Robi Monthly Internet Package 2020 | Monthly Data Packs [Most Updated Package]

Without the internet, you may not be updated. Well, different people need different internet packages such as regular, weekly, and monthly—generally, the monthly package used for the long-time plan. However, if you are a Robi user and wanted to know or apply the Robi monthly internet package, you are surely coming to the right place.

Robi provides their user all of the data package facilities, and today I am going to share the monthly package with updated information with you. In 2020, you can purchase the package without any hassles. You need to complete a process, and after that, you will get the monthly internet package. So, without delay, let’s know the process of monthly internet package of Robi.

Robi Monthly Internet Package 2020 (Regular).

A monthly regular internet package means without the social internet package. However, I can focus all of the data packages on this section coming from monthly to choose one. The special offer of the Robi internet package is that 30 GB internet + 800 minutes at 500 Taka.

Whatever the other monthly package also very beneficial for the Robi users. Let’s check out the list below.

Data Amount Price Active Code Expire Eate
1.50 GB 209 Taka *123*209# 30-days
1.5 GB 209 Taka *123*209# 30-days
2 GB (150 minutes + 150 SMS for 4G) 251 Taka *123*251# 28-days
2 GB 239 Taka *123*239# 28-days
4 GB 316 Taka *123*316# 28-days
5 GB (500 min + 100 SMS) 599 Taka *123*599# 30-days
7 GB (2 GB 4G) 399 Taka *123*399# 28-days
7 GB (Any + 250 min + 100 SMS) 499 Taka *123*999# *123*00999# 30-days
10 GB 399 Taka *123*399# 28-days
15 GB 649 Taka *123*649# 28-days
20 GB (500 min + 200 SMS) 999 Taka *123*999# *123*00999# 30-days

Robi Monthly Internet Package – Social

Well, if you want to purchase an internet package that comes only for Facebook and Whatsapp, then you need to complete some steps to recharge the internet at 30-days offers. So, let’s follow the steps below for getting 1 GB internet only for Facebook and Whatsapp at 50 Taka cost.

  • Step 1: You need to go this link (
  • Step 2: Enter your number.
  • Step 3: After that, you will get a PIN and fill-up it.
  • Step 4: Complete the payment method.
  • Step 5: After completing it, you can successfully get 1 GB, and you can use it for 30-days

I hope that this package helpful for you. So, you can purchase Facebook and Whatsapp package 1 GB for 30 days at 50 Taka cost without hassles.

Robi Monthly Internet Package– IMO

If you need the IMO internet package for a month, you can purchase from Robi without paying an extra cost. Robi offers its user the IMO package for one month. You can also save your money if you are only IMO users. But you need to complete a process for getting 1 GB internet for IMO. Let’s check out the below chart and purchase your package right now.

IMO Pack Data price Active code Expire date
350 MB 20 Taka *123*56# 28-days
1 GB 53 Taka *123*056# 28-days

Well, you can purchase any kind of package by dialing the number. Whatever you never need to pay any extra cost for purchasing this package and you can also use it as a Robi internet monthly package 3g. I hope that it is also helpful for you if you regularly use IMO. So, without delay, you need to choose your package and enjoy yourself.


Q: How can I buy 1 GB at 9 Taka in Robi?

A: Well, you can purchase 1 GB at 9 Taka from Robi. Just dial *8444*88#, and you can only use it for 7-days without paying any extra cost.

Q: How can I get a Robi internet package?

A: First of all, you need to know your need and then choose a suitable package. For choosing the right internet package, you can check out the above list.

Q: How can I get Robi 2 GB internet?

A: You can get 2 GB internet from Robi; just dial *123*041# only for 2-days. If you want to increase the date, you need to try another package, which I already discussed in the above section.


Robi monthly internet package is an important element of Robi users. However, if you are a Robi user and always used the internet (Social and regular package), then the monthly package is one of your’s best choices. The above information is most updated, so you never find a single issue when you are going to choose a package.

Overall, I think this content is very helpful for you, even in future use. Finally, choose your desire package and purchase it for a month.

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