Robi Goongoon Code 2023 | Robi Welcome Tune Code [New]

Robi GoonGoon is a caller ring back service. In other words, it’s a feature that allows you to set any song or tune as your caller tune. And, interestingly this feature comes with a lot of cool features. For example, you can set it for a specific time or a specific number. Also, registering for Robi GoonGoon Code is an easy process. Here, I will talk about the process in detail. Moreover, you get the latest songs to pick as your GoonGoon.

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Not to mention, GoonGoon offers you a variety of packs. And, the packs start from 1Tk to 30Tk. Now, let’s start with how to activate Robi GoonGoon. Also, you will get to know about how to stop Robi GoonGoon service. Moreover, you will get to know about Robi GoonGoon code to add songs. To clarify, all information used below is collected from Robi official site and Robi App.

Details Of Robi GoonGoon Code.

You’re probably wondering how to activate Robi GoonGoon. Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you. There are three ways to register for Robi GoonGoon. And, you can register via USSD, SMS, or IVR. Also, the process is as simple as drinking water. Here, the processes are explained below.

How to Active Robi GoonGoon By USSD Code
  • Robi GoonGoon code for registration is *8466#.
  •  And, to activate this feature. Firstly, dial *8466# from your Robi sim.
  •  Then, you will see a new window. And, then type the number beside “active GoonGoon”. And,  it.
  • Finally, you’ll get a text with confirmation of GoonGoon activation
How to Active Robi GoonGoon By SMS
  • And, to register for GoonGoon through SMS. Firstly, go to your message option.
  •  Then, create a new message. Secondly, type reg and send it to 8466.
  •  Lastly, you will get a re-confirmation message.
  •  Type ‘Y’ and tap send. And, Congratulations you have successfully activated your GoonGoon.
How to Active Robi GoonGoon By IVR
  • Also, to register through IVR. First, dial 8466.
  • Then, for the rest follow the instructions. And, it will guide to through the whole registration process. The registration process is not complicated at all.

Top 10 Robi GoonGoon Code:

Now we have shared Robi Top 10 GoonGoon Code with Artist and Song Name, you can follow below table, you can easyily understand the Robi Top Ten GoonGoon Code.

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Song Name Artist Name GoonGoon Code
Dheere Dheere Habib 5908345
Ghum Habib 6414989
Tor Premete James 6314414
Tui Amar mon valo Autumnal Moon 5347459
Ta Jani na Minar 6259625
Modhu Hoi Hoi Saju 17105318
Na jani kon oporadhe Momtaj 6314406
Ure Jai Bammy n Shahtaj 5817987
Mithe Noy Habib 6233105
Bondhu Ayi Aiyo Salma 16022426

How to Download a Song and Set GoonGoon:

  • At first, go to your Message option.
  • Type GoonGoon code and send to 28466.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation message as a “Requested GoonGoon BBBB has been set successfully. Download Fee, valid till MM-DD- YYYY.”
  • This is the process to download GoonGoon.

How to Stop/Off Robi GoonGoon Service?

If you ever want to stop the service. Then, you must know how to cancel Robi GoonGoon service. And, to know about it you must read this portion. If you wish to deactivate GoonGoon through SMS. Then, go to your message option. And, type STOP or OFF. Then, send it to 8466. You will get a confirmation text of the service deactivation. And, to deactivate by IVR.

Just dial 8466 and follow the instructions. Lastly, to deactivate through USSD code. Dial *8466# and on the pop-up window select deactivate GoonGoon. And, it’s done. See? It’s so simple. To clarify, the GoonGoon service will not turn off before 30 days. Even if you deactivate it.

  • Firstly, go to your message option. Then, type STOP or OFF.
  • And, send it to 8466. That’s all. And, it’s deactivated.
  • Or, dial *8466# and select deactivate GoonGoon.

Robi GoonGoon Service Charge:

Robi GoonGoon charges 30TK for 30 days. However, if the user doesn’t have the full amount. Then, GoonGoon charges differently. Still, 30TK will be dedicated. But, depending on the user’s balance. Then, the pack will be activated for less than 30days. As shown below.

1Day 5Days 10Days 15Days 20Days 25Days 30Days
1Tk 5Tk 10Tk 15Tk 20Tk 25Tk 30Tk

How To Setup Song as GoonGoon?

Well, you now know how to activate Robi GoonGoon. But, there are a few things you should know. And, one of them is how to set up songs. However, there are few steps to set up songs as GoonGoon. Also, a few ways. Of course, I am going to talk about them. So, let’s get started.

Robi GoonGoon Setup Through The SMS.

To set any song as your Robi GoonGoon Code through SMS. First, go to your message option. Then, type GET GoonGoon song code. And, send it to 8644. That’s all. You will get a confirmation SMS. then, the song is set as your GoonGoon. And, to find a song code. First, go to your message option. Then, type FIND Song name/artist name/album name. And, send it to 8466. Then, you will get a text back with the song codes. To clarify, GoonGoon songs comes with validity. And, it’s free of charge.

Robi GoonGoon Code List Bangla.

I have listed some famous Robi GoonGoon code for Bangla songsbelow.

Song Name Artist Code
Tor Premete James 6314414
Abar Minar Rahaman 6680163
Ghum Habib 6414989

Robi Islamic GoonGoon Code List [Top].

You can set Azan as your GoonGoon. And, to do so all you have to do is press 9 while listening to someone else’s GoonGoon. But, if you’re not a Robi GoonGoon user. And, you try this process. Then, the GoonGoon will be automatically activated for you.

And, it will be activated for 30days. Also, charge 30TK for the same. Moreover, Robi GoonGoon Code also offers Islamic Naths and Surahs as GoonGoon. And, to set them as your GoonGoon. You have to follow the same procedure for downloading songs as GoonGoon. Here, I have given some Robi Islamic GoonGoon code list.

Name Artist Code
Surra Arrahman Abdullah 2901951
Sura Ikhlas Abdulah 3951940
Sura Yasin Abdullah 2901962

Robi GoonGoon Name Tune.

This is an exciting feature offered by GoonGoon. Well, you can set your name as your GoonGoon. And, to enjoy this feature. Firstly, go to your message option. Then, type NAME Username(your name). And, send it to 8466. Lastly, you will get a text with the charge and delivery time of your request. After processing the tune. Then, it will be assigned to the requested number. And, the cost of this feature will be mentioned in the confirmation text.

Robi GoonGoon Web Portal.

The GoonGoon web portal can be accessed by both PC or Phone. But, the phone is recommended more. Through the web portal, users can download or browse for songs. Moreover, the web portal allows the user to listen to the tune. If, the user is browsing through Robi internet. Then, the user will directly be able to buy content. But, if you are a non GoonGoon user. Then, you’ll be charged for activation. On the other hand, if the user is browsing through a different internet connection. Then, the user will be asked to enter a Robi number. And, verify the number through OTP.

Final Words:

Robi GoonGoon Code offers more features than others. Also, you can also set multiple songs as your GOonGoon. And, it will randomly play these songs to your callers. Not to mention, GoonGoon comes with an auto-renew feature. Hence, you don’t have to activate it manually every time.

Moreover, GoonGoon charges 1tk per day. Which is amazing. Besides, no one offers this many features at such a low price. Moreover, you can make your caller listen to your favorite songs with just 1tk a day. And, if you don’t want to continue this feature. Then, you have the option to deactivate this feature too.

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