Banglalink 1GB Internet Offer 2023 | Data Pack List

Award winner speed test certified telecom brand Banglalink offers a variant of 1GB data packs. There are varieties of Banglalink 1GB internet offers. Here, I am going to discuss all of the data packs. And, offers that offer 1GB of data. But, some offers are only for special users. For example, Banglalink Superusers or Banglalink Priyo users.

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Hence, you might not be able to claim all the offers. But, you will get some amazing Banglalink 1GB internet offer. And, details of all the packs. All in a single article. So, find the best package for you from here.

Banglalink 1GB Internet offer 2023[All]

Banglalink offers some new package all the time. In 2023, Banglalink has come up with an exciting Banglalink 1GB internet offer. And, that is 1GB at 36 Tk. Also, it offers the validity of 4 days. The details about this pack are given below.

Total Internet Validity Active Code Price
1 GB 7 Days *5000*527# 17 Tk
1 GB 4 Days  *5000*36# 36 Tk
1 GB 30 Days *5000*76# 76 Tk
1 GB 7 Days *5000*216# 16 Tk

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Banglalink 1GB 16Tk Offer 2023[New]

It is the latest Banglalink 1GB Internet Offer, In the offer, you will get 1GB Internet only 16Tk. if you wish to active the data offer, please follow the Banglalink 1GB 16Tk Offer 2023 below details with activation code.

  • Active Code: *5000*216#
  • Validity: 7 Days.
  • Price: 16Tk
  • Internet Balance Check Code: 1245# Or * 5000 * 50 #

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Banglalink 1GB 17Tk Offer

Now Banglalink is offering 1 GB Internet only 17Tk for 7 DAys, you can check the active code. The Package Name is Banglalink 1GB 17Tk Offer, So, let’s check the Banglalink MB Offer details form below

  • Active Code: * 5000* 527# Or Recharge 17 Taka.
  • Validity: 7 Days.
  • Price: 17Tk
  • Internet Balance Check Code: 1245# Or * 5000 * 50 #
  • You can purchase multiple times.

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Banglalink 1GB 36Tk Offer.

This is Banglalink super internet offer which is Banglalin is offering 1GB Internet only 36Tk for 4 Days, You can active the pack by press *5000*36# this code. So, let check the more details about Banglalink 1GB 36Tk Offer 2023.

  • Active Code:  *5000*36#
  • Validity: 4 Days.
  • Price: 36Tk
  • Internet Balance Check Code: 1245# Or * 5000 * 50 #

Banglalink 1GB 76Tk Offer.

In the package the Banglalink is offering 1GB Internet at 76 Tk for 30 Days, have a look below bullet point and active now.

  • Offer Name: Banglalink 1GB 76Tk Offer.
  • Active Code: *5000*76#
  • Validity: 30 Days.
  • Price: 76Tk
  • Internet Balance Check Code: 1245# Or * 5000 * 50 #

<<——————————–Old Offers——————————–>

Banglalink Prepaid Internet Offer.

There are lots of prepaid Banglalink 1GB internet package. You might not know about all of them. So, I have listed them here. Choose the one that suits you best.

Here, I have listed some regular data packs for you. And, all the Prepaid users can enjoy these offers. Also, to know more details read the article about Banglalink 1GB Internet Offer 2023.

Volume Validity Price Activation code
1GB 4days 36tk *5000*36#
1GB 30days 76tk *5000*76#
1.2GB 4days 41tk *5000*41#
1GB(YouTube) 4days 19tk *5000*345#

Banglalink Postpaid Internet Offer

There is some exciting Banglalink 1GB internet offer for Postpaid users. And, for your comfort, I have written about them in detail here. So, let’s go on to know about them. Here, these are the 1GB packs available for Postpaid users.

Volume Validity Price Code
1GB 30days 76tk *5000*660#
1.2GB 30days 119tk *5000*403#

How to buy Banglalink 1GB Internet Package?

Well, there are a few ways that you can use to purchase the packs. For example, recharging a specific amount will activate the pack. Else, you can purchase by dialing the USSD code. And, I am going to make it easier for you. As I will provide all the Banglalink 1GB Internet Offer listed in the article. Here’s how you can activate the packs.

  • First, select the pack you want from the Banglaliink 1GB internet package list.
  • Then, dial the ussd code provided there or recharge the specified amount.
  • Else, you look for the pack in the MyBL app or e-self care. And, activate from there.

Type of Internet Package

Normally, there are two types of internet packages. One is for Postpaid users. And, the other is for prepaid users. But, there are some exceptions. Some packs are available for both users. Banglalink 1GB internet offer has similar types. Here, I have discussed both types of data packs. And, they are divided into two sections.

BL 1GB internet offer for 7 days

The prepaid Banglalink 1GB internet package for days costs 98tk. But, you get 80 minutes and 10 SMS along with it. And, this is a bundle offer. Also, this offer can be activated upon recharging 98tk.

  • This is a bundle offer.
  • And, offers 1GB of data, 80mins, and 10sms.
  • Moreover, the price of this pack is just 98tk.
  • However, to activate this pack dial *166*98# or recharge 98tk.
  • And, it is also available on the MyBL app and e-self care.
  • Then, the minutes and SMS can be used for any local numbers.
  • At last, to check balance dial *121*100#

BL 1GB internet Offer 30 days

Banglalink announced a new internet package recently. And, the pack has a validity of 30 days. Also, the Banglalink 1GB internet offer for 30days costs 76takas. Moreover, it can be activated through recharge.

