Teletalk Agami SIM Registration 2024 for SSC GPA 5 Student.

There is the only state-owned GSM, 3G, LTE based mobile phone operator in Bangladesh is Teletalk. Teletalk start its operating journey from in 2004 and continue with 4.527 million subscribers. Every time Teletalk comes with the best offer for its clients. Teletalk agami SIM registration giving the best proposal for GPA 5 students.

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S.S.C GPA 5 and O level English medium examination, GPA 5 holder students all over Bangladesh can grab this opportunity. Telecommunication technology is always needed and they give the SIM with the best package for countries talented students for their achievement. Let’s know the details and how it’s going to work for students. keep scrolling and stay connected.

Teletalk Agami SIM Registration 2024

Teletalk Agami SIM Registration for GPA-5 Holders: Every year thousands of students get GPA 5 on their S.S.C board exam also from English medium “O” level exam students get GPA 5. This is the day when they step up to higher education. Teletalk gives them their best gift and it is Teletalk agami SIM Registration this gift is very special because Agami SIM Registration for GPA-5 Holders will inspire the other candidate to do a good result.

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All you need some documents for GPA 5 Teletalk Agami SIM registration. Teletalk Agami SIM is not for sale, it’s a special package for S.S.C and O level GPA 5 students. Like other packages such as bornomala, oporajita, youth, etc Agami package is specially offered to S.S.C and O level GPA 5 students. With their original document, they can complete Teletalk Agami SIM Registration and enjoy all the Teletalk Agami SIM offer.

Agami SIM Registration Code:

  • SSC/ O’Level Examinations – anyone of this (Original Admit Card/ Mark sheet/ Certificate).
  • Teletalk will send an SMS with an OTP number that will be needed for SIM collection.
  • Photocopy of SSC/ O’Level Examinations- anyone of this (Admit Card/ Mark sheet/ Certificate).
  • Most importantly Photocopy of National ID Card and Photo – 02 Nos. (This two perform for SIM registration)
  • Registration Form which is available at or TBL CC/CCP.

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Agami SIM Registration By SMS:

In the section we have shared how Registration Teletalk Agami SIM by SMS Method, Please follow the below steps.

Agami SIMJ For SSC GPA 5 Students:

Go to your mobile message option and type: GPA5 <space> BoordShortCode <space> Roll <space> Passing Year <space> Contact No.<space> CC Code and send it to 16222.

For example: AGAMI   DHA   12345   2024 015******** 101

For English Medium (O’ Level) Students: 

Go to your mobile message option and type: GPA5 <space> OLE <space> Registration No/Unique Candidate Identifier <space> Passing Year <space> Contact No.<space> CC Code and send it to 16222.

For example: AGAMI   OLE  12345   2024 015********   101

·  After Send Above SMS application you will get a Return SMS of Confirmation for Sim Registration. Sim Collection Schedule Will notify via SMS.

·  Now you have to download the USER registration form by using official site or Can Collect from Customer care.

·  Now fill-up the form and gather all required documents and collect your SIM on the SIM collection date.

·  If you want Teletalk Agami SIM online registration just go to their official page and click on free online registration and then follow the instruction you will complete all the process very easy.


Agami SIM Registration Date:

Teletalk Agami Sim only for SSC GPA-5 Holder Students 2024 is beginning from 20th June (Tuesday) 2024 & the concluding date was 20th July (Thursday) 2024.

The students who were completing their SSC and O’ level exams in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2024 to 2024 are eligible to apply this offer. The condition is one and that is students will have to get GPA 5 in SSC and O level Exam.

Teletalk Agami SIM Internet Package:

There are some important things to careful:

  • You should alert on the Teletalk Agami SIM Registration date. From the start date to the end date otherwise, you will be missing your chance.
  • When you are doing Teletalk Agami SIM online Registration try to complete the registration process within 30 minutes by avoiding internet interrupt.
  • Collect your SIM on the correct schedule otherwise, it will be late making hassle to collect.
  • Remember this is only for SSC and O level GPA5 so other students don’t try to apply.
  • If students do not have some of the documents like NID, they can use their legal gordian’s NID and photo.
Final Words:

Teletalk is always trying to do something good for Bangladesh. They inspire and give the motivation to raise. Teletalk Agami SIM Registration is one of the examples of their good deed.

Teletalk agami SIM registration brings the best package offer for these bright students that they can celebrate their achievement with all. The registration system is very easy you can do with the SMS system or online both are easy to do. Hope that it will help you do the registration without any hassle.

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