Airtel All Service off Code | Airtel All Service Stop Code [Updated]

Like other SIM companies, Airtel is coming up with various services for its customers. But a lot of times it happens that there are some unnecessary services that the customer turns on without realizing it and starts cutting the balance of their mobile. Today I will inform you about the Airtel All Service Off Code.

How to turn off unnecessary Airtel SIM service code. In my article Airtel All Service Stop Code, I have tried to give you the deactivate code of all the services of Airtel together for your convenience because when you need it, you can get the codes in one place.

Airtel BD Service Off Code List.

Airtel is offering many services for the convenience of its valued customers. Some of these services are needed by the customer; some are needed from time to time and not needed later. Below I have given the list of Airtel All Service Off Code,

  • Miss Call Alert
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller Tune
  • Promotional SMS
  • Call Block Service
  • Health and Education Service
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Weather Update
  • Jokes
  • Airtel Cricket News
  • Religious Alert
  • Mobile Backup and many other services 

These deactivate codes help you to get annoying offers or you can dial code and unsubscribe the unnecessary service or some service that you used in previous but now you don’t need this. Airtel All Service off Code 2024 lists are,

Airtel All Service Off Code (Individually):

Service Name USSD Or Dial Code
Stop Promotional SMS *7#
Value Added Service(VAS) Stop Request *9#

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Stop Airtel Promotional SMS Call *121*9*2#.
Stop Facebook Update  *325*22#
Airtel Caller tune Deactivate code *121*3*1#.
Airtel Music and Entertainment Service Off Code *121*3*2#.
Airtel Mobile Backup Service Unsubscribe Code *121*3*3#
Airtel Miss Call Alert Stop Code *121*3*4#
Airtel Classified Service Stop Code *121*3*5#.
Airtel Cricket News Service Deactivate Code *121*3*6#.
Airtel Religious Alert Service Stop Code *121*3*8#.
Airtel Health and Education SMS Service Deactivate Code *121*3*8#.
Airtel Horoscopes Service Deactivate Code *121*3*9#.
Airtel News Service Stop Code *121*3*10#.
Airtel Weather Forecast Service Stop Code *121*3*11#.
Airtel Voice Mail Service Stop Code *121*3*12#.
Airtel Intl. Roam SMS Service Deactivate Code *121*3*13#.
Stop Airtel Jokes SMS Service Off Code *121*3*14#
Airtel Call Block Stop Service *121*3*15#.

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Airtel All Service Stop Code (Independently).

for any purposes, we need to stop Airtel Vas services code such as stop miss call alert, stop caller tune, Off Airtel Call Block service, Airtel Cricket News, and many more. We understand the airtel vas service off code importantly, that’s we have added airtel all service off code 2024 bd all are details for the peoples who are want to stop unnecessary airtel all value-added service off code. Just You can check the airtel service off code list below.

  • Stop Airtel Promotional SMS Call, Code is *121*9*2#.
  • For Stop Facebook Update Dial *325*22# and to confirm by pressing 1.
  • Airtel Caller tune and my tune deactivate code is *121*3*1#.
  • To stop Airtel Music and entertainment Service, Dial *121*3*2#.
  • Dial *121*3*3# for unsubscribe Airtel Mobile Backup Service.
  • To stop Airtel Miss Call alert service Dial *121*3*4#
  • For Airtel Classified service off, Dial *121*3*5#.
  • Airtel Cricket News Service deactivate code is *121*3*6#.
  • Airtel Religious alert service stop code is *121*3*7#.
  • Airtel Health and Education SMS Service deactivate code is *121*3*8#.
  • Airtel Horoscopes Service deactivates code is*121*3*9#.
  • Airtel News Service stop code is, *121*3*10#.
  • To stop Airtel Weather forecast Service, Dial *121*3*11#.
  • If you want to stop Airtel Voice mail service, Dial *121*3*12#.
  • Airtel Intl. Roam SMS Service deactivate code is *121*3*13#.
  • Dial *121*3*14# to stop Airtel Jokes SMS Service.
  • Airtel Call Block stop service Dial, *121*3*15#.

Hopefully to understand about Airtel All Service Off Code. For More Update news about Airtel Vas Service Off Code, you can go the company’s official website and Install my Airtel App.

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Airtel VAS and Promotional SMS Deactivate Code:

Airtel has a different VAS (Value Added Service) and Promotional SMS deactivate code. The Airtel All Service Off Code are below:

Service Deactivate USSD Code
Stop/Start Promotional SMS *7#
All VAS (Value added service) *9#

Final Words:

Airtel subscribers often face the problem that getting unnecessary service on their SIM. And their mobile balance decrease automatically. If you have activated the service and after someday, you no longer want to be activated that service on your SIM, You can dial and stop the service what you want. The deactivate process is easy. In Airtel All Service off Code 2024, you get all the codes. Even then, if you have any problem with the Airtel All Service Stop Code, let us know in the comment box.

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