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The Robi TV Live is the live streaming app, that allows the users to enjoy the live TV channels, shows, dramas, movies, news and so on. Likewise, it is a live streamed over internet connected channel for TV and computer service of Robi Axiata Limited. Accordingly, the Robi Axiata Limited is one of the largest telecom service providers of Bangladesh. Now, Robi TV Plus is updated and knowned as the Robi TV+. Besides, the Robi Live TV offers some exciting packages for the users.

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So, the users can purchase them to enjoy unlimited Robi TV service. For instance, this service provides both the local and international channels. That is to say, you can enjoy the Bangla and the international dramas, series and movies. But, first, you should know how to subscribe for Robi TV Plus. Therefore, we are here to help you with the latest and overall details about the Robi Channel.

What Is Robi TV Plus?

Basically, the Robi Streaming live TV is mainly for the Robi customers. That is to say, the other locals mobile operator users cannot enjoy the Robi TV Plus. So, only the Robi users can subscribe the Robi Portal TV channels. Consequently, the Robi TV app portal is available on Google Play Store. Likewise, the users can subscribe to the Robi TV from their android phone.

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Also, they can enjoy the service of Robi TV for PC. Then, the users can enjoy the latest movies, dramas, series, live cricket by subscribing on the Robi TV Live Plus App. Moreover, you can enjoy this service via internet connection. That is to say, you can watch the Robi Live TV for free without paying any money. Also, you can enjoy the live Tv episodes with Robi packs. So, now, let’s see the Robi TV Live contents, channel names and offer the available offer packages.

Robi Broadcast List :

Accordingly, the Robi Live TV Plus is an app for Android and PC to watch free TV online. Nowadays, this is a very popular and enjoying service for the Robi users. Because, now the users can enjoy watching their favourite Tv channels via smart phone and PC. For instance, you can watch all the local channels of Bangladesh. Also, the Robi live TV has sports channels.

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So, the users can watch free live cricket and football matches through the app. On the other hand, users can also get to see the popular international movies and dramas. That is to say, the subscribers of Robi Live TV can enjoy Bangladeshi programs as well as the international programs. But, all they need is to download the TV App Robi on their phone. Also, they must have mobile data or, Wi-fi connection. So, let’s see the content menu of Robi plus Tv.

  • Live TV (Local channels)
  • Film.
  • Tele Film.
  • Short Film
  • Drama.
  • Drama Series.
  • Music.
  • Sports.
  • News.

TV Package List :

Surprisingly, the Robi Axiata Limited provides, so many interesting Robi TV Package for the users. That is to say, the users can purchase their desired pack for the Robi Live TV portal. For instance, there are daily, weekly and monthly packages for enjoying the live channels in Robi Live TV. Moreover, there are both cheap and expensive packages. Also, you can buy the packs with both short and long time validity. So, by availing of the packages, you can watch the Robi TV Plus online for free.

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Besides, all the packages are available for auto renewal. Therefore, you can avail them as many times as you want. Usually, you are getting all these amazing packages at the reasonable prices. And, the Robi Live TV Pack’s includes the VAT, SD and SC. Likewise, the users can avail the offers from the Robi TV Live app or, by dialling the USSD codes.

Now, let’s see the list of all the latest packages of Robi Live online Tv.

Packages Catagory Package’s Price (Including VAT) Validity Auto Renewable
Daily 10 Taka 1 Day Yes
Weekly 30 Taka 7 Days Yes
Monthly 99 Taka 30 Days Yes
Packages Name Package’s Price (Excluding VAT) Validity
Daily Pack 2 Taka 1 Day
Weekly Pack 10 Taka 7 Days
Monthly Pack 40 Taka 30 Days
Regular Pack (Drama, Movies) 15 Taka 2 Days
Premium Pack 25 Taka 2 Days

How To Install Robi TV Plus App On Android :

Generally, the Robi TV Plus app is an online app for Android smartphones. That is to say, if you have Android mobile phones, you can easily enjoy Robi Live TV easily. Meanwhile, to enjoy watching Robi TV, you have to install the app first. So, now let’s see how to get the Robi live TV Plus app on Android phone.

1. Firstly, go to Google Play Store on your mobile.

2. Besides, to install the Robi TV Live Plus app, you need to log in to the Google Play Store.

3. Then, search for the Robi TV+ app from the search bar.

4. After that, tap on the Install button and download the app.

5. Then, sign to the app and enjoy watching live channels, dramas, series, movies, and so on.

Download Robi TV Plus:

Usually, the Robi TV+ is also available on desktops and laptops. That is to say, the users can enjoy the Robi Online Live TV by using the Robi TV for PC service. Accordingly, you can install and download the Robi TV+ from Google Play Store on your PC. But, sometimes the Google Play Store does not provide some apps for PC. Then, they need to download it, in other ways.

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So, they need to download Robi TV Plus from some browsers site. Comparatively, by installing it is much easier to watch the Robi Live TV on PC than to watch on a mobile phone. So, after downloading the app from Play Store or, browser, you need to sign up. That is to say, you have to provide your Google Account to sign up for Robi TV live app. Then, the users can enjoy live streaming channels, music, movies, series on your Windows computer.

