Banglalink Super FnF Call Rate 2024| Add, Delete, Change, Check.

Banglalink provides FNF service for its users. So, users enjoy Banglalink super FNF call rate to numbers added in this FNF feature than usual. For instance, the postpaid Banglalink inspire package offers different call rates for FNF numbers and Non-FNF numbers. So, for the FNF numbers, the user will enjoy Banglalink super FNF call rate. And, the Non-FNF numbers will charge for regular call rates.

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So, in this article, we will tell you all the details of the Banglalink FNF call rate. Also, you will get to know how to add or delete an FNF number. Hence, follow this article for information on Banglalink’s FNF service.

Banglalink’s postpaid pack Banglalink Inspire offers you up to 7 FNF numbers. And, users can enjoy the Banglalink super FNF call rate with these 7 FNF numbers. So, users can enjoy a Banglalink FNF call rate of 54p per minute to FNF numbers. Also, users can add any local number to their FNF list. So, the Banglalink special FNF call rate is applicable for any local numbers.

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And, for the Non-FNF numbers, a call rate of 99p per minute is applicable. Moreover, a 10-second pulse is applicable to the FNF numbers. Also, for Non-FNF numbers, the call rate will 99p from 10 AM to 4 PM. And, after 4 PM it will be 1.23Tk per minute. But, there are no time limitations to Banglalink super FNF call rate. Hence, users will enjoy the 54p per minute call rates 24 hours.

Call Type 10 AM – 4 PM 4 PM – 10 AM
FNF 54 p 54 p
Non-FNF 99 p 1.23 Tk

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To check your current Banglalink FnF Numbers, Please, Dial *166*14#

You can follow below process for Add Banglalink FnF Number.

  • To add a normal FnF, just dial *166*11*Number#
  • Example *166*11*019145XXXXXX#
  • If you want to Banglalink special FNF, just dial *166*7*Number#
  • Example is *166*7*019145XXXXXX#
  • If you are replacing Your FnF number, Press *166*12*old number*new number#
  • Example is: *166*12*019XXXXXXXX*019ZZZZZZZZ#
  • To Change or Replace Your Super FnF Number Dial *166*8*Old Number*New Number#.
  • Example is: *166*12*019XXXXXXXX*019ZZZZZZZZ#
  • To remove or delete FnF number, press *166*13*number#
  • Example is: *166*13*019ZZZZZZZZ#
  • If you are remove or delete Super FnF number, dial *166*9*Number#
  • Example is: *166*13*019XXXXXXXX#
  • Just, Dial *166*11*Number#
  • Example is: *166*12*019XXXXXXXX*019ZZZZZZZZ#

Terms and Conditions:

  • First, the user has to be a Banglalink Inspire package user to enjoy the Banglalink super FNF call rate.
  • Then, the user has to add numbers to the FNF list. Only then the Banglalink FNF call rate will be applicable.
  • Also, all FNF call rates have a 10-second pulse.
  • Then, to add FNF numbers user can dial *121*4*2#.
  • And, to delete FNF numbers user can dial *121*4*3#. Also, they are completely free of charge.
  • Lastly, a user can add only 7 numbers to the FNF list. And, any local number can be added to the FNF list.
  • If you want to exact info about Banglalink Super FnF Call Rate, please go official website Link.

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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I set Super FNF in Banglalink?

Ans: To set a super FNF in Banglalink, the user can dial *121*4*2#. And, then input the number in the reply box. Then, tap the send option to set the number as Super FNF.

Q: How can I buy 1 GB in Banglalink?

Ans: To buy a 1 GB data pack in Banglalink, a user can dial *5000*500#. Then, the 1 GB for 36 Tk pack will be activated.

Q: How can I buy 100 SMS in Banglalink?

Ans: A user can dial *222*8#. And, a pack of 100 SMS for 1 day will be activated. Also, the pack will charge 3.99 TK.

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Final Words:

For Banglalink users, Banglalink special FNF call rate is a great option. As the users can enjoy a special call rate for selected numbers. Also, there is no time limitation in this feature. So, users can enjoy the same call rate for up to 7 numbers 24 hours. And, this call rate is not limited to only Banglalink numbers. Hence, this is a pretty fair deal for the Banglalink Inspire users.

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So, this is all we had about the Banglalink super FNF call rate. But, we have more Banglalink features and offers listed on our website. And, as a Banglalink user, you should know about the offers you have. So, you can check out the offers listed on our website. Thank you for your time.

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