Banglalink IMO Pack 2022 | 250 MB IMO Internet Pack 10 TK.


Welcome to all Banglalink users! Banglalink always gives you incredible offers for you. Now, it’s time for IMO users. Those who you like to use IMO you can buy data packs for IMO with lower rates. It is an excellent offer for you that you can use this Banglalink IMO Pack 2022 for 7 days. You can also use this pack pay as you go system. There are also other options for IMO internet packs. Several internet packs are available for IMO, along with other apps. You have the options which one is best for you.  Now let’s know the details about the Banglalink IMO internet pack.   

Banglalink IMO Pack 2022: 

Banglalink IMO pack brings effective chances for you so that you can talk to your family. With these packs, you can talk for a long time because several options are here for you. Just anyone that you like most and use it. As a Banglalink user, you must know the service of Banglalink operators.

BL IMO PackPriceActivation CodeValidity
250 MB10 Tk* 5000*725 #10 Days

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Take a look in the below and check all the pack list at a glance:

PackCostValidityActivation Code
 250 MB10 Tk7 Days*5000*725#
20 MB1 Tk1 Days*5000*514#
100MB7 TK7 Days*5000*576#
500 MB49 TK7 Days*5000*588#
1 GB89 TK7 Days*5000*517#
120 MB50 Tk30 Days*5000*523#
300 MB99 Tk30 Days*5000*503#
600 MB150 Tk30 Days*5000*504#
1GB199 Tk30 Days*5000*503#
1 GB210 Tk30 Days*5000*581#
1.5 GB275 Tk30 Days*5000*511#
2 GB209 Tk30 Days*5000*581#
2 GB350 Tk30 Days*5000*506#
4 GB500 Tk30 Days*5000*508#
8 GB900 Tk30 Days*5000*509#
15 GB1500 Tk30 Days*5000*510#

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  • Banglalink 250 MB IMO internet pack
  • Banglalink 1 Tk Social pack offer
  • Banglalink 100 MB Social offer
  • Banglalink 500 MB offer
  •  Banglalink 1 GB offer
  • Banglalink 120 MB offer
  • Banglalink 300 MB offer
  • Banglalink 600 MB offer
  • Banglalink 199 Tk offer
  • Banglalink 210 Tk offer
  • Banglalink 1.5 GB offer
  • Banglalink 209 Tk offer
  • Banglalink 2GB offer
  • Banglalink 4 GB offer
  • Banglalink 8 GB offer
  • Banglalink 15 GB offer

Now, we are detailing the list in the form of a table:

Banglalink IMO Social Pack :

The Banglalink social pack also gives you the chance to use IMO. These packs are for several uses. If you want to use other apps along with IMO, then you can get the packs.

We adjusted here the list of all social pack offers. Now check the list and choose the best package for you. It is a special offer like buying an Internet pack and gets a bonus for the IMO offer.

Social PackCostValidityActivation Code
20 MB1 Tk1 Days*5000*514#
100MB7 TK7 Days*5000*576#
500 MB49 TK7 Days*5000*588#
1 GB89 TK7 Days*5000*517#

If you need to check the internet balance, then dial *5000*500# or *124*50#.

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Banglalink Monthly IMO Pack :

If you want to use the internet package for a month, then several options are available for you. You can also use these packages like the banglalink IMO pack monthly.

Now check all the packages in the following Banglalink IMO pack 1 month:

Internet PackPriceActivation CodeValidity
120 MB50 Tk*5000*523#30 Days
300 MB99 Tk*5000*503#30 Days
600 MB150 Tk*5000*504#30 Days
1 GB199 Tk*5000*503#30 Days
1 GB210 Tk*5000*581#30 Days
1.5 GB275 Tk*5000*511#30 Days
2 GB209 Tk*5000*581#30 Days
2 GB350 Tk*5000*506#30 Days
4 GB500 Tk*5000*508#30 Days
8 GB900 Tk*5000*509#30 Days
15 GB1500 Tk*5000*510#30 Days

Link: Banglalink Monthly Internet Package

Generally, the maximum Banglalink users are interested in using social pack offers. For a long time use of pack, you can check these packages for you and use them as Banglalink IMO packs for 30 days properly. It will relieve the stress of ending the packages for one month.

You can see here enough internet packages are available for you. All the packs have different price ranges and activation codes. But validity periods are the same. Just use these packs according to convenience. Actually, it’s up to you how you can use these packs. You can use the pack only for IMO or along with other apps also.

Banglalink 250 MB IMO Pack:  

As you know that Banglalink has been awarded for the fastest mobile network. So, it is good news for banglalink subscribers. To provide a more interesting service, banglalink always gives priority to its customers. And for Banglalink sim users, the banglalink IMO pack offer is available now with lower rates. You can buy this special IMO pack, only TK. 10. This internet pack is applicable for prepaid and c & c subscribers.   

Now, if you are interested to know the activation process and other information, check the list:

Pack name Banglalink 250 MB IMO pack.
Activation codeDial *5000*725# to activate the pack.
Validity7 Days.
balance check*5000*500#
Applicable networks2G, 3G, 4G

Terms and Conditions:

To achieve the banglalink IMO pack offer, you have to follow the following terms and conditions:

  • Volume: 250MB.
  • Purchasing multiple times is applicable.
  • Useful for IMO.
  • Not suitable for: Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.
  • Both for prepaid and c & c subscribers customers.
  • VAT, SD, SC are included. 

These terms and conditions are launched this year for you. It is actually an excellent plan for IMO users. You just need to dial the banglalink IMO pack code.

Banglalink IMO Pack Recharge Offer.

This information will help you to know about this pack in detail. You can also get this offer by banglalink IMO pack recharge. Recharge TK. 10 and activate this pack easily. When your package is finished, the charge will be deducted from the main account. And the charges are Tk 0.012175 for 10KB.

Banglalink 1 Tk Social Pack offer:

Banglalink is giving you a social pack at a cheap rate. You can buy a 20 MB Social Pack with a cost of 1 Taka. To get this pack offer, dial *5000*514# simply. The offer validity date is only 1-day. You can use this pack for IMO.

Banglalink 100 MB Social Offer:

Any Banglalink users can use this offer. You can get this pack with the cost of Tk 7. Dial *5000*576# to activate this pack. This package will be useful for 7 days. If you buy this pack, then you can use both IMO and other apps.

Final Thoughts:

Unquestionably, the Banglalink IMO internet pack is very useful for IMO users. Banglalink users will get all the benefits while using the IMO app. By using the pack, you can send messages. Audio or video calls are also usable on this package. You can use other social and internet packs for IMO.

If you have any queries about the Banglalink IMO pack monthly 2022, please make a call to the Banglalink helpline number. They can solve your problem shortly. You can also visit Banglalink’s official website for legal information and more offers.

So, it is a great time to use an IMO app with a low-cost price. In this article, you have come to know about all the packs that are useful for IMO. You do not need to worry about the internet package. Banglalink makes a super opportunity for IMO users with low-cost packs. Feel free to use IMO and get in touch with your loved ones.

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