Robi IMO Pack 2023- 400 MB 25Tk [Updated]

Robi is one of the largest mobile network companies in Bangladesh. They always provide exciting offers such as Robi IMO Pack Offer for their customers. Most of the offers are with low-cost facilities.

For this, they are becoming a more popular and leading company in our country. This year, they provide you with a new Robi IMO pack 2023 for IMO lovers.

So, are you using the IMO app regularly? Then, this is definitely great news for you. You will be happy to know that Robi gives you several packages offers for you so that you have a choice that suits you

In this context, you will be able to know about the Robi Monthly IMO pack in detail. So, don’t be confused by scrolling other articles. Just read it and choose the best IMO pack for you.

Robi IMO Pack 2023:

You can use this IMO pack Robi with all benefits such as messages, audio calls, and video calls. Actually, the IMO app is so popular for maximum mobile users.

  • Robi IMO Pack 400 MB at 25 Tk

So, Robi makes this pack, especially for them. Their IMO pack starts 400 MB with 28 days validity period. Now, check all the packs in one list:

Total Data Validity Price Active Code
400 MB 30 Days 25 Tk 123*56#.

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<<——————————-Old Offer————————>>

Robi 1GB IMO Pack [New]

Robi is offering a 1GB IMO Pack at 55 Tk with 28 Days. If you want to get this offer, just dial *123*056#. All are customers can buy the Pack. For easy understanding to follow the below table, here we have added step by step information for the active Robi 1 GB 55 Tk IMO pack. Anyway, need to IMO balance check, to dial *123*3*5#.

Go To: GP IMO Pack

Total Data Validity Price Active Code.
1GB 28 Days 55 Tk *123*056#
Robi IMO Pack 2023- 400 MB 25Tk [Updated]
  • Total Data: 1GB
  • Validity: 28 Days
  • Price: 55 Tk
  • Active Code: *123*056#
  • IMO Balance Check Code: *123*3*5#.
  • Auto-renew Off Code, Dial 12356#2#
  • Auto-renew On Code, Dial 12356#1#
  • To Check Balance Status Press *3#

Robi 400MB IMO Pack [New].

Robi has been offered another Low cost 400 MB IMO Pack Offer. The Pack price is only 25 Tk and Validity 28 Days. All are Robi customers who buy the Pack. If you want active the Robi 400MB IMO pack, please dial *123*56#.

Click: Banglalink IMO Pack

Total Data Validity Price Active Code.
400 MB 30 Days 25 Tk 123*56#.
  • Total Data: 400MB
  • Validity: 30  Days
  • Price: 25 Tk
  • Active Code: *123*56#.
  • IMO Balance Check Code: *123*3*5#.
  • Auto-renew Off Code, Dial 12356#2#
  • Auto-renew On Code, Dial 12356#1#
  • To Check Balance Status Press *3#

Robi All IMO Pack List.

Below we have added All the IMO pack in one palace. YOu can check and choose the best one.

Link: Robi Social Pack

All IMO Pack Cost Activation Code Validity Period
100 MB (IMO + FB) 10 Tk *123*0010# 3 days
100 MB IMO + 100 MB FB 19 Tk *123*019# 3 days
350 MB (IMO pack) 20 Tk *123*56# 28 days
1 GB (IMO pack) 53 Tk *123*056# 28 days
400 FB + 400 MB IMO package 59 Tk Activate with scratch card 30 days
250 MB (IMO pack) 12.50 Tk *123*56# 28 days

Robi IMO Pack Code 2023:

As you can see in the above, all the pack’s data prices are different. To use both IMO and FB in 100 MB, you have to dial *123*0010# to activate this package. The IMO Robi Pack recharge only Tk. 10 with 3 days validity period.

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Name Dial Code
IMO Pack Code *123*0010#

Robi IMO Pack Recharge Offer.

If you want 100 MB for FB and 100 MB for IMO separately, then activate this package with *123*019# code. You have to pay Tk 19 for this pack. This will also be a 3 days validity date.

Name Dial Code
IMO Pack Recharge Offer. *123*019#

<<<——————-Old Offers—————>>

IMO Pack 20Tk

For more MB and more validity dates, you can activate a 350 MB Robi IMO pack 20 Tk with 28 days validity date. Dial IMO pack Robi 20Tk code *123*56# for this package.

There is also a 1GB IMO pack available now with 28 days validity period. If you use the IMO app for a long time, then it is perfect for you. The activation code is *123*056# for this pack. And the cost is Tk. 53. So, as an IMO app lover, go for this package now.

IMO Pack 400 MB:

Robi IMO packs 400 MB is very beneficial. Because this package is a Robi IMO monthly pack. That means you can use this pack for over 30 days without any conditions. In this case, the IMO package code is not available. The reason is it is usable with the scratch card. So, if you want this offer, then buy 59 Tk scratch cards.

IMO Pack 250 MB.

You can also buy an IMO pack Robi 250 MB for Tk. 12.50. The activation code is *123*56#, and you have to use this pack within 28 days. Dial *123*3*5# to check the internet balance.

ROBI 30 TK IMO Offer.

Robi provides an excellent offer that is 1GB for 30 Tk. There is no problem if you want this pack as Robi IMO pack 30 tk. It is useful for both postpaid and prepaid customers.

If you want to activate this offer just dial *21291*06 # and enjoy this pack. The offer’s validity date is 7 days from the activation date, and you can use it 24 hours. The internet volume is available for 2G, 3.5G, and 4G networks. Dial *8444*88# to check out the internet balance. VAT, SC, and SD are applicable. You can buy this offer as much as you can.

1GB IMO Offer:

Robi is offering a new pack of 1GB for 7 days. Many people are looking for this offer. The Robi subscribers who are searching for this offer can buy it.

Some of us use the internet for very important work or other reasons, or some of us use too much unnecessarily. So, if you are one of them, then you can buy Robi 1GB offers.

To active this offer you have to dial *123*1024#. The cost will be Tk.45, and the validity date is 7 days. You can use this offer as a Robi IMO pack for 7 days.

2GB IMO Offer:

Robi has another super offer like 2GB Tk 41 Internet offers. Do you have an interest to buy this pack? Then recharge Tk 41 or call *123*041# code. To check out the Internet balance call *123*3*5# or *3# or *8444*88# codes. It is useful as Robi IMO packs 2GB. That means you can use this pack to the IMO app.

How to Buy Robi IMO Pack:

You may know that the Robi Internet package can be usable for all things. So, you can definitely use IMO with the Robi internet pack. We hope that you have a clear idea about how to use the IMO pack.

We are trying to let you know of the latest Robi Internet packages and offers. So, we are providing some additional package offers for you. if you want to buy IMO Data Pack, Please Click On.

Terms and Conditions:

Do you want to know more elaborately? Keep the eyes at the terms and conditions:

  • All Robi users can use this package.
  • These packs are able to be used many times.
  • The IMO package is only useful for the IMO app.
  • The combo pack is available for prepaid customers.
  • Dial *123*3*5# or *8444*88# to see the Internet remaining balance.
  • Available for 2G, 3G, 3.5G, and 4.5G.
  • All the activation codes are collected from IMO pack Robi Code 2023.

Final Words:

We all know that the Robi operator has an excellent network system. So that it is spreading to the whole country. 3.5G, 4G, and 4.5G applications. The Robi network is now in each town and district. The main reason is the network service is powerful.

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The offers that we have shared can be changed at any time. But you should be relaxed that we provide you with the latest information. In this article, you have come to know all the perfect information about the Robi IMO pack. So use the IMO offer and talk to your family and friends.

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