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DV Lottery Bangladesh still in the ineligible list, so it may not participate in this migration program. But yet Bangladesh can participate under a special category. We will discuss the entire process, rules, and regulations here.

However, going in deep, we like to share more info about the DV lottery Bangladesh for new readers. DV lottery is a USA Diversity visa program. USA authorities let the people from their selected countries immigrate to the United States of America. It is also known as the Green Card lottery.

Every year 55000 green cards are given away in different countries. The lucky person gets the chance to live and work as an American citizen here. This way, many people’s cherished dreams come true. And the USA government can maintain diversity as well.

DV Lottery Bangladesh 2024

American DV lottery for Bangladesh is a great opportunity for Bangladeshi people to have a USA green card. The luckiest people can have permanent residents to live and work there. It is also an opportunity to prove talent abroad. At the same time, it increases the expatriate percent and foreign currency.

But Bangladesh is not eligible to take apart the DV lottery 2024. Last five years, the immigration rate from Bangladesh was high. So, the country is kept under an ineligible list provisionally. The USA authority has stopped the opportunity for those countries’ immigration rates is higher.

And give the chances for those who have low migration ratios. However, they still can apply under special requirements. See the eligibility requirement below! The countries not under the qualified list have to wait until the ratio comes down. Apart from this, see the below info to know more about the application process, deadline, registration, etc.

USA DV Lottery 2024 Eligible Countries

The US authority offers the green card or DV lottery Bangladesh to the countries that have low immigration rates. So, they distribute the opportunity among six geographical realms.

But the percentiles of the lottery cannot be over 7% from each country. The US government has restricted many countries from participating due to the high rate of immigration. However, the countries are eligible are listed below:

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China (mainland only)
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)
  • Vietnam

At the same time the countries cannot register or are not in an eligible list are listed below:

Bangladesh, China (born in the mainland), Pakistan, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Haiti, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Peru, Nigeria, Colombia, Ecuador, UK, and its territories (excluded Northern Ireland), El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

How to Apply DV Lottery in BD 

Applying for the DV lottery is an online process. A candidate has to apply electronically through the website. First, visit the official website of the DV lottery or Green card. Then a form will appear, and the applicant has to fill up everything. The information US DV lottery 2024 Bangladesh application form may ask such as:

A candidate has to apply electronically through the website. Follow the procedure for applying DV lottery below:

Step 1: First, visit the official website of the www.dvlottery.com and click on the Apply Now Button.

How to Apply DV Lottery

Step 2: IT will appear a form like a screenshot given below that you have to fill up all are information and click on next.

Apply DV Lottery

Step 3: Now to press the following control and put the required data. You also need a valid passport and passport size photograph. The front page of the passport and photographs may have to be uploaded. See the instruction of photographs on the website.

If anyone is applying whose spouse is already a citizen of the USA, no need to attach an image of spouse or children? But the application won’t be denied for this.

DV Lottery 2024

Step 4: You will need to fill up you family Data.

DV lottery Application

Step 5: After that, select only one service package from the three unique categories. The first one is the cheapest way to apply, and the second one offers air tickets for the winner. Last but not least, VIPs require special counseling from immigration officers.

DV lottery 2024 Bangladesh

Step 6: Then submit everything with correct information and valid documents.

In the section to select only one service package from the three unique categories. The first one is the cheapest way to apply, and the second one offers air tickets for the winner. Last but not least, VIPs require special counseling from immigration officers. Then submit everything with correct information and valid documents.

American DV Lottery 2024 Registration Bangladesh

DV lottery registration Bangladesh was open on 2nd October 2024 till 5th November 2024. After registration and submit successfully, the candidate has to wait for a specified period. At this time, an applicant can check his present status on the official website of the DV lottery Bangladesh. It should be bear in mind that only the selected applicant will get the confirmation email.

However, getting a DV lottery is not ensured the Green card and permanent citizenship. For this applicant, apply for a particular visa and have to attend an interview at the embassy office. The application process and post-procedure are given in the following section.

DV Lottery 2024 Bangladesh Application Form Download

As Bangladesh is not allowed to participate in the 2024 DV lottery Bangladesh program, but they still can apply through spouses. If the spouse is from an eligible country, they can apply for the DV lottery. This application for a green card is entirely an electrical process. Which must be submitted by the applicant.

Remember providing fake info, incomplete application, criminal history might affect the application. The application might be rejected. However, the selection of the lucky candidate occurs randomly. It’s a computer selection that picks the winners randomly.

Then the lucky winner is informed by email and provides a confirmation number. The number will be needed for further process. The DV lottery won’t guarantee the Green Card directly, though. There are still more ways to go.

Download Application Form

US DV Lottery 2024 Eligibility.

A person can take part in the DV lottery Bangladesh program whose country is allowed to perform them. There are some requirements as well, which have to be fulfilled by an individual. So, let’s have a glance at the requisite below:

Condition 1: An individual must have either the educational or work experience. For educational requisite:

  • At least successful finishing of 12-year secondary education or higher secondary school or high school or equivalent of these courses.

For work experience:

  • work experience of 2 years within an occupation of the past five years demanding at least 2 years of experience or training to perform.

Condition 2: Those who are not from eligible countries can still participate. There are two alternative ways available.

  • If your spouse was born in a region or country that is eligible to apply, you could participate in the DV program. Both you and your legal partner must select the same eligible country. Then both of you have to enter simultaneously to the USA if you get the DV lottery.
  • If you were born unqualified but your parents were not born or not legally resident in the country, you can participate in the program. You can participate through your parent’s birthplace whose region is eligible.

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 USA Green Card Lottery Application and Conditions.

USA government dedicates their citizenship under a special enactment DV lottery lucky winner draw. The USA authority offers permanent resident and work permits for non-American citizens. Though the migration rate in recent years is low in many countries, including Bangladesh.

But the opportunity is open for Bangladeshi yet. Hopefully, the USA government will start the DV lottery again. However, those who already applied for DV check the current status. Now it has been made easy to check by an applicant from the US Department. And also, the applying process is free. For more information about the DV lottery, visit their website.

Apply For Green Card 

How to Check your Green Card Status?

If you are a green card candidate, you can check the DV lottery Green Card Status by through online official website, you will be able to check your Green Card results of DV-2024 in May 2020. By Subscribe’s official newsletter, you can get an instant notification if the latest DV Lottery news! Check Status!

Final Words.

DV lottery 2024 Bangladesh checks the status of those who applied last year. Then the nominated people should contact the authority. The information is available on confirmation mail. Apart from this, we would like to aware people fall in trap into scam parties. After applying, you may receive an email confirming your DV lottery.

The email almost looks like the original confirmation. But remember the U.S. The Department of State won’t demand money from you. There are also various types of websites offering registration for the DV lottery. So, be aware of them and avoid the scam emails. Besides, for any inquiry about DV lottery 2024 BD, visit the website.