Airtel FnF Call Rate | Number Add, Delete, Change, Check & More.

The Airtel FnF call rate is an amazing offer plan for the Airtel users. Recently, Airtel is offering exciting Airtel special FnF call rate for the FnF numbers. Basically, FnF means friends and family number. That is to say, the users can add some of their close family and friend’s number to FnF number. So, after adding the FnF number, you will enjoy cheap call rate in those numbers.

Besides, Airtel always gives the latest Airtel BD FnF call rate offer for their users. Therefore, we are here to present you the latest Airtel BD Super FnF call rate details of 2024. Moreover, you will also get to know the process of how to add, change and delete number from Airtel FnF call rate BD.

Airtel FnF Call Rate 2024:

The Airtel FnF has so many exclusive call rate offer. For example, there are some amazing Airtel special FnF call rate, Super FnF package, Super Adda and so on. So, you can enjoy any of the Airtel FnF call rate package as per your choice. But, to enjoy the offers, you have to know the Airtel Special FnF call rate offer list first. There is an amazing package which is Airtel Super Add a FnF package.

Airtel To Airtel Airtel To Other Operators
29 paisa/minute. 60 paisa/minute

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Likewise, the users will get the chance to add 29 numbers in their FnF connection. Besides, you can add both Airtel and other SIM operator numbers in Airtel Special FnF call rate in Bangladesh. Generally, Airtel gives cheap FnF call rate service for all numbers. Moreover, the users can enjoy SMS and internet offers with Airtel FnF call rate BD.

Airtel “Super Adda” 29 FNF Prepaid Call Rate.

Accordingly, Airtel presents a great Super Adda package. For instance, this package has 29 numbers to add. Besides, the Airtel to Airtel FnF call rate is only 30 Paisa per minute. On the other hand, the FnF call rate for Airtel to another SIM operator number is only 60 Paisa per minute. Basically, the regular Airtel call rate is 1.35 tk. So, comparatively, the Airtel special FnF call rate has the most reasonable and cheapest call rate.

Active Process Total FNF Airtel to Airtel Airtel to Operators
Dial *121*88# and or type “I” and SMS to 7353(free) 29 FNF    29 paisa/minute. 60 paisa/minute

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Airtel Super Adda Migrate Process :

* If you want to migrate as well as activate the Super Adda Airtel Special FnF call rate dial, *121*88#.

How to Add Airtel Super Adda FnF Number?

To add numbers in your super Adda Airtel super FnF call rate go to Message option in your phone. Then, type ADD(the phone number you want to add). Then, send your text to 7353.

For example, type ADD016******** and send it to 7353. Thus, you can add up to 29 Airtel or other SIM number in this way.

Super Adda FNF Package Offer Details :

  • Likewise, you can add 29 FnF numbers to enjoy Super Adda FnF call rate.
  • Besides, this pack offers 5 Airtel bd super FnF call rate.
  • Moreover, the super FnF call rate charge of Airtel to Airtel is 0.30 Tk per minute.
  • Furthermore, Airtel to other operators super FnF charges 0.60 Tk per minute.
  • Otherwise, the regular charge of Airtel to Airtel or, other SIM number is 1.32 Tk per minute.
  • Meanwhile, the 10 seconds pulse rate is applicable.
  • Lastly, this package offers instant cash back facility.

Airtel 500 SMS 5 Tk and 5 MB Offer.

Surprisingly, Airtel has a great Airtel BD FnF call rate that also offers FnF SMS. Besides, you can also get free internet offers with these FnF call rate and SMS. Anytime, you can buy this Airtel FnF SMS and internet offer pack.

  • Basically, you will get 500 SMS FnF offer and 5 MB internet offer.
  • Besides, this offer’s price is only 5 Tk.
  • Moreover, the offer’s validity is 1 day.
  • 4. To buy this pack dial, *121*10*1*13#. Otherwise, type STARTS then, send it to 4444.
  • Lastly, to check SMS balance dial, *778*2#. Then, to check internet balance dial, *778*4#.

Super Adda FNF SMS Charge Details.

  • FnF SMS charge : 0.29 Tk (Airtel to any number)
  • Regular SMS charge : 0.49 Tk (Airtel to any number)

How To Add Airtel Super FnF Number ?

Surprisingly, you can easily enjoy the cheapest Airtel BD FnF call rate while calling your favourite persons. But, first, you have to add the numbers of your friends or family with whom you call over constantly. So, to add numbers of your closed ones for Airtel FnF call rate BD dial, *121*4*1#. Otherwise, you can also add Airtel FnF numbers by

typing Add <Space> 016********. Then, send it to 7353.

How To Check FnF Number In Airtel ?

Likewise, you can check the number list of your Airtel Special FnF call rate. So, to check the numbers of Airtel BD FnF call rate dial, *121*4*3#. Then, you will get a text message that will show you the numbers you have added to FnF number list.

How To Delete Airtel BD FnF Number?

For instance, the Airtel FnF call rate users can remove numbers from Airtel FnF list. But, you have to follow some simple steps to delete numbers from Airtel FnF list. Firstly, go to dial option in your phone. Then, dial *121*4*2#. Also, you can delete unwanted numbers from Airtel BD super FnF call rate by sending SMS. So, you need to

type DELETE <Space> 016******** and send it to 7353.

Terms And Conditions :

  • Generally, Airtel has given some important terms and conditions for enjoying Airtel FnF call rate in Bangladesh. So, now let’s see the applicable rules of the Airtel super FnF call rate.
  • Accordingly, you can enjoy the Airtel special FnF call rate only with the numbers that you have added in your FnF number list.
  • Besides, you can add both the Airtel and other local SIM numbers of Bangladesh in Airtel FnF call rate list.
  • For instance, the price charge of FnF call rate includes VAT, SD and service costs. Meanwhile, the 10 second pulse rate is included in Airtel BD super FnF call rate.
  • Moreover, you can add, check or, remove Airtel FnF numbers anytime, by using the exact USSD codes.

Bottom Lines :

Thus, we have provided every necessary details about the Airtel FnF call rate 2020. Likewise, Airtel is one of the most popular SIM operator of Bangladesh. Constantly, Airtel gives so many exciting Airtel super FnF call rate offers. So, the Airtel users will enjoy the Airtel BD FnF call rate for enjoying unlimited talk time. Also, these are available at the lowest prices. Moreover, gives the combo Airtel super FnF call rate that comes with internet and SMS.

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So, the Airtel users can choose their needed FnF call rate from the offer list. In case, if you have any queries about the Airtel FnF call rate, kindly comment below. On the other hand, you can also Airtel customer care number 786 for any help. Besides, I have written other Airtel offers in our site. Thus, you can give a look to enjoy Airtel latest offers. Thanks for being with us.