  • To activate dial *5000*76# or recharge 76tk.
  • And, the internet volume is 1GB with the validity of 30 days.
  • Also, if purchased through the MyBL app or e-self care you get a 100% bonus. Basically, you get 2GB of data for the price of 1GB.
  • And, the internet volume can be used for any purpose.

Banglalink 1GB Bundle 30 days

Similarly, Banglalink has a 30days bundle too. This Banglalink 1GB internet offer costs 198 takas. However, it offers 1GB of internet volume, 190 minutes, and 30 SMS for 30days. Indeed, this is a great deal. All these features at 198taka.

  • This is also a bundle pack.
  • But, this offers 1GB data, 190minutes of talk time, and 30SMS.
  • And, this pack costs just 198takas.
  • Again, to activate this pack dial *166*198# or recharge 198 takas.
  • Similarly, this pack can be activated from the MyBL app or e-self care.
  • However, this is a limited time offer.
  • And, to check balance dial *121*100#

Banglalink 1GB internet Offer 14tk

This offer is also not available to everyone. But, you can try to activate this pack. And, see if it works for you. Besides, this Banglalink 1GB internet offer comes with a validity of 24hours. And, costs only 14 takas.

  • This is a special offer. Hence, might not work for everyone.
  • And, this pack offers 1GB data at only 14tk.
  • However, it has the validity of 24hours.
  • Also, to activate the pack dial *5000*14#

BL internet offer 1GB 17tk

At first, the offer only for Banglalink Super users. Hence, other Banglalink users might not be eligible for the offer. A supersaver Banglalink 1GB internet offer for the Super user. Because this pack costs just 17tk. And, has a validity of 7 days. So one can call this pack as a supersaver pack. The details of this pack are given below.

  • This is only available for Banglalink Superuser
  • And, internet volume is 1GB.
  • Also, validity is 7days.
  • However, the activation code is *5000*527# or recharge 17tk
  • And, users can purchase this pack as many times as they want.

BL 1GB internet offer 25tk

At first, this is an SMS offer. I mean, only customers who are notified through SMS of this offer can claim this offer. Hence, first, check your messages. Because this Banglalink 1GB internet package offers 1GB of data at just 25tk.

  • Again, this is only available to those who are notified.
  • And, this pack costs 25takas.
  • However, has a validity of 3 days.
  • And, to activate this pack dial *5000*272#

Banglalink 1.2GB at 41Tk Data Offer

Recently, Banglalink announced a new 1GB internet pack. This Banglalink 1GB internet offer costs 41taka. But, the pack will give you 1.2 Gb of internet volume.  And, the other 200MB is included as a bonus with the regular 1GB pack. Also, the validity of 4 days. All this just at 41takas.

  • You can recharge 41 tk to activate this pack.
  • Also. you can get the pack by dialing *5000*41#
  • Again, if you activate this pack through the MyBL app or e-self care you get a 50% bonus.

Banglalink 1GB YouTube Pack Offer

We all love browsing and watching videos on YouTube. And, with our regular data pack, it consumes too much data. But, Banglalink has a solution for you. As they offer you a package just for youtube. Banglalink 1GB internet offer has a 1GB youtube pack. Hence, you can now browse youtube at ease.

  • The pack has a 1GB internet volume.
  • And, has a validity of 4days.
  • Also, it costs just 19tk.
  • But, you can only use it for YouTube.
  • Besides, to activate dial *5000*345#

Bangalink Postpaid 1GB 76tk Offer

This pack is similar to the Prepaid 30days pack. But, there are some differences. For example, the activation process is different for this Banglalink 1GB internet offer.

  • You get 1gb internet volume for 76takas. And, has a validity of 30days.
  • To activate this pack dial *5000*660#
  • Also, you get a 50% bonus if purchased from the MyBL app or e-self care.
  • Lastly, this is not an auto-renewable pack.

Banglalink Postpaid 1.2GB 119 Taka Offer

Again, similar to the prepaid 1.2 GB internet pack. But, with some significant differences. As this Banglalink 1GB internet package offers a validity of 30days at 119takas.

  • This pack can be activated through MyBL or e-self care. And, you will get a 50% bonus with that.
  • Also, you can activate it via USSD. Dial *5000*403# to activate, for instance.
  • You will be charged 119tk for this pack. And, this pack is not auto-renewable.

Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer 2023

Users who reactivated their sim on 1st December 2019 they can enjoy this offer. And, in this Bondho Sim offer. You get a Banglalink 1GB internet package along with 35mins of talk time for 7days.

  • To enjoy this offer you have to recharge 38taka.
  • And, you will get 1GB of internet volume and 35mins of talk time.
  • Also, the bonuses will have a validity of 7days.
  • Users can purchase this pack as many times as they want for 3 months.

How to Check Banglalink Internet Balance

To check balance is an easy process. And, to do so you just have to dial *5000*500#. Then, you will get to see the remaining of your Banglalink 1GB internet offer. Also, you can download the MyBL app. And, you will get to see all of your balance there at once. For example, your talk time, balance, internet balance.

Final Words :

So, this is all I had for the Banglalink 1GB internet offer. Besides, Banglalink provides the best internet in speed in the country. And, it is not something I am saying. For instance, they are the only Ookla Speed Test certified telecom brand for their internet speed in our country.

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Moreover, they offer so many different internet packs. So, you have lots of options to pick from. However, Banglalink holds the right to make any changes to the offers without any notice. In conclusion, we have included all the latest Banglalink 1Gb internet package here. So, you can choose the one that suits you best. Thanks for reading. Best wishes.

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