GP Welcome Tune Code | Grameenphone Tune List [Full Details]

GP Welcome Tune feature allows you to set up songs for your caller. Also, GP Welcome Tune only charges for the subscription. Hence, you get unlimited free songs. And, to get songs you need the GP Welcome Tune code. But, you probably don’t know any of them. Therefore, I’m here. With GP Welcome Tune code.

Also, to set a song as your Welcome Tune. First, type WT <space> Song Code. Then, send it to 24000. Although, there are various ways to download Welcome Tune. Of course, I will discuss them all. So, let’s not delay any more. And, get to know the process. To clarify, all the information is collected from the Grameenphone website. 

GP Welcome Tune Code

To be able to download songs as Welcome Tune. First, you have to be a Welcome Tune user. And, you can activate Welcome Tune in two ways. They are SMS and USSD. If you want to activate Welcome Tune via SMS. Firstly. Type START. Then, send it to 24000. And, in reply, you will get the confirmation of your activation. And, if you want to activate via USSD.

Then, dial the GP Welcome Tune code *24000#. And, select the Welcome Tune option. Then, select the number to start the service. As a result, your desired service will be activated. You can activate the service very easily while sitting at your home.

How to set GP Welcome Tune

Well, Welcome Tune offers you to set songs for free. But, you need to know how to set them up as your Welcome Tune. There are a few ways to set up songs as your welcome tune. And, they are quite simple too. You can set songs as Welcome Tune with the help of the GP Welcome Tune code list. I will help you with the process. The processes are discussed below.

Grameenphone Welcome Tune Set By SMS

To download songs via SMS. First, go to your message option. Then, type WT <soace> Song code. And, send it to 24000. Then, the song will be added to your library. Also, you will get a confirmation SMS for the same. I will list some GP Welcome Tune code for you. So, you can add them to your library.

GP Welcome Tune Set BY Through IVR

You can also add songs to your library via IVR. For that, you have to dial 24000. And, select the welcome tune option. Then, you will be presented with many options. For example, top songs, Bangla songs, English songs, and many more. Select your desired option. And, your choice will be added to your library. In this case, you don’t need a GP Welcome Tune code to add songs to your library.

GP Welcome Tune Active By MyGP App

If you are a MyGP user then log in to your account. If not, then register and log in. Of course, you can download Welcome Tune songs from the MyGP app. And, to do so firstly open the MyGP app. Then,  from the MyGP app select manage your services option. Then, select Welcome Tune to download songs from there. Also, you don’t need the GP Welcome Tune code list to add songs from here.

GP Welcome Tune Off Code

Now, you know all you need to know about adding songs and registering for Welcome Tune. But, how do you deactivate the service? Let me tell you about that. GP offers you two options to deactivate this feature. And, one of them is temporary. If you need to GP Welcome Tune Stop Code, you wish to temporarily deactivate this feature. Then, go to your message option. And, type OFF send it to 24000.

But, you’ll be still be charged for subscriptions. Because your library will not be deleted. And, to reactivate just type ON and send it 24000. Again, to deactivate permanently. First, open your message option. Then, type STOP and send it to 24000. And, you will get a confirmation of the deactivation of the service. To clarify, your song library will be deleted and done GP Welcome Tune Off Code process.

Grameenphone Welcome Tune Code List

As I said I will provide some GP Welcome Tune code for you. And, I have listed some of the top songs and Naths for you here.

GP Welcome Tune Code Bangla

Top 3 Bangla song for Welcome Tune

Song Artist Code
Ghum Habib Wahid 6680167
Abar Minar Rahaman 6680163
Onuvobe Tumi Tahsan and Puja 5255593

GP Welcome Tune Code Islam

And, top 3 Islamic naths.

Nath Artist Code
Romjaner Oi Rojar Seshe Shourin SK 6354878
Surah Ar-Rahman Rayadh 6640329
Trivubone Priyo Muhammad Rashed Ahmed 5817260

Grameenphone Welcome Tune Randomize Songs

GP welcome tune allows you to randomize songs. Therefore, your songs will play randomly. With each call, it will play different songs, for instance. Also, you can enjoy this feature via two different methods. And, they are via USSD or SMS. And, to activate this feature through USSD. First, dial GP Welcome Tune code *24000#. Then, select the Welcome Tune. Lastly, press 5 to randomize your library. Again, to randomize through SMS. first, open your message option and type RANDOM. And, send it to 24000. And, congratulations you have randomized your library.

Final Words:

GP Welcome Tune feature is pretty cool. And, with so many options to choose from. Also, it comes with three different subscription package. For example, 32.83Tk for 30 days. And, 7.66Tk for 7days. However, it also offers a one day pack which comes at just 1.09tk. And, if you are looking to use this feature for a special day. Then, this might be the best deal for you. In conclusion, this feature offers much functionality. And, lots of variations in songs. Also, which you get for free by using the GP Welcome Tune code.

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