Any Local Operator
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • To Buy the Bundle Recharge Just 299Tk or *111*299#
  • Data balance check Code is *152# or Type U send to 111
  • All details you can get from the Teletalk Internet Offer article.

Teletalk Combo Smile Offer:

Check the Teletalk Combo Smile Bundle Offer at 100 Taka with an activation code. So, hopefully, to understand the Teletalk Internet Offer Article.

  • Total Internet: 1GB GB
  • Talk time: 100 Min Teletalk (Any Local Number)
  • Total SMS: 100 SMS (Any Local Number)
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code is: press *111*103#
  • Data Balance check Cod is: *152# or Type U send to 111
Final Words

We are trying to share the latest Teletalk Internet offer and packages for 2024 . In this content, We just shared internet offers from the Teletalk official website. Teletalk authority can change any internet offer at any time. Want any questions, just comment on us. We will try to give the best answer to your question.

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