Robi TV Live Process:

Likewise, it is really important for the customers to know about how to Activate the Robi Live Tv service. Then, you can easily enjoy watching movies, series, news, and live games. That is to say, after installing the Robi online Tv app, you need to sign in or, register. Then, you can easily watch the Robi Live Tv by entering on the app or the website page.

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Then, you have to subscribe for watching the channels by simple process. Basically, there are two ways to start the Robi Live TV service from phone. For instance, you can subscribe and start the service by sending message. On the other hand, you can also start by dialing the USSD codes. So, now let’s see how to follow the procedure of Robi TV Live subscription process.

1. Firstly, go to the message option on your phone.

2. Then, type the text, START TV.

3. Then, send it to 21201.

4. Otherwise, you can start by dialing USSD code.

5. Likewise, go to the Dial option on your phone.

6. Then, dial, *140*7*8*1#.

7. Thus, your Robi online Live TV service will be activated.

Robi TV Plus Local Channel List :

Surprisingly, the Robi customers can find all the Local channels of Bangladesh in Robi TV Plus live app. For instance, there are more than fifteen local channels available on Robi Online TV. That is to say, you can enjoy watching the Bangla movies, news, songs, natok, telefilms and so on.

So, you do not need to see Television. Because now you can easily enjoy favorite TV channels on the Robi Online TV app on your phone and PC. So, now let’s see the local Bangladeshi Channel list of Robi online TV live app.

Channel’s Names Language Feed Type
Channel i Bangla Live
Ntv Bangla Live
Atn Bangla Bangla Live
Atn News Bangla Live
Shomoy TV Bangla Live
Channel 24 Bangla Live
Desh TV Bangla Live
My TV Bangla Live
Maasranga TV Bangla Live
Independent TV Bangla Live
Rtv Bangla Live
Bangla Vision Bangla Live
Ruposhi Bangla Bangla Live
Ekattor TV Bangla Live
Gazi Tv Bangla Live

International Channel List Of Robi Tv :

Surprisingly, the Robi TV Live Plus has, so many international channels for the users. Basically, you can find the popular international channels on the Robi online TV. Besides, there are Indian, Arabic and Pakistani channels are available on the Robi TV portal.

Likewise, there are more than twelve international channels on Robi Live TV. So, the users can watch exciting international news, movies, songs channels, drama, serials, reality shows and so on. So, now let’s see the list of all the international Channel list of Robi online TV live app.

Channel’s Names Language Country Feed Type
Star Plus Hindi India Live
Star Jalsha Hindi India Live
Star Gold Hindi India Live
Life Ok Hindi India Live
Sony Tv Hindi India Live
Sony Max Hindi India Live
Shangeet Bangla Bangla India Live
E24 Hindi India Live
Music India Bangla India Live
Travel XP Hindi India Live
Makkah Live Arabic Saudi Arabia Live
Madina Live Arabic Saudi Arabia Live

How to Stop Robi TV Service:

Generally, the Robi TV live is an auto renewable service. But, sometimes the users want to stop or, deactivate the Robi online TV. Likewise, Robi online TV app allows the users to stop and unsubscribe the Robi TV portal. Usually, anytime you can deactivate the service by following the process of how to stop Robi Live TV service. So, now let’s see the process of how to stop Robi TV.

1. Firstly, go to the message option in your phone.

2. Then, you need to type STOP TV.

3. After that, send it to 21201.

4. Besides, you can also stop the Robi TV service from the app.

5. First, go to the Robi TV+ app.

6. Then, go to the Unsubscribe button.

7. Moreover, you can unsubscribe it from both the Robi app TV portal and website page.

8. Thus, by following the above steps you can deactivate the Robi Live TV service.

Terms & Conditions :

Basically, Robi TV Plus provides important terms and conditions according to their privacy policy. Besides, the app follows the conditions of the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, the users need to follow the terms and conditions to use the service of the Robi Live Tv Plus app. So, now let’s see the terms and conditions of using the Robi Live TV online.

1. Likewise, only the Robi users are eligible to use the Robi Online Live TV service.

2. Most importantly, the users need Robi internet connection for using the Robi TV.

3. Then, the users have to pay the required amount of data usage charges.

4. Besides, the offer’s price of Robi TV Package includes VAT, SD and service charges.

5. Meanwhile, all the Robi TV package is available for auto renewal.

6. Moreover, the Robi Live TV portal can include, update and remove any channels anytime.

Final Words :

Well, it is all about the overall details of Robi TV Live service 2024. Basically, this service is mainly for the entertainment of Robi users. So, the users can entertain themselves by watching their favourite shows on Robi TV app. Besides, the Robi Axiata Limited is updating the Robi Live TV features day by day. Likewise, the customers can enjoy the latest features and modern service of Robi Tv Plus.

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Constantly, they are including new and the latest channels for the users. Recently, the Robi Live TV online has included the Zee 5 app of India. That is to say, the subscribers can enjoy the latest streaming movies, dramas, and series from Zee 5 app. Thus, we have provided all the needed information about the Robi TV Plus service. In case, you face any issues, anytime you can contact to Robi Customer Care Service. Thanks for being with us.

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