Robi PUBG Pack 2023 | 30Days Pack 1GB 33Tk Internet Offer [Updated]

Are you a crazy lover of the game, and need to know Robi PUBG pack, so, don’t worried about your internet cost? Certainly, this product is suitable for you. PUBG is a popular game, and many people play the game in Bangladesh, especially the students who play a lot. But when the cost comes, it is truly expensive. Don’t worry if you are a Robi user, and wanted to know Robi PUBG pack 2023, surely you need to keep reading.

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In this review, I will let you know the most updated package which offers you, Robi. You may know that the code is sometimes updated. However, without delay or wasting our time, let’s get started.

Robi PUBG Pack 2023.

According to my experience, Robi only provides you one internet package, which comes with monthly validity. You will need to pay 33 Taka for getting the service. This offer is new and provides you awesome high-speed internet. Some of the people complain that the PUBG package internet is not much speedy. But, according to my experience, it provides awesome high-speed internet.

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Robi PUBG Pack Details Step by Step.

Now, I am going to share with you the PUBG package in 2023. If your balance up to 33 Taka or 33 Taka, you can get this package. For getting the package, you need to dial *123*033#, and you can get the internet without any issues. You will use this package for 30-days. The package is never auto-renew. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Volume Time or validate Amount USSD Code
1 GB 30-days 33 Taka *123*033#

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you. If you think that you need only the PUBG package and save your money, why not you get this advantage.

How to Check Robi PUBG Pack Balance?

Well, you already purchase the PUBG package. But sometimes you need to know about your internet balance. So, how can you check out the internet balance? You need to dial *3#, and you will get a pop-up SMS, which helps you know the internet balance and your validation. It is very easy, and I think it is not complicated for you.

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Terms & Conditions

When you think to purchase the PUBG internet package, wait a minute, you need to read the terms and condition which provides Robi authority. So, let’s check out the package terms and conditions.

  • You can only buy this package via USSD code.
  • The only activation code of this unit is *123*003#, and the other code is not applicable.
  • You must be a user of 2G, 3G, and 4G service; otherwise, the package is not working.
  • All Airtel prepaid and postpaid users can be used this package like a Robi SIM user.
  • Only the PUBG browser can be used. It is not working when the PUBG download or updates.
  • For checking the balance, you need to dial *3#.

If you agree with the terms and conditions, indeed, you can use this package without any issues.


Robi Pubg pack is so popular nowadays. The high-speed internet and money-saving facility make this package most popular in Bangladesh. In 2023, the PUBG game is so popular and costly. But Robi provides its users to get only a PUGB internet package so that they can save money. There are a couple of advantages you will get from this package.

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I hope that the package and information help you a lot. So, without delay, go for this package and save your money, time, and get high-speed internet.